Now Available!!! MY BIBLE, MY FRIEND by Pastor Damola Samson



I am very glad to inform you that my much-anticipated book has just been released for public consumption. Here are a few things to know about the book!


What’s The Book All About?

In the book, I shared some practical principles that, if well engaged, will help you become more intimate with God’s word & also make the word become a reality in your life.

Chapter 1 reveals the basic reasons why every believer should have a regular quiet time, as well as how to hold a quiet time yourself, properly.

Chapter 2 explains the importance of having a quiet time early in the morning, rather than other time of the day.

Chapter 3 will show you practical ways to receive powerful revelation from the word of God.

In Chapter 4, you will find some of the easiest ways to memorize the scripture & put it to work in your life.

Chapter 5 teaches how to locate each and every book that is contained in the bible.

Chapter 6 will expose you to the Potency & Power that’s embedded in the word of God.


What Inspired Me to Write the Book?

I was before God during my prayer time in the month of April, As I was praying, we started to be Communicating as our culture is, So He asked me if I can be of help to a lot of people out there that don’t know how to read Bible or do find it difficult to under the Bible while reading by compiling all the Principles and Techniques He taught me in that Area. And I said YES SIR. That’s how I started the writing of the book which took me for only 2 days to write.

During my conversation with God, He told me the title of the book, My Bible, my Friend and this alone is the intention of writing the book, so that the Word of God will be activated in everyone’s life and can have a better understanding of it.


What Are People Saying About the Book?

Why Do You Need the Book?

You really need this book if you are a believer who:

  • finds it difficult to study the Bible or Apply it to your life
  • wants to develop a consistent Quiet Time
  • genuinely wants to develop a deeper communion with God
  • wants to learn how to be a better time manager
  • wants to mentor young believers Spiritually

How Much is the Book?

The book is still on sale for just #500 or $2.


How Can You Get the book?

Click HERE to order now. Limited stock available!!!



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