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Man of God! Help me, my prayer fire is quenching.😭🙏🏻

Pastor! Aid me, I’m not praying again.😭🙏🏻

Counsellor! My Prayer life is under attack. Please Help.😭🙏🏻

These and many more are the cries of some people on my wall. If you’re having such issues, then welcome on board. I’ll be sharing with you some Principles that will help you grow your prayer life.


The number one factor that people do get wrong is creating the mentality that it’s the counselor that will help them grow their prayer life. No! No! And No! You’re the one responsible for your growth. I can’t be eating and be expecting that you’re the one that will be defecating for me. You must be the one that responsible, while the Counselor is there to only guide you. It’s the sense responsibility that will make you to be accountable. If you know you’ll not be responsible please don’t read further.

2.Principle of an Operating System/Time management.

Time management is life management. If you can manage your time very well and you can Create a some hours in your schedule for prayers, then you’re really ready to pray. The reason why you’ve not been praying is that you don’t painstakingly schedule the days of your prayer weekly, monthly and yearly. You have to build an operating system around it. How do I build an operating system around it? You do so by first deciding the numbers of days you’ll be praying in a week e.g. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be my prayer days(I’ll advice you couple it with fasting)and you’ll create some hours out of those days according to your schedule.

This may be tedious, but remember you have to grow🧏🏻.


I’ve met with so many people that will be like it’s only midnight they want to be praying. Prayer made in the normal day seems not to be potent to them. See these Bible passages:

Psalms 127:2 – “It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.”

Ecclesiastes 5:12 – “The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep.”

And many more scriptures that speak about night rest.

Understand your Prime Time. Prime Time is the time that you’re most active. This can be in the day or night. The fact is that you must pray, not you must pray in the night.

Stop comparing yourself with someone that their prime time is in the night. Doing this comparison will always makes you not to achieve anything. Stop thinking that it’s an attack. It’s not an attack. It’s misunderstanding of Yourself.

I’ve seen some people that will say they can’t Pray by 12am because they have had a stressful day. I advise them to change the time to 5am in the morning and they are doing well in prayer now.

More so, I’m not underestimating night prayer. In fact I used to do that at least once in a week but the fact is that you must understand yourself.


Some people are fond of boasting here and there saying things like, ” I just finished 12 hours of tongues at a stretch.” Well, they have their reward. When you hear this, it enters your head and you say to yourself that you’ll go and try it too. I’m assuring you that you can never reach that level.

You don’t just wake up after you’re just been given birth to and start saying that you want to be eating strong bones. You don’t start school in university level you start it in primary level. You don’t start praying 60 hours when you’ve not practice praying for 60 minutes.

Start by setting a progressive goal for yourself, tell yourself you’ll pray 30 minutes for this week and increase it with 15 minutes by the following week, as you do that you’ll see that praying for long hours will soon become easy for you.


Prayer energy is always available when you leverage on an atmosphere. What’s an atmosphere? This simply means playing a spirit filled song to charge your environment. You can plug in your earpiece and play chants or tongues. Go to Naijasermon.com.ng and look for Spirit filled chants that will elevate your spirit in the place of prayer. Play it along as you pray.


You can’t go far in prayer if you’re not baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. You’ll always exhaust your prayer points on time if you can’t pray in tongues. You can get aid on how to be baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues through the tongues series on this blog.


When you see someone that is praying in tongues for a longtime, they don’t pray for themselves. Rather, they intercede for the kingdom and the church. Cultivate this attitude and see yourself grow in prayer.

I hope you’ve been blessed so far by the principles, but this is just a tip of the iceberg on all you need to know to have an effective prayer Life. Get my hook titled PRAYER ENERGIA to have access to all the things you need to know. Get the book for just#500 only via wa.me/2348106522911

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🙏🏻FATHER, we give you praise and glory for your loving kindness and your goodness is forever more. You sought us out to bring your word to us tonight. We receive a full dose of your blessings in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
And other fraud ventures
When we talk about online investment, the first thing that comes to mind is Ponzi schemes
Time and time, I have seen many Sadozites fall victim to fraudsters online

There was a time when I said no one should cry to me again. That is because I took my time to warn again and again. So, I guess my first assignment tonight is to give you a general on how to detect fraud
But there is a good online investment, isn’t it?

let’s examine two scriptures.
James 1:14
14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his lust, and enticed.
Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labour will increase.
Proverbs 13:11 NKJV
We shall examine these two scriptures carefully

1.Let’s start with James: GREED

May God give you victory over greed tonight
I come against the spirit of sports betting tonight in the name of Jesus
In whichever life or family it is operating, I come against betting in the name of Jesus!
When a man is TEMPTED, there is something in him called lust that was attracted and enticed.
When a man is SCAMMED, there is something in him that was attractive, you know what it is GREED!
Someone narrated how she was scammed by me
Somebody chatted with her and said she should save her number so that they can be viewing each other’s status
The guy was displaying how he was dashing people’s money
You know the guy never walked up to her
The guy only put out a bait
If there is greed in her, she will be attracted and if not, she will ignore it
The guy said she has to send him some money before he will send money to her.

Didn’t that sound stupid?
But she followed it.
It didn’t look stupid to her because of……GREED!
Guess what, she got attracted
It is not only rich people or politicians that are greedy even the poor are
Look at the MMM scheme
If you put in money, you receive +50% in two weeks.
If you refer someone, you will get much more
That sounds stupid and false, isn’t it?
But the people put out a bait
so, before you could argue, they will tell you that they are paying
They were PAYING
Have you asked what is going to happen by the time all the 10 million people in Nigeria join?
Let’s say there are 10 million people in Nigeria.

What MMM does is use the money of the first-timers to pay the old-timers as referral continues
So, even if they don’t plan to steal, the system will die a natural death
Where will the first-timers come from
So, the first thing we must talk about is the spirit of GREED
LOOK at the other part of James 1:14—
Greed is enticed.
Lust is triggered.
You give your money
You loss
15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
16 Do not err, my beloved brethren.
Whatever GOD does not give you, you must not desire to have it
It is only from God that good gifts come from

2. There is dignity in labour

It is a principle you must live it
You must believe in INPUT & OUTPUT
A young man told me about an online business
you must believe in labour
He will pay some money to register, say- 40k
They explained to him that what they do is sell drugs
When he pays they will give him some drugs which he can use or sell
Also, his money will keep multiplying
And then as he refers people, they will add to his bonus
That was the explanation they gave him
First, you need to know that IF IT IS AS TRUE AS THAT, that person will not tell you about it
She didn’t know you from Adam, why should she help you
What about her mummy and daddy
What about her siblings?
They all wanted money, isn’t it?
Why you?
When the young man told me about it
You can eat or drink the drugs, that is your money
I told him that the money you pay is for the drugs
They are simply selling drugs to you
You see that additional money they promised you is a scam
If you can market the drugs and make a profit then, that is yours
I told him to tell the lady
The lady was sincere and she confirmed that it was true
WHERE is the work?
So, the litmus test to detect FAKE ONLINE investments is to ask: “WHERE IS THE LABOUR”
What do I have to do
Have you asked how much the bank will collect from them if they borrowed 100k from the bank?

At most, the bank will collect 130k in a *YEAR*
If you put in 100k and they promise to pay you 150k in two weeks
When they say PUT money, just go to sleep
That means if the business is that true, they can easily walk up to a bank to borrow 100k and use it for *26 weeks!*
Many have been deceived by the word forex!
So, why didn’t they go to the bank and come to you
If the Forex they tell you about is that reliable, they can just borrow a million naira
They are likely to pay back between 10-15% at the highest which is 150k in a year
If the business is true, why did they come to you when they can make 1.5 million in two weeks?

If they make that every two weeks, that’s over a 100 million naira
Again, why do they come to you
An old schoolmate of mine contacted me recently.

3. Beware of too good to be true

He wanted to come to buy a robot that trades crypto and forex by itself
He didn’t tell me when the opportunity came up for the job
This guy did not reach me when he got wedded
I knew I won’t buy it but I searched online anyway to get knowledge
But he got a robot to sell
Someone said if the robots are that good at trading without any human input, why would the person that developed such software (robot) want to sell it?
There is nothing truer than that

Quickly, let me talk about a specific investment

1. Sport betting

I guess this is the new norm
Betting had been since the days of man
Man is greedy.
He doesn’t want to labour but make money
So, betting and casinos were established
Let me ask you-
Is there any owner of a POOR betting company?
Most of those that do bet, are poor or rich.
This is betting.
10,000 people bets for 100 each equals 100,000.
Why are the customers poor and the owners rich?
You know 100 is not difficult for anyone to give
The owner promises you, 200k as the biggest prize.
Other prizes are 100k, 50k, 20k, 10k and downward
He makes the system in a way that only 20k is won. He goes home with 80k
When I was young, very young…I never did betting but I established a mini-casino where I told people to play games
You feel it’s just 100 and then you return again and again. In a year, you and 10,000 others have given 365,000 nairas
some will increase what they bet with
That’s just the minimum


I tell you, if betting companies return to up to 50% of what they make in a year, they will close down
Forex means foreign exchange
Just as you were buying naira in the last few days, people buy currency like that digitally
There are windows during the whole day where you can buy low and times you can buy high. It varies
So, you are advised to buy currencies especially dollars from people when it is cheap and sell when it is high
You can also lose money in the process
So, it takes a person that knows how to play the game to make money with forex
Someone now came up and said he is doing forex. He gave you an account number to pay in your money and promised you will get it back with 50% in two weeks
There’s no way you are certain about forex or can predict your gains.
No one will leave his trading and begin to trade that of yours and many other people


Anyone that promises you a certain percentage of return on forex in two weeks is doing something else and not forex.

He is a scam

3. Crypto

People tend to compare crypto with forex
I hope some of you were here when I talked about crypto. Those who didn’t listen to me are now eating their coin raw
A currency will get weak if it has no PURCHASING POWER attached to it
The issue is that forex never says you can spend him in the market. Crypto calls itself a currency
Look at the old naira notes. It’s like toilet paper until this morning.
Because of its purchasing power- legal tender status was removed
What can crypto buy in the market?
That is why it is positioned to fall

4.Group captain for 2 weeks return

I know of a pastor that runs into debt of millions because of this
They facilitated a scheme that gives 2 weeks return
In short, it folded
They are not the organizers but since they did it and it pays, they got more involved and became a group leader
The guys ran away
People dragged them
They borrowed money from the bank to pay up to save their face
They are still in debt as the last time I learnt about it
Is there any scheme you want time to clarify?
I think I should close here but you can ask questions on whichever scheme you want me to elaborate

Before I close
I want to mention what people call LUCK in the world that produces wealth, we call it FAVOUR in this kingdom
Psa 102:13 Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.
Especially in terms of filling His house with people just as we do at Anakagzo
Favour can be provoked when we give ourselves to the service of God
And why would God favour Zion
14 For thy servants take pleasure in her stones and favour the dust thereof.
Luk 14:23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and COMPEL them to come in, that my house may be filled
What are these stones?



Father, thank you for the enlightenment of tonight.


The topic we agreed upon is HOLY GHOST CONSCIOUSNESS(How to hear the voice of Holy Spirit)
The topic itself means being aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit at all times
The BIBLE says those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God
Or let’s say, BEING IN COMMUNICATION with the Holy Spirit at all times
It says SONS OF GOD!
Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
Note that the Bible didn’t say “children
Sonship connotes maturity
That’s why the prophecy about Jesus says:
Unto us, a child is born and unto us, a Son is given and the kingdom shall be upon the shoulder of the Son not the child
To be led by the Spirit or to be conscious of the Holy Spirit connotes spiritual maturity.
Isa 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son, is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder

HOLY GHOST CONSCIOUSNESS is all about BEING LED by the Holy Spirit
So, tonight, it is all about our maturity as believers.
Let’s start like this
And if you cannot talk back to Him
And you can’t be led if you can’t hear HIM talk to you


We will just focus on TALKING & HEARING
I don’t believe that there is any believer that cannot talk back to the Holy Spirit
I don’t want to believe that there is any believer that doesn’t hear the voice of the Holy Spirit
The only challenge is HOW WELL DO YOU HEAR
I don’t think there’s anyone who has 100% accuracy 100% of the time

On a scale of 1-10, can you score yourself?

A. How well do you hear?

B. How well do you talk?

I didn’t say how much but how well

So, don’t feel bad if you are not getting 10/10 as of now
Meanwhile, this study is meant to move you forward if you put all to use.

The major challenge is that there are too many voices disturbing us and that made it hard to easily discern the voice of the Holy Spirit

Different Voices

1Co 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

If I may ask you- where is the HOLY SPIRIT?
In heaven
Beside you
Inside you
The Holy Spirit is IN us
John 14:17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you
If He is going to ever speak to you, you must expect it to come from the INSIDE
that’s where the first problem js
As I said earlier, many people get confused because our mind is a host of different voices.
But No, He speaks from your heart, mind…in the inside of you
Many expect to hear from their ear as if He is outside

For, there are three to four different kinds of voices interfering with our mind

Voice of the Devil
Voice of the flesh.

Voice of the Holy Spirit
Voice of your spirit

I know many of us are not too familiar with the number 4
The voice of the devil is the opposite of the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Voice of the flesh is the opposite of the voice of your spirit man
The first two are bad.

The latter is good
I think the one we have a problem with is not the voice of the devil. You all can discern evil thoughts…. isn’t it?
Our main challenge is the voice of the flesh
It is the loudest and the commonest.
It is always confusing the voice of the Holy Spirit in us.


So, you want to ask, HOW DO I DISCERN distinctively, the voice of the Holy Spirit
The next question is HOW?

One simple way is to DEAD OTHER VOICES.
The more you die the other two bad voices, the easier it is to get familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit
There are people I call on the phone for the first time and they know it is me
We have never talked to or seen each other
Guess their usual response?
I always hear your voice through your messages and KBI lectures.
I am calling them for the first time. As soon as I say hello and they reply, I often ask them, HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS ME
They spend time listening to my voice
I don’t know if there’s a ton like that here as well
So, how do you spend time with the voice of the Holy Spirit – BY READING THE BIBLE
The Bible is the recorded voice of the Holy Spirit
Can someone say that?
The Bible is the recorded voice of the Holy Spirit
Take, for instance, you are four in a room when two people face each other and they started talking about football.
Meanwhile, there other two does not like football. They don’t even watch it
They will be lost out of the conversation. They will keep quiet
What do you think would happen?

When the Holy Spirit and your spirit began to read the word, the other two voices will excuse you
If you are used to mummy’s voice. If you read her book, whose voice will you hear from it?
At that moment, your spirit gets hard to the Holy Spirit more and more
If a close friend sends sms to you, you’re likely to hear their voice from the sms
Whether you know it or not, the Voice of the Holy Spirit is coming to you
When you read the Bible, whose voice will you hear from it?

People will finish reading a novel and they will start talking with Queen’s English, what happened?

The novel affected them
So, if you want to help yourself, no one will lay hands on you…just do these things


The same with the Bible
Get a Bible version that is easy to read and understand. So that your confusion will not start from the version you are reading
I will further break it down
1. Get an understandable Bible
2. Read your Bible every day
3. Meditate (ponder on what you have read).
Read your Bible every day and all the time!

You can play audio Bible.
You can read in the toilet or bathroom
Most importantly, schedule a time of the day to read and ponder. We call it quiet time
You can use the Daily Communion for SFA
You can do it in the morning or at night
Somebody said he has to do SFA in the morning.

Then prepare to study the DC the night before
As you do this, you silenced the other voices and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit the more
as you ponder, you are rubbing minds with the Holy Spirit
What MEDITATION does for you is that, after closing your Bible, you can still shit out other voices by pondering on what you read from the word
You get to speak to Him more and He replies to you


Some can hear his voice but they have issues here and there
1Sa 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than
Many want the Holy Spirit to speak to them on big things before they can obey. They get it wrong.
You train your spirit to be conscious and hear the HOLY SPIRIT when you learn to OBEY IN SIMPLE THINGS

2. If what you think you heard contradicts your conscience, follow your conscience
you can’t get it wrong with your conscience. Don’t say the Holy Spirit asked me to touch her or him. Don’t say the Holy Spirit led me to sin
Holy Spirit doesn’t talk all the time. Sometimes, He gives prompts, signs, and stimuli and you’re expected to respond to it

3. Learn to yield
You may need to observe yourself and how He deals with you in line with the outcome to properly interpret the signals
Gal 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
For instance, I have mastered how to know WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME THINGS
I have missed it sometimes but I eventually got it right
Holy Spirit may not tell me explicitly, but there is a way he communicates it
You may have to learn that as you go on
So, if you asked me who is going to come first, I may tell you confidently (if He told me about it). I have carefully observed how He leads me when it comes to that
1Jn 2:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous

4. Guilt is your biggest stumbling block
Do not sin
If you sin, ask for forgiveness.
Don’t allow guilt to capture your heart
Guilt will make you feel Holy Spirit has run away from you
He will only leave you if you refuse to believe that He hasn’t forgiven you and you still live with the guilt
But no…


There are two major reasons why God will give you the Holy Spirit

You are empowered for a primary reason, TO BE HIS WITNESS
Act 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost comes upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth
How do you become His true witness?

1Ti 5:17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.
that’s why the Bible says the TEACHERS OF THE WORD should be given DOUBLE HONOUR & DOUBLE WAGES
that the church appointed
All seven were filled with the Holy Spirit
But I bet you, can oy remember two among them: PHILIP & STEPHEN
They were all appointed to serve tables
But those two became a witness
And so the power of God and the presence of God increased so much in their lives that they became most famous
Second, when we become witnesses, we enjoy His presence
When He follows you,
You become aware of His presence.
People around you also become aware of the fact that the Holy Spirit is with you
Mark 16: 20 And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.
John 15:16
Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.
Lastly, as you WITNESS, you bear fruits.

As you bear fruits, you grow in Him
You can become an effective witness if you submit yourself to the training in SADOZ.

We train you
Disciple you
And you are allowed to teach others ONLINE.

that way, you grow in Spirit and become more empowered
The way to grow is to teach others.
SADOZ has a ministry that has helped many believers to become great teachers of the word through the daily SFA and weekly Bible Study teachings.

Are you in search of a platform where you can teach others the Word, here’s a great opportunity to serve in the teaching ministry.

JOIN this link to be trained…
You will become special and distinguished people in life and in whatever you do (career/academics) just like Philip and Stephen
This is your portion in Jesus’ Name

Daddy, we have examined your word. You have opened our minds to see how to get better in our communion and walk with the Holy Spirit both in communion and service.

We receive grace in Jesus’ Name. Amen!


If a political prophecy (foretelling) fails, it is usually a 99.99% human error.
Human error doesn’t make a man of God fake though it renders his prophecy fake.
Some are deliberately fake.
Some are misunderstanding.
Some read their own meaning into what they heard.
Some just removed a word and derailed everything.

I will enlarge a bit on the second to the last and the last point.

I once saw a vision of a lady. She was into a friend immorally.
I said to myself, that must be her fiance.
It was a long time since we talked and we were not that close.
I chatted with her on Facebook.
When I told her, she said- is the male you saw like a fiance to me?
See trap.
I said yes: and she said, “well, I am not engaged”.
That day, I learnt a serious lesson.
I can bet that she did what I saw but she ended up shaming me.
She knew that I was right.
I have learnt and moved on.

Another example.

I saw this lady wearing a ring on her middle finger
Visions always come with what I call “a voice manual”.
I knew immediately from the voice that it was not an engagement ring
But my mind was playing on me.
Well, I have learnt from experience.
It was a long I saw this girl, so I called her.

I said: I saw a ring on your middle finger.
She said: ” is there anything wrong with being engaged?”
See another trap.
I told her: “I didn’t say engagement ring. I said I saw a ring on your middle finger besides, the feeling I got doesn’t look like being engaged.
She said: ” well, I am not engaged but I have been wearing this ring for a while so that people would stop disturbing me.

Should I give you more examples?

On the last point- “changing a word or phrase”.
An example:
I wrote on my timeline that: “I had lost hope this morning but the Lord said they won’t be declared so soon.”
If you follow my writings on the build-up. of the election,
I tried to avoid saying what the Lord spoke to me
But that day, He told me to put that out.
Even me, I misunderstood that word because of what I wished should happen
But I ensured that I maintained every word I heard in my spirit while typing and I didn’t bother explain to anyone.
Someone said that I should explain what I wrote.
I said, “time is the best explainer”
That day, no one was declared until the following day.
If I omitted just the word “so”. It could derail the whole thing.

I think another error is people who heard the word reading their own meaning into prophecy.
So, when it doesn’t follow their thoughts, they say it is fake.
That was what Pastor Paul Adefarasin was trying to clarify about “Saul and Samuel” analogy.


1. At times, Say just what you see, don’t explain
2. At times, Say just what you hear, don’t explain.
It is not every time that you need to explain what you see or hear.
That is if you must say it at all.


Human error doesn’t make a man of God fake though it renders that particular prophecy fake.
If you have committed a human error, pick your lessons, and sit down to understand against another time.
Don’t join the bad wagon in tearing men of God apart over one failed foretelling
It doesn’t mean that every other thing he says is wrong.

If you are a prophet and you never got it wrong, you have never prophesied.


You can’t give up on Nigeria, you shouldn’t. Let no man tell you that God isn’t interested in the political situation, they don’t understand the workings of God. God is interested but not limited by it. YOUR LIFE IS ALSO NOT LIMITED BY IT- I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT. You don’t need to feel unfortunate just because you cannot JAPA.

Never feel that your prayer was wasted. It was, never. It was effectual, fervent and worked wonders. Take this as a bonus, even if it’s 10% good left in Nigeria, the Bible says those who pray will eat of the good thereof.

Now, you can forgive Pastors who didn’t ordain any candidate by name. It was the minimum standard thing to do even though their hearts and fingers might be with him. Many see the end and know that Church VS Government war is not needed in the coming days.

For Men of God who were vocal due to the evil they see in the land, they are heroes. They put a lot of sacrifice and risk to fight the power that be. Nobody should make you believe that it was a mistake. Church history told us how much the church thrive when the Roman Government submitted to God.

Lastly, never feel your vote was wasted. It did speak. You can’t give up on whom you gave your voice and vote. You shouldn’t. Then, let them be the ones to fight it out to the extent they so wish.



My Children in the Lord, do not be too emotionally invested in the post-election happenings. It’s time to watch your mental health.

Let those you gave your voice and votes to take it up in every legal and ideal way possible.

If you have to mute statuses or avoid social media, please do. If you think you are strong enough, just pick lessons and learn more about your country.

We speak peace!!!

Can you make a positive confession for this country via the comment session?


Talking about clarifying career and purpose
I have said that you have to come to a stage where you find you make a career out of your purpose
Or you stick to a career even if it doesn’t fall in life with your purpose and then walk towards your purpose afterwards
This is not always easy and it is not achievable for most people but it is the reality
It is the only feasible thing to do if you don’t get to work in line with your purpose at first

Facts about career

1. Decide
Decide on what career you wish to pursue and do that quickly
At whatever age you are, you should decide immediately
What do I want to do?
What would bring food to my table?
Is it something I can begin right now?
Or do I have to do another thing while it waits?
What can I do about it immediately?
Can I save up for it?
Can I gather information?
These are leading questions that you should ask yourself

2. Is it employment or self-employment
If it is employment then you have to ask: it is Government employment or private establishment
If it is a government establishment, the ladder is well-laid buy
You know when to expect promotions and what you must do to get promoted
If it is to acquire more education or does courses
You know already and you should go for it
If it is a private establishment, IS IT A WELL STRUCTURED PLACE or not structured
If it is well structured, it means:
They have a laid-out promotion process
It means they have insurance policies
It means there is a retirement plan
And it would mean that if they fire you anyhow you can go to court
Even though a private business is not as secure as government work…some are more secure than the other

So you need to ask yourself, DO I WANT TO REMAIN HERE
I mean if it is structured
Do I want to retire here or spend some years
What are my plans?
What does it take to get to the topmost position because that is where the money is
You need to find out what it takes
Ask if you can pursue it
If you can then begin the journey
Are you with me?
If it is not a structured private setting then you should know that your time there is numbered
It must never be your plan A no matter the promises they made to you
It can fold up at any time!
They may change leadership!
They may lay off
I should be advising you against staying there for long if the PAY APPEARS GOOD.

but if the pay is nothing to write home about then three years, is too much
Look at private schools for instance
Most private schools. When I say most, I mean 99.95% are not structured
There is no clear promotion plan or insurance
No one should ever plan a future with it
Use it to raise money.
Do it for the main time
Do it while you search for a job


3. Self-employment: business or skills

Are you selling something, or rendering a service
Are you just planning to start?
Are you just planning to learn the skill?
Have you started already?
Never I focused on this who have started


1. Do not be a hustler
A hustler is a person that is combining two or more trades
Either you are working somewhere and decided to do business alongside
Let me tell you this hard truth, you can’t make it in any business without the law of focus
That’s why I called it a career business
A career is something you are building not something you are playing with
It’s the same if you are doing much unrelated businesses

2: any business can make you a millionaire
Do you know how much it takes to build a house in Nigeria today?
You can’t finish a house with 2 million naira
Yet, that pepper seller and that leaf seller built a house
Meaning, they are millionaires
If you focus on your trade, you can make a lot out of it

3: to make it in business, is a complex work
The reason making it in business is hard for some is that they don’t know that it entails quite a whole lot of things
Specifically, you need three times of education

a.continous education in your line of business

b. General Business and marketing education

c. Financial Education
Fortunately, we have materials for all these education in SADOZ

Now, let’s do a little Business Education

1. Pay yourself a salary
The biggest mistake people make in business is that they thought all the money they make as profit is theirs
I called you to fix something in my house, I paid you 4k then you begin to spend the money
My dear, you are wrong!
That 4k is not yours
Remove between 30% to 40%, pay your tithe 10% and return the rest to your business
Is there a tool you need to buy?
Or do you want to rent a shop?
Or just save it up till you find a need for it
If there is a particular tool, you can even decide to save up to 80% for it.

You can buy it and pay a letter if you can trust yourself to payback

Or save up with the person who sells it
The Lord is impressing it upon my heart to talk more about this
It is called the PROJECT SAVING
You have a project, say an Industrial machine to buy.
You know that once you buy that machine, your work will be faster and neater
You will be able to meet up and not disappoint
That would also mean more profit for you
So, what would you do?
You will save up for the machine
But you know yourself, savings is hard for you, right?
You have few options
You can join a thrift or save up with someone
You can decide to do PROJECT SAVING
Project savings means you are not just saving little money towards it but almost if not all of the money you get every time
You want to put everything aside to just ensure that you get that industrial machine
You can save it with someone like I said it do thrift
You can approach the seller and tell them you want to save up with them and pick when it is completed
You can pay upfront, collect the machine and balance up
If you apply this project approach to all areas of your life most especially your business, you will control your spending and contain wastage
Including those you give dash money
And at the same time, your business would flourish
Many people have done this just by hearing me talk about it
And they have results

2. Do marketing
There’s knowing what to SELL and there is knowing HOW to sell
To be in business and say you hate marketing is like wanting to study law but you hate the English Language
You better go and so Yoruba studies
Yoruba study is a good course. I am just illustrating a course you can do if you hate the English language
To say you are into business but you hate marketing means you are playing. Go and find another work.
See, if not for marketing, everybody will make it in business
If it is to just display goods or render service and it will sell on their own, everybody will have become a billionaire in business
But thank God not everybody enjoys marketing, that gives you the room to make a lot of money
I know you hate marketing but YOU CAN MARKET
you hate it but YOU CAN DO IT
let me ask you-
If you are sure that if you talk to 10 people about your business, at least 1 person would buy, would you approach 10 people?
You know that if one of them should buy, the profit will be worth it. Won’t you do it?
That means you CAN only if you have refused to
And depending on your type of business, in some cases, if you talk to 10 people, at least 4 would buy
To some, it is an at least 3 or 5 people
All you have to do is to identify the LIKELY PROSPECTS
those who are likely to buy!
Approach them
Then let the game start
There is something we called the 100 game
Talk to 100 people as fast as possible
It is just a game
Don’t send BCs
Go in there to show them and demonstrate what you have.
Can you read 100 people in under 24 hours or in 48 hours or a week?
Let the race begin today
Before you reach no.100, you would have sold out!
Your shyness would drop all by itself
Your prospecting, marketing and closing sales skills would be sharpened.
Go do this and then CONGRATULATIONS!

Let me close with this
Ecc 9:10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;

Who will close us in prayers pls
Eternal Lord, I give you praise and glory for blessing us tonight. May your light shine upon how hearts and strengthen our resolve to put all to use in Jesus’ Name. amen


The Church is not quiet.
We told you to get your PVC
We told you to pray & vote
We told you not to vote looters
What else do you want from the Church?
To call names? Why? For what?

Do the maths.
Vote for a man of character and capacity- physical and mental capacity.
A man that would lead from the front as the driver.

But some of you, Christian youths want to act like “Omo Osan ti n ko popo ba iya e”

The Church is not the same as “the mosque”.
The Church doesn’t have the responsibility to anoint a candidate for you.
The Church would guide you to use your brain.
Voters card is for 18+, remember.
Let the children go and play or pray.

Mentioning names is a personal choice.
Some church leaders who mentioned names in 2015 have refused to mention names in 2023.
Some who mention names in 2023 may not mention names in 2027.
And some who never mentioned names today may do that tomorrow.

As your pastor (if I am your pastor).
Look at me from head to toe.
I have brain, I love Nigeria, I can’t vote for someone I cannot trust.
I will be voting tomorrow, whom do you think I will vote for?
Then, vote for that person or choose another person.

Just remember,
We will be in it together for the next four years.

Every wise man knows that half word is enough for Omoluabi (a responsible person).


Brethren, we have a very sensitive topic to discuss.
And it will be my joy if you understand all I have to say and put it to use
Many people live the rest of their lives regretting how they spend the first 30 years of their lives
If you are over 30, you have a very slim line to correct things through this teaching
And if you are below 30, you are at a good time to turn things aroundCLARIFYING PURPOSE AND CAREER
This is a message I wish to say to everyone
And I will try to make it simple

Definition of terms:

Your purpose is what you are designed to do on earth 🌐
Something you are designed to do very well and do it best.
While you do it, it is very easy for you. You do it as if you are catching fun
When I told an old schoolmate that I have become a preacher, he said: “I doubt you could do any other thing”. Lolz.
To teach or preach is fun for me
It’s like fish in the river. The more he swims, the more joy and strength he gains
That’s what purpose is like2. CAREER
Your career is what puts food on your table. This could be your purpose or otherwise
I preached purpose in a church, at the end of the session, the coordinator confessed that what he is using to feed his family is not his purpose but at the point of marriage, he had to decide if he wanted to pursue his purpose or take care of his family
And that is the problem
90% of people on EARTH- (not only in Nigeria) are not living in their purpose
Many are just trying to make ends meet
And that is why tonight’s teaching is most important

Facts about purpose and career

1. The best career you can have is in your purpose!

Know that and know peace
Imagine doing what you love doing and being paid for it.
Just imagine it🤷🏼‍♂️
Do you know some people dance for a living?
Some people eat for a living
You grow younger while doing what you enjoy doing and getting paid for it

2. Nothing pays to like your purpose

Many settle into anything because they feel their purpose doesn’t pay as much
But indeed, nothing pays like a man’s purpose
That’s because you will be able to reach the height of your career with ease and joy
By God’s grace, I have written 61 books!
Writing has to be fun for me to do that much
That’s what purpose does.

3. A time would come when what will truly matter to you is your career, not your purpose

As beautiful as pursuing one purpose is, it is easier to live in that thought at your youthful age
A time is coming that what would matter is only how to put food in your mouth
How do you preach purpose to a man with a wife and two children
I know preachers who had to settle for part-time jobs because they must feed their family
So many people have been bullied and forced to settle for just anything
But you can avoid that happening to you

4. Think career early

If you do this early then you won’t be forced!
If you discover your purpose, ask yourself- what is the career aspect of my purpose then began to build it
I mean: ask yourself- how do I make money from my purpose?
The earlier you come to this, the better!
The earlier you come to this the better!

5. Don’t trade your career for your spiritual life

The Bible says- Rom 12:11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord
You went to ND- a fervent spiritual brother/sister (3 years + IT)DE-University- fervent! (5 years plus strike)NYSC- fervent! (1year)Afterwards- I AM NOW A OLD MAN/LADY, I should marry!
That journey takes you 9 years but you don’t have a career.
If you don’t have a career, you don’t have a future
It is after all of that you begin to think WHAT CAN I DO TO PUT FOOD ON MY TABLE
by that time, you are ready to settle for anything
Or some began to learn a skill
Compare it with a man who has started thinking about WHAT CAN I DO ALL ALONG
It was far late before Jacob asked- WHEN WILL I PREPARE FOR MY OWN HOME
so, if you are in this teaching, you can ask yourself- *HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR MY CAREER NOW!

6. Can my academics give me a career settlement

I tell you what-
For most people, their academics will not give them a career.Few people, their academics will surely give them a career.For some people, their academics may give them a career
Do you know the category you belong to?
If you are studying professional courses like- LAW, MEDICINE, and NURSING…you can be sure of a career in those fields
I have never seen a nurse or doctor jobless. They may not get the best-paying job but they have one
Those one’s, their academics will surely give them a career
If you have 1st class, your academics can also give you a career
If you have 2.1, it is also likely that you get jobs in places including banks no matter your course
There are chances for others as well.
But the chances get lower based on your result and your course
So, if you are in school, do your best to get the best grade.
If you think your academics cannot give you a career for one reason or another other then, you continue to think- *WHAT CAN I DO?*


even if you are not able to pursue your education as you wish
Take for example this young man
He came to me in Lagos and said he wanted to go to school but had no help
I asked if he learnt any skill, and he said fashion designing
I asked him how many years is he going to spend at school, and he said 4years.
I asked if he would agree with me that some people would go to school and come back to learn fashion design, and he said YES
I asked him if he believe he would make it if he face his fashion devotedly for 4years and he said YES
Then, I told him: how about FACING YOUR FASHION FOR 4YEARS, by the end of that 4 years, you can then do a part-time programmes
In short, two years after, he came to meet me in Lagos with his apprentice and he has also begun a part-time programme
You see, school has become a problem for some people instead of a blessing.
You thought you are done for if you can’t go to school.The fact is that you failed to see that not being able to go at this time opens you up for more opportunities.

8. There is a second purpose you can choose

Let’s say you want to build a career but your primary purpose is not clicking for one reason or the other…do you know that there is a second thing you can do?
No man is made for one thing
I can dedicate this phone to social media only or dedicate it to sms and calls only
So, you can decide to build a career around that second thing

9. The most important thing about a career is to decide

Decide! Decide!What can you do?
What do you want to do?
And what are you doing?
Can what you do at the moment put food on your table
Do you think you can marry and raise children with it?
So, what do you want to settle it?
I think I can stop here and we can look into building a career by next teaching
The two angles of career.
Deciding for the best angle.
Hustling vs building
And more…


“… he calls people, but not according to their good or bad works.) She was told, ‘Your older son will serve your younger son.’ In the words of the Scriptures, ‘I loved Jacob, but I rejected Esau .” (Romans 9:12-13 NLT)”

Today, I will deviate a bit. I was a child when I used to hear preachers say God hated Esau while he was still in the womb for no obvious reasons and He loved Jacob unconditionally. I stand to tell you that, that assertion is erroneous and a distorted view of God. God can love a man unconditionally but He cannot h any man unconditionally.I told you that to understand the Scriptures, bear in mind the CAN DO of God and the CANNOT DO of God. The Holy Spirit taught me that as a child. Abraham told God, you CANNOT act wickedly. That was because he knew God’s nature and character.To hit the nail, when Esau and Jacob were in the womb God said the older will serve the younger but God didn’t say he hated any. Be patient with me.Remember that Esau and Jacob were twins. This means that they were given birth to on the s ame day. Today, we have many people who are not as rich as their younger brothers and they are living fine. Also, there are persons who have bosses that are of the same age as their younger ones and they are happy with their jobs. So, saying that Jacob would be greater than Esau was not a curse.If you read your Bible, you will realize that Esau became established and successful before Jacob. While Jacob was roaming and slaving under Laban, Esau had 400men serving him. Esau had founded Edom long before the nation of Israel was established. When the Israelites were suffering in Egypt for 430 years and wandering in the wilderness for 40years, Edom was already a kingdom (Gen.36:15).My point is, Esau was richer than Jacob in their lifetimes (read your Bible). The blessing was actually upon the nations that both men would establish separately because God told Rebecca that there were two nations in her. God saw them as nations not individuals.At what point did God say He hated Esau? It wasn’t when they were in t he womb. In fact, it wasn’t in their lifetimes. It was long after they were dead. And God wasn’t referring to the individuals; He was referring to Edom and Israel. He said Edom, I hate, Israel I love (Malachi 1:1&2).Trust me, the Israel God loved suffereda lot due to their rebellion but God assured them that He would never leave them. And in God’s plan, Edom was to prosper alongside with Israel (Deut. 23:7&8). It is like Israel becoming the USA of today and Edom becoming the UK. But they both failed God. Edom’s major offence among others was that they took advantage of Israel’s predicament in their days of punishment (Obadiah 1:210).God loved Israel unconditionally and yet punished them gravely. He did a lot for them but didn’t do everything for them. And He never hated Edom unconditionally. Even Pharaoh was not hated unconditionally; he first led himself into the hate zone.

Why did God’s Generals die the way they died – Pst. Ife ADETONA

“Do you know that great characters in the book: “God’s General” whom God used to perform several miracles died of the same diseases God used them to cure?”

I am sure you have heard this said in different quarters BUT have you asked: “why did they die that way?”

Kenneth Hagin gave a robust answer. I am sure that you’re not ready for the details. Let me try to brief it:

1. Healing Anointing is meant for the people and not for the minister. Today, there are not many healing ministers who are not on medication themselves. Why? A minister needs KNOWLEDGE OF FAITH to get healing to his body and for his own health.

2. They REFUSED to judge themselves in terms of their DIET. That was what Kenneth Hagin said. Her even said that one of them used to eat like a cow. He said he didn’t mean to insult anyone but that was he true. That man of God would labour all day forgetting to eat then, in the midnight, He would eat a big fat meal.

3. They REFUSED to judge themselves in terms of LOVE towards other believers. May the Lord teach our heart to walk in love.

There could many others like sin and health management.

If you understand these things as a minister of God, you won’t see arrows but self discipline