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Some of you read part one where I emphasized accessibility as a factor in choosing a spiritual father and you said you were blessed. All the glory to God.

In this second part, I want to talk about young men and ladies who get annoyed when an elder to them refer to them as “my son” or “my daughter”.

We were having devotion in the house yesterday with some of my children and leaders in the ministry when they told me how people try to adopt them overnight and put a stamp of ” my son”, “my daughter” on them.

The question is, what should you do when a person you didn’t consider a father call you a son. It is simple, SMILE and say, yes sir.

The person or pastor could call you that based on various factors. Culturally, it is acceptable. Every child is a son or daughter to every elder. The person could be your church pastor or in a position where you are under his ministry directly or indirectly. The person could be anybody and could say it for any reason including trying to claim what is not his. The truth is, no one will call a mad man or a rebellious child in the ministry or street “my son”, or ” my daughter”. You were so-called because you’re a good child.

When you become great in life, someone who has never seen you in life and whom you never knew will call you “my son”. It is a sign that you’re doing well. Those whom you didn’t even know their surname will call you “my bosom friend” and those who claim to have received you in the dream will call you “my father.”

Don’t stress yourself, don’t feel offended, don’t be angry. When a man calls you my child, say- “yes sir”. If you don’t see him as your father or as a father figure, don’t do the mistake of replying with “yes dad” or “yes father”. Some people go about calling everyone “my father” and when those call them “my child”, they come to tell us that they are displeased.

I just told you not to act rebelliously to any elder. Don’t tell them they aren’t your father. Don’t rub it on their faces. But in cases, where the person is acting entitled or possessive towards you, simply withdraw. Talk to them less, see them less, escape their presence and be fine. Don’t get into friction with them.

Meanwhile, our youths need to be taught to appreciate those they came across in their spiritual path and journey in life. Your spiritual journey started with your parent, the pastors that christened you, your Sunday school teachers, your church pastors, your youth leaders and more.

Your church leaders especially pastors are very important in your life. Your church is probably the first place you had the chance to stand on the altar to talk to people. That makes them your launchers.

In short, all the people we meet either you learn “new” revelation from them or you later realise many faults and shallowness in their understanding, they remain your God sent angels because IF THEY WERE NOT THERE YOU WON’T BE HERE. Don’t disrespect them. Don’t deny them to right to call you son or daughter. It is their right. Don’t feel offended when they do. You may not be attached to them as far as the father-son relationship is concerned but don’t act arrogantly towards them. Will you be offended if Bishop Oyedepo call you “my son” even though you don’t have such a relationship with him? Will you be angry if some stranger calls you my father? Then, why are you angry that someone who taught you in the children church calls you “my son”?

There are some I call daddy and mummy not because they are my “spiritual” father but they are father figures to me in many ways. I am happy when they call me son as well. I have learnt a lot from them and there are more to gain. But if you’re not comfortable calling someone daddy or mummy for whatever reason, don’t bother. Just respect them.

And for the strangers who lay claim on your life, don’t argue, don’t fight, take it as a compliment and move on.

Are you blessed?
Be free to ask questions, please.

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Ife Adetona
SADOZ President
October 2021


  1. I’m extremely blessed with this sir.
    More wisdom knowledge and understanding from above sir in Jesus mighty name
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