You all know that story of three blind men taken to the Zoo to touch an Elephant. When each was asked to describe what an elephant looks like, they all said three different things based on their experiences.

The first one had touched the trunk of the Elephant and so, said an Elephant is like a long rope. Another had touched the skin and said an Elephant is like a wall. The last one touched the tail and so, he said an Elephant is short and full of hairs.

Your mentor is like a dice 🎲, they have up to six dimensions. Until you have observed and understudy them from all sides, you can’t really say what they look like or what they are. You can observe a man of God and conclude that he’s a prosperity preacher. Yes, he could be a prosperity preacher but have you studied him enough to hear him preach about prayer? I bet you, the day you hear him preach prayer, you would think that he’s a prayer & deliverance minister.

That’s why some of you have come into shock and surprises hearing your mentor speak about concepts you never imagined they have an idea on.

Learning and observing from all sides is what makes a mentee a mentee and not looking from one angle only or listening to just a message or reading few books else you may not learn all what God has prepared for you to learn. That explains the reason people jump from one mentor to the other without really learning from any. They switch mentors as if they are changing clothes.

And that’s one reason I try to read ALL THE BOOKS or most of the books of my mentors. I go as far as reading about them on Wikipedia where available. I really want to KNOW because that is how mantle falls and not by seeing someone in the dream.

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