Question: “I have a Spiritual Father, I don’t enjoy listening to his messages or reading his book. I am not just connecting, what can I do?”

Firstly, the PRIMARY purpose your spiritual father is meant to serve in your life as a mature believer is not to teach you mysteries and algorithms of the cosmological exegesis parallelism.

He is to BE YOUR COVER AND GUIDANCE (advice). You see all those mysteries and the rest, leave it to your mentors & teachers.

In my case, what I know is that whenever my spiritual father prays for me, God answers. When I sow a seed to him, I see RAIN! Bishop Oyedepo loves to mention the kingdom principles he learnt from different mentors but rarely will you hear him say I learnt ABC from Baba Adeboye. But he would always say that when Baba laid hands on him, he receives the Spirit of Wisdom. So, as a culture every year, in May, Bishop Oyedepo would invites Pastor Adeboye to lay hands on him and the whole family.

That’s why if you pick a man whom you have no physical contact with as your spiritual father, you are only playing.

Your Father gives you SPIRITUAL COVERING & GUIDANCE. He is appointed over you not by what he has or knows but by God’s wisdom just like your earthly father.

You will respond to your father by SERVICE (Physical- as opportune & Financial) and Honour.

If your spiritual father is resourceful- has books and messages but you finds it difficult to connect to those materials. Then, you may have to change your approach. Maybe you felt you should listen to his messages and read his book just because he is your father. That’s not bad but where it seems that’s not working. You should approach his materials from the angle of “NEED“.

Are there areas you need more exposure? Run through his materials and see if you can at least read ONE or listen to ONE. If you can’t find an area of need, then, run through his resources and see if you can find any that will attract you and give you a body of knowledge. Either way should do and gradually, you will enjoy doing so.


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