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One of my sons said: I thought when I began to tell visions, I will command a crowd. I told him that I thought when we begin to have signs and wonders, we will have a lot of people.

There’s this pastor around my house. He kept repeating a miracle God did through him. He was saying it in a way like: “can’t you guys in this area see that God is here? Leave your churches and come here!”

Okay, he didn’t literally say that but that was what he was insinuating. He actually said: “if I were those people, it is this Church that I would be coming to all my life”. You see, even the people that had the miracle didn’t become his members. A pastor friend told me how God used her to heal the mad and other miracles yet even the man that was cured of madness didn’t become a member.

So, whenever I see someone who said: “he wants to major in calling names and all so that people can believe in his ministry. I know such a person is just kidding and being naive. The “people” you are trying to impress and make you lose focus- ask yourself, does it worth it?

No one can receive a thing except it is given to him by the Lord. Use the grace God gives you to bless those he sent to you. Your audience needs what you have and what you have is what your audience needs.

I am not discouraging you against the use and manifestation of the prophetic gifts. If you know me too well, I encourage and impart believers to manifest it even more. But when we talk about ministering, you should have the ability and God will use you in it but I am talking of “majoring”. If you try to major in a dimension but you keep struggling in it, it is simply not your place. Simply put: “I can drive but I am not a professional driver

In my earlier post, I even state that you can be called a prophet but not flow in the prophetic dimension of calling names and phone numbers. Don’t struggle there or keep forcing it. God doesn’t think like man thinks. You are just a clay. YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED.


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