Today, I shall intimate my readers of the brief history of the Sons and Daughters of Zion [SADOZ].

SADOZ started as a burden for discipleship and relationship. That is why we say SADOZ is a discipleship and relational movement where the Holy Spirit is our Discipler.

There was a gap between a young man(The SADOZ PRESIDENT) and his disciples. The need to bridge this gap is the genesis of the ministry. There is also a burden to reach all men with the reality of having a communal relationship with the Holy Spirit and this culminated to reach out to more disciples.

Also, is the dire need for the end time believers to have a balanced understanding of the Scriptures: rightly dividing the word of truth. In essence, SADOZ is set by God to raise disciples: to have a communion relationship with the Holy Ghost and rightly divide the word of truth.

The Sons and Daughters of Zion has grew from seven members to thousands of members and we are trusting God to move into tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions in the years to come.

Today SADOZ runs the Koinonia Bible Institute; it is an online school that runs effectively. We have several courses under this platform which includes:

We offer specialized courses in:
SOP- School of Prayer
SOH- School of Healing
SOD- School of Deliverance
SOF- School of Faith
SOM- School of Ministry
SOPP- School of Purpose
SOB- School of Business
SOL- School of Leadership
SOTP- School of the Prophetic
SPG- School of Spiritual Grooming
SFTM- School of Full Time Ministry
SSG- School of Spiritual Gifts
SKT- School of Koinonia & Tongues
SFS- School of Financial Success
MSE- Masterclass on Sex Education
MCR- Masterclass on Relationship
MCC- Masterclass on Courtship
SOX- School of Sex (for the married)
MED- Marital School for the Engaged
MEC- Masterclass on English Communication
MBM- Masterclass in Business Marketing
TOTM- Training the Trainers Against Masturbation, Pornography etc
FSC- Foundation School for Believers and Muslim Converts
SMH- School of Mental Health
SMC- School of Music

Classes and lectures are held online and it is highly interactive and efficient. Course registration is affordable and we also have free courses as well as scholarship programmes. Contact Peace for details: wa.me/2349024430243.

The ministry is also having an publishing house named FOUNTAIN PUBLISHER, below are their publications


Mocking the Devil
The Pentecost Volume: Speaking in Tongues
The Communion of the Holy Spirit
Prayer that Works
Roaring Faith
Beyond Purpose Discovery
CDA: Unlocking the Supernatural
Time and Task Management
Understanding the Call and the Five Fold Offices
Money and Human Management
Impartation for the Gift of Prophecy
Impartation for the Spiritual Gifts
Healing Mantle
Healing Power
Living Without Drugs
Anointed to Heal
Ultimate Purpose Finder
Discover Your Purpose in 2 minutes
You Are Not A Bonus
Clarifying Purpose And Ministry
Purpose Fulfillment Guidebook
Human and Resource Management
Christian Leadership
Arousing the Leader in You
Developing the Leader in You
Exceptional Leadership
Secrets of Successful Business
Understanding Business and Capital Management
Tithing Testament
Biblical Business Sense
What Can I Sell: How Can I Sell
Ending Low Sales
Winning Customers Always
Extraordinary Marketing
Selling Fast with Pricing Techniques
More Profits With Freebies Marketing
Biblical Route to Mental Health
Cultivating Healthy Emotions: Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Coping with Stress, Purpose & more
Defeating Negative Emotions: Anger management, Guilt, Suicide, Fear & more.
Healing for Depression
The Office of the Prophet and The Teacher
The Office of the Apostle and The Evangelist
The Office of the Pastor and The Help Ministry
The Revelational Gifts
The Utterance Gift
The Power Gifts
Discerning of Spirits
The System Called Prayer
New Testament Review On Prayer
Getting All Your Prayers Answered
Anger Self Control
Coping with Stress
Curing The Mind of Depression
Dealing with Mental Health Spiritually
Developing Self Esteem
Faith Boosters
Faith Killers: Worry, Anxiety, Doubt
Overcoming Anxiety and Worry
Overcoming Fear and Guilt
What Faith Is What Faith Is Not

Books by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona

You Cant Pay the Price of Missing Gods Will
Breaking the Yoke of Wrong Relationship
Dream Spouse at your Doorstep
Proper Relationship Approach
Finding Gods Will
The Opposite Sex and I

Books by Abegunde Damola Samson

Fortified Health
My Bible, My Friend
Prayer Energia
Discipleship Mandate
Wonders Working Word
Fountain Series (Mini Books)
Romantic Romans (Exposition on the book of Romans)
Ojuju (Dealing with Bad Dreams)
Immortal Kombat (Understanding Christian Warfare)
Every Name Named (Unveiling the Power in the Name of Jesus)

Contact wa.me/2349024430243





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