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I have heard a lot of rumors that some books are demonic and the likes. I always imagine something from my childhood. I haven’t been a victim of demonic books and heretic messages. I believe it is grace and at same time I don’t approach life with “fear and cautions”. I mean I am not “demon preconscious”. I have read famous and beloved authors that I notice mistakes in their teachings. That doesn’t make them heretic but they just made some mistakes and there are some I can’t even read their books because they are much off the road than on the road. So, I admit there are wrong books. But there are wrong readers too. Some persons will always see heresy in everything they read even when they read the Bible. Such have heretic spirit in them and need help.

To stay on the road, check the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. Jesus says He will lead us into all truths. I have been in a situation where I simply disagree with some concepts from my heart. I may not know the right concepts but I simply know that particular concept is wrong. With time, I grow to understand the correct concept and know where the author has missed it. To get the Holy Spirit active in you pick a copy of our book today: “The Communion of the Holy Spirit”.

Biographies and auto-biographies are mostly safe books to read. SADOZites are readers. We dedicate a week of our online Bible study on the whatsaap platform to studying about dead Christian heroes and inventors. You can also be part of it. You can read up biographies and autobiographies on Google or purchase the popular book: God’s Generals.
At first, I have very few authors but as I read their books I see them refer to other persons and that made me believe that those ones referred to must be reliable. Another means I select my author is to look into some subjects or Biblical concepts then go check what the leading voices in that field have to say. You can also rely on your Spiritual discipler or mentor to guide you.

My best book is “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn and my best author is Kenneth E. Hagin. My favorite African authors are David Oyedepo and Dag Hedward-Mills. I don’t approach any book with “final say” and I don’t trust anyone to the level of digesting all they say absolutely. I agree with so many of what my trusted authors have to say on the spot, I had to make personal findings before I accept some and have discarded very few things they teach which doesn’t go down well in my spirit. But on the overall, those authors have made an indelible impact in my life and ministry.

May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.


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