Many ignorantly think positive confession in the name of faith is like telling lies or deceiving oneself.

May we open our hearts to learning in Jesus Name.

Faith is never negative but always positive thus positive confession aligns every time with faith. There is a problem if the person making the positive confession is talking from the point of ignorance of the Scriptures.

Yet, it is better to speak positively out of ignorance than to speak negatively out of unbelief.

God said let the weak say “I am strong”. Not because his body is strong but he considers not his own body and staggered not out of unbelief but steadfast in faith calling things that were not as though they were.

Jesus said LAZARUS is not dead. Was He lying? He said Lazarus is not dead so he would be undead. If you say Lazarus is dead because you want to speak the reality, he will remain dead. Which one do you prefer? A dead or an undead Lazarus? Say what you want to see (FULL STOP). The point is that your reality is not of this world or of your physical environment.

So, when you say I AM RICH.
When you say I AM STRONG
When you say I AM FULL
Or you say I AM PREGNANT

When in the natural sense, it is the opposite, the Bible says, you will have whatever you saith and it is unto you according to your faith.

Again, I would prefer an ignorant believer who confesses positively all the time to a self acclaimed old believer who confesses negatively.

The Bible says: “anything that is not of faith is sin”. Aigba gbo bi la (Disbelief, I cast you out).

James 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick.

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