😰I’ve been trying to be a good reader but I do lose my zeal a long way

😰I planned to be reading 2 books monthly, but this is the 7th month of the year, and I’ve not been able to read up to 5 books

😰 I used to push myself to read but books are always boring to me

😰 I’ve done everything in my capacity to be a good reader but all are not just working.

These and many more are the complaints of so many great minded people outside there. There was a time I was in this mess as well, but when I discovered that for me to be great in life book reading is not an option, If Jesus, Daniel, Paul, Luke, and many great men in the Bible age and our century are functions of book, and I wish to be enlisted in their ranks, then I must consciously look for the way to develop the reading culture in me.

It was the 7th of January, 2020, My Spiritual father(Pastor Ife Adetona) told me that he just finished reading the 11th book (big books)of the year and this stroke a chord in me and I took up the challenge via some steps he gave me. And by the grace of God, I read 53 books in that same year and since then reading at least 60 books (excluding the books of the Bible) in a year has been my yearly goal.


You must firstly sustain the understanding that we have 2 major types of books, it’s either Mini or Voluminous books, for you to start developing this habit, don’t start by moving closer to voluminous books, start with mini-books.

Mini books are books that won’t take your time before you finish reading them, they are mostly less than 100pages with very bold fonts inside but voluminous books are books that will take your time, you can even go on days before you finish them, it mostly more than 100 pages and some are less than 100 pages but with very small font size and can take you days as well. Starting the development of a reading culture with voluminous books is like saying you want to start your academics from tertiary institutions and neglecting the primary and secondary schools.


What some people use to hunt for is to read books, you must first identify your area of interest and go for it first. Are you starting with Spiritual books? Which concept is your area of interest? Faith? Prosperity?Healing? Deliverance? Prayer? Other areas of interest may be your personal development, human and resource management, leadership etc.
The understanding of the concept you need will magnetise you to the books to read at a particular period.


While developing the reading habits, go for interesting authors, some authors use too much grammar which will always make book reading boring to you. You may want to ask how are you going to know interesting authors? Go to the introduction or the first chapter of any book, you’ll know how boring or interesting the book is going to be. The first book I firstly finished reading was “The Communion of Holy Spirit” By Pastor Ife was the first page of the book that created a craving for the whole book in me.

You can also go for recommended authors, many people love listening to messages, when you heard a preacher recommend an author, It will also help you in developing reading habits. Same with Popular authors as well.


In developing this habit, you have to know that it’s your responsibility, so you have to be intentional about it, to be intentional about it, take note of these;

A. Set a specific goal on book reading, and this goal must be fact and not fat, saying I want to read 50 books in a month is a fat goal, the fact goal is the one that is attainable when coupled with your schedule. This calls for intentionally sitting down and planning it out.
B. It must be Time-bound; to realize your goal monthly you have to set a daily goal for it, which means that there must not be a day that will go without you opening to read a book, in actualizing this, you must decide to be reading a certain number of chapters per day or schedule a particular number of minutes for book reading daily, E.g I must read for 1hour every day or I must cover 2 chapters daily out of a 10 chapters book.

C. Have a reading mentor: The role of a reading mentor is that you will be accountable to such fellow, S/he must be able to query you if you didn’t report to them on daily basis.


With Reading technology, you can read faster using a reading application, the one I use mostly is @voice, just type it on Google play, and you’ll see the image beneath this paragraph there, just download it and do the necessary settings. With the reading application, you can increase and decrease the reading speed rate and cover many pages in fewer minutes.


Some people planned to start reading books but couldn’t start because of money, the money attached to soft copies is free compared to the amount on hard copies, Even there are some soft copies that you can even get for free. Visit Fountain publisher through available links to access some books of your choice.

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