I fondly call you IFE
You are just the definition of love
Your hardwork is a fragrance
Your hardwork is my motivation to stay with you
I cherish your hardwork more than anything in this world
Even when the future was so unclear I know your hardwork is capable of clearing the way

You have asked me several times what I see in you that made me say “YES” to you, ‘honey’ its hardwork
I can’t thank you enough for being deliberate about success
Times has been very tough
The going had not been all rosy
What kept me strong is when I see you work
Your hardwork swept me off my feet
And I’m so much in love with it

There are things I wished I had all along which I don’t have
But seeing you labour at planting, I know our harvest can’t be little
Why do I always have these feelings that you have combined my work with yours
So much that I sleep without worry.

I encouraged you to resign into the full time ministry when you informed me of God’s instruction
Not because I was not scared of hunger
Not because I was not scared that I may not have some things as I might wanted
Not because I was not scared that I may not have the shoes and clothes and even the kind of house that I desired.

But I was never scared of starting from the scratch with you
Because I know there is no other better time to start ploughing.
I was fully aware of the price and I know I will have to endure for a while but one thing is certain
If you didn’t yield to God’s instruction we will suffer for only God knows when till we decide to obey and that’s if it won’t be too late
I know that our allocation is in His instruction
And if we obey promptly, after we have suffered for a while He will establish us.

#Dedicated to my Hardworking Husband IfeAdetona

From your one and only AYANFE
©Elizabeth Ife-Adetona



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