QUESTION: I know that God called me to be a Prophet. But my spiritual father is a Pastor. I don’t want him to ordain me.

Smiles. First, who told you that your spiritual father is a pastor? He could be a prophet or even an apostle. He might have decided to take on the title of a pastor for many reasons. Many younger people think they are the only ones called into “big big offices” lolz. There’s no small office anyway, there can only be small minds.

Second- who told you that you have to be ordained by a prophet?

That’s by the way. Here’s the clarification-

First- When you are ordained, you are ordained into the ministry and not into an “office”. That’s why in SADOZ, we don’t indicate office. You fill that space up yourself. Your first/initial/primary/ordination is into the ministry as a whole and not into an office in particular. Yes, there could be more than one ordination. The others can be targeted towards specific offices if you’re so led. David for example, was ordained thrice. He was first ordained by Samuel (a prophet and judge) into the ministry (kingship in this case). He was ordained again as the King of Judah and then as the king of Israel. You can be ordained by any title-carrier in the ministry. Just ensure that the person is in the ministry. (Advisably, a full fledged full-time minister).

Second- Pastor is used as a generic term for ministers. It doesn’t necessarily typify offices. That a person is tagged a pastor either by the reason of his denomination or personal choice doesn’t mean he is. So, don’t “look down” on a pastor as someone who is unfit to ordain you just because he didn’t use a “bigger” title or wear two caps.

Besides, why do you want to be ordained as a prophet or an Apostle? Does a year one medical student go about claiming to be a Medical Doctor? What will happen when he is asked to come and treat a patient? You are expected to GROW in your calling. When you go about with a title at an undue time, a “apostle” for instance, you may be under pressure to “perform” or demonstrate the signs of an apostle and that will weary you.


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