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Pastor Ife’s birthday speech

Pastor Ife’s birthday speech

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

I give praise to God for another cycle of life. This period is a milestone in my life, family and ministry. GOD picked me from the miry clay and made a meaning out of my life.

I grew up as a child hearing that it is impossible for a child of nobody to become somebody without the help of anybody. With a deep conflict and belief within me that I am not an accident to this world, I looked into the sky with all sincerity and spoke to God. I said: Lord, I heard that it is impossible for the son of nobody to become somebody without the help of anybody. I know nobody and my parents are also nobodies but I believe that if I know you, I have known everybody, Lord, can I know you? I heard His voice from within that said: yes, you can know me. Then I vowed that whatever it takes to know Him, I will do it. If there is any ladder to climb, I will climb it.

From that day, at the age of 13, I have become an addicted and unrepentant God-chaser till date. I have never looked back or reconsider for once in spite of the ups and downs along my way. I have lived my life for one thing; to serve His purpose whether as a slave in Potiphars house or as a king in the palace. He has in return, made a meaning out of this cheap life of mine. Whether He has turned me into somebody today or not, you can answer that.

I call on you today, to live your life for Him. God doesn’t use men, He builds men. God is not just concerned about you not going to hell or serving Him, He is majorly concerned about you as His son or daughter. You are not just one person among billions of other people on earth; you are actually one in billions, a special person at that. He knows your name and calls you by name. He wants you to have a meaningful life for that alone is what brings glory to His name.

May the Communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.

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  1. Happy birthday to you sir. It’s been a great privilege identifying with your calling sir. I celebrate God that made our path to cross through Pastor Damsam. Everyday, I see a better me through the word of God I preach to the group I’m anchoring.. This came to be because I align with God’s unction in your life. Thank you for yielding to God’s call. The unction on your life will never run dry in Jesus name. AMEN. Happy birthday sir.

  2. Many more years sir
    God bless your new age
    Keep been a blessing
    More strength
    More anointing
    You shall not be weary in Jesus name
    Have a great day and great gift from the Lord and gift of the season

  3. Happy birthday to you sir, I bless the name of God toward your life. For building you as instrument of His glory. More auction to function for God the more.
    The glory of God will continue to shine in your life and path. The purpose of God for your life continuously come to manifestation. God will uphold you till the end. Thank you for impacting in SADOZITE happy to Sir.

  4. Happy birthday to you Daddy
    Your leadership style bis so exceptional.
    You are a great Father, teacher, mentor, disclepler.
    You taught me soany things, that I will forever need to be exception everywhere
    Thank you Daddy for releasing yourself to God.
    More purposeful years in Jesus Name.

  5. Happy birthday sir, long life and prosperity in good health, age wit unlimited grace and thanks for the teaching more auction to function………

    • A leader and more, a father with a substance, a man of great standing always, happiest birthday to you, sir! With genuine appreciation to God for the gift of you, I welcome you into your best yet. God bless and preserve you eternally. Happy birthday, sir.

  6. Happy birthday to you sir.
    More annoiting in Jesus name.
    The Lord will continue to bless you in all ramifications in Jesus name.
    Age with sufficient grace.

  7. Happy Birthday to the most lovable and adorable star on this planet. May your birthday bring you good luck to last for the whole year.
    Do you know why you are the best dad in the world? Because you are –
    B – Benevolent
    I – Inspiring
    R – Resilient and reliable
    T – Talented
    D – daddy-liscious (that’s my word to describe the best Spiritual dad in the world!)
    A – Amazing
    Y – Youthful
    Thank you for all the motivation, encouragement, support, love and care you showered me with.
    May your days be long as your heart wishes in good health and wealth ❤️❤️❤️
    More Unction to Function in Abba’s Vineyard 🔥🔥🔥


    No one dares to stand in your way, go and do exploits. As you witness this wonderful day, you will not miss the purpose of Almighty God for your life. Your glory will not sink. Your destiny will not capsize. Your fame will not fade, but spread to greater heights. You will not fail but be favoured. You will not go backward, but forward. You will not breakdown, but breakthrough.
    You shall be the head and not the tail.

    You shall be fulfilled on every side in Jesus name
    You shall prevail in all situations and circumstances of life.

    You will never know a better yesterday in your lifetime
    Your horn shall be highly exalted like that of the unicorn
    Your strength shall be renewed like that of the eagle
    Lines shall fall in pleasant places for you today and forever in Jesus name.

    The Lord shall prolong your relevance and increase you on every side in Jesus name.


    May your days be long
    Wishing you long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind

    AGE GRACEFULLY and graciously and continue to swim in the abundance of God’s glory all the days of your life in Jesus name

    *AGE GRACEFULLY 💃🏂🥂🍾🎂👌🕺👍*



    • Happy Happy Happy birthday my healing mentor, it is a great privilege to be under your ministrations, thank you for sharing insight with us. More grace, in Jesus Name.

  9. Happy birthday pastor, wishing you all the best.. long life and prosperity. May the blessings of God continue to overshadow you and thanks for all you do
    God bless you and your family abundantly

  10. Over ur life & all urs every handwriting of d enemy wl turn against d enemy, ur light will not turn 2 darkness, u wl not be a victim of error, d Lord is ur Sherpherd.

    May the anointing on you never run dry, God will perfect all that concerns you in Jesus Amen

    December 29th Celebrant Daddy, Be Blessed, Be Lifted! Every day you will increase and you will know fulfillment..Happy Birthday Sir

  11. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life sir!
    May GOD in His infinite mercy increase you more in wisdom, anointing, and deeper realms of the spirit!
    Let garments You’ve worn yet be clothed you by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    You shall finish your ministry and strongly so!

  12. Pastor, happy blessed new season

    Although, I only know you from far, but you’ve been a huge blessing to me and my family.

    My prayer is that, may you continue to grow in His knowledge, and rooted in His person.

    Many happy returns sir

  13. Happy birthday to you sir,within this period of knowing you,I’ve been truly inspired may God continue to strengthen you and increase your ministry.God bless you tremendously sir, keep shining for the Lord.happy birthday

  14. You are an exceptional Christian 👌Leader
    A selfless person
    Highly disciplined personality
    You Love God so passionately so as the sheep In your care
    You walk in simplicity and covered with humility
    You are full of wisdom and insight
    You look calm but full of Strength 💪
    You Love knowledge
    You standout in Character
    You are a rare Gem💎 💎
    You are the answers to the questions of Generations
    It’s a privilege to meet such an embodiment of Grace 👏👏
    You are a Gift and blessing to mankind
    Happy birthday Daddy 💯💃🎀😘💃

  15. Happy birthday sir. Thanks for all you do. God bless and honour you. You are a light to this generation. This generation call you blessed. Thanks for opening our eyes to so so many things. Thanks so much sir. You are loved 🥰❤️. Cheers to an amazing year 🥂🎉

  16. Happy birthday sir
    You’re a great impact to this generation. I’m so blessed to be part of this flowing grace.
    I pray God’s grace abounds towards you forever sir.
    Your cup shall never run dry.
    Long life and prosperity to you sir

  17. Happy birthday to yu sir. Thanks for always ready to make people to partner well with Christ. Wishing Yu a fulfilled years ahead.

  18. Happy birthday Dad
    I celebrate God in your life sir
    You are exceptional Dad
    I am glad to know you
    More years of fulfillment in Jesus name

  19. Thanks for the gift of God in your life sir.
    Thanks for the price paid to reveal them to the world.
    I deeply honour the grace of God upon your life sir.
    Thanks so much for being a blessing to us

  20. To all that you’ve ever said over my life. From the time I knew you I knew I’ve found something that I needed to improve on myself and my assignment in life. For that I know that words can’t be enough to appreciate and thank you for all you’ve ever done for me and us doing in the body of Christ.
    For your sacrifices and relentless efforts I say sir may God uplift you any height as you so desire. May God’s Han keep resting upon you. May you find peace and rest in God’s vineyard above all may you keep blessing lives and changing destinies.
    May you live long till your ripe old age. (Gen. 15 :15).
    May all your lines fall into pleasant places in Jesus name 🔥 🔥

  21. Happy birthday to you sir , the grace and the anointing of Lord God will never run dry on your head sir, happy birthday once again sir

  22. Happy Birthday Pastor,
    I Bless God for the gift of you.
    Thanks for yielding to God’s call.
    Your ministry is continually Received of men in Jesus name.
    Strength Abounds much more for you in Jesus name. Amen

  23. Happy birthday, Sir. I am happy to witness this day. Knowing you from 2015/16 has been a blessing. Thank you for adding value to my life, sir. You gave the right definition of purpose and how to live it. Thanks for sharing in your well of wisdom. Happy Birthday to my Teacher, Father, Mentor, Instructor, Tutor, and many more. One million thanks to you, sir.

  24. As I join well-wishers in celebrating your special day, I pray that the Lord strengthens your faith, establishes all your steps, purifies you, and keeps you steadfast on the right path of life that you are on. Happy birthday my Daddy

  25. Happy birthday to you sir
    Long life and prosperity in Jesus Christ name 🙏
    I wish you more good years on Earth in good health, wealth and happiness 🙏
    Thanks for all you do sir🙇
    May God continue to bless and strengthens you 🙏

  26. Happy birthday in arrears Papa🙇🙇, God’s anointed, I bless God for your life sir. It’s a privilege also to share birth month with you Papa, being 2 days older than Jesus and 6 days older than you 😁😁😄😄

    It’s a privilege knowing you and working under your leadership papa, this, I did not take for granted 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

    This I will be ungrateful for, if I did not say; thanks for the call and the prayer sir🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I really really really appreciate it, I feel so blessed. Birthday blessings Papa 🙇‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

  27. Happy birthday to a great man of God, Teacher of His Word, Councillor, and Father to somany inherited and adopted children. May your life experience with the Holy Spirit keep increasing on a daily basis as you grow more in His Word and Vine Yard in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉..


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