Don’t let any man bully you into thinking that without a #heavenly vision or a celestial visitation, your christian life is not complete.

If your assignment requires you having such visit, you won’t even pray for it.

From the days of Cornelius, most people who had such visit weren’t even a believer before having their first “encounter”. They needed those encounters because they were NATURAL men who lack the word of God.

A young man once called me and said that he wanted one of such encounters. I simply told him that he was born into the church, he grew in the church, he lives in the “word environment”. His encounter will come from Communion with the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures.

Such angelic visits is meant for two things among others: if a man is a natural man. That is, he his not in the faith and God needed to attract his attention like the burning bush, He would visit them supernaturally. They don’t have to believe in God to even have this.

Secondly, if a man assignment requires it and in the wisdom of God, He feels you need it. I read of a great healing evangelist in the similitude of John G. Lake whose encounter came from Acts 10:38.

Kenneth Copeland told of a man who fasted his lungs out to see Jesus appear to him. Copeland said that the things he said Jesus told him, if he sit with 1 Corinthians chapter 1, he would get even more.

See, the biggest encounter is with the word. And you don’t need an angelic visitation or that of patriarchs of faith to validate your calling or the extent at which God would use you in the ministry.

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