This is likely not the first time you heard me say if you’re drinking Garri, don’t shed tears. Garri water and tear water doesn’t give a good mix. In the same light, whatever you are going through today, don’t wear yourself out with self-pity.

I don’t know what the high cost of stuff is doing to your pocket right now or how many meals you could afford a day as a result. I don’t know how angry you get when you hear that the cost of bathing soap has increased or when the Gas man made you turned back because of additional #50 but GOD IS SENDING ME TO YOU. Don’t feel bad. Cut your cost if you have to but don’t feel bad.

on this link to be receiving notifications of new articles from Healing Nexus Blog :\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou see, when you lack every other thing, never lack joy. And don’t try to be like your neighbours. If you are forced to cook with sticks or charcoal today, do it with gladness because that is not your end.

In 2017, I was there soaking on a cup of Garri, the thing poured on the table, I packed it smiling. Today, hot water splashed on my leg, I said- thank you, Jesus, it wasn’t more than that. I opened the tap on it and it started hurting, I said: thank you, Jesus, my cells are not dead.

The reason you’re sad is not because things are hard, it is because you haven’t learnt to look beyond the unpalatable circumstances. Things have never been cheaper in this nation especially. Every New Year, people tell how better the previous year was and how expensive things are now. You should be tired of lamenting about this already.

I stopped lamenting in 2016 when I saw a supposed rich woman told me in January how things were hard “these days”. I was like, you mean things are hard already in January? From that day, I stopped lamenting and stopped condoling lamentators around me. You need to stay away from such people and discussions. It has never made life better for anyone.

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  1. Wonderful write-up. We can’t get a dine in complaining but when we are appreciative it makes God to open the gates of blessings unto us.


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