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If not that “Mummy G.O” overplayed her hand and added to the scripts…if she had stayed with the scripts like her predecessors and simply condemn Baba Adeboye, Prophet Obadare, Bishop Oyedepo, Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, Bimbo Odukoya and others who are the regular mentions when it comes to their hellish vision–may be you would have believed her. May be you would have bought her books. May be you would have distributed her tapes. May the LORD help you.

Hear this, any vision that makes it looks harder for a believer to enter heaven and makes hell easier to go to IS FROM HELL in order to discourage you from the heavenly race.

It is very difficult for a believer (a person who confesses Jesus as Lord and lives in the consciousness of that confession) to miss heaven and quite easy to make heaven. A believer cannot be on the way to hell and not know it. It is not something you enter into by mistake.

While you are busy praying, groaning and crying to God to help you to make heaven- angels are busy saying to you that heaven is not a problem but your dominion here on the earth. You are asking for the Kingdom of Heaven, God is saying no problem but you haven’t occupied the earth with the power of the gospel. See- you can’t reign on the earth as His priest and His king and lose heaven.

I have said this 100 times- some have chosen to go to heaven like the poor Lazarus but I have chosen to go like the rich Abraham.



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