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I believe we are already setting out goals for the year
And it should be
And one important of these goals is surely about our SPIRITUAL LIFE
The SPIRITUAL LIFE of a man is the most important area of His life
It comes first
Because, the spiritual controls the natural
But if you’re strong spiritually, you’re also strong in other areas of your life
If you’re weak spiritually, you’re surely weak in other areas
Let’s start like this-Specific Spiritual Areas

Many have been experiencing rising and falling. But tonight I am going to show you how to be spiritually healthy all through the year and beyond
I won’t be teaching you theory tonight but how to practically achieve it


+Study of the word

+Soul Winning/Discipleship


Luke 18
1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that *men ought always to pray, and not to faint;*

How can you achieve a burning prayer life?
You will realize that when you were on campus, your prayer life and overall spiritual life was in a good shape
But the moment you stepped out, it was tilting
But immediately you leave that circle and stay alone, it comes crashing
When you pray in groups or being challenged by friends and colleagues, it makes as difference
Or even when you’re in school
The question is now, HOW CAN I REIGNITE my prayer altar despite not being in school

Daily 1 hour prayer

SADOZ ministry has a long list of prayer system. You can choose to be part of some or all
All you have to do is to join the Telegram channel t.me/sadozite then, begin to pray in tongues as you hear others pray.
Everyday, we pray in group in the Holy Ghost between the hour of 6am to 7am. We call it TRAVAILING.
If you can’t pray in tongues, chat this number now. Just tell her+ “I want to pray in tongues”- wa.me/2348165574738
You can even be preparing for work and put it on!
What some of us do is to join everyday but we participate in the prayer for a number of days.
But on weekends, I will not just put my phone on but actively participate
Like…if I am always preparing for work, I can join and put my phone on šŸ”Š speaker.
Someone like me do 7days except in few times when I couldn’t join fully
Some pray for 3days or more or less
If you have not being part, join today
Tell me, you can’t have that going on everyday of the week and be dull in your prayer life

We also have the Monday Vigil where you pray for atleast one hour between the hour of 10pm and 3am.
You pray with the prayer manual SADOZ IS OURS
You need this kind of schedule to keep your prayer life up and going!
We have other channels- which are the Wednesday Fasting & Prayer with the Prayer Manual.

And Friday fasting and prayer and we pray individually by praying in the Holy Ghost
You build it on disicpline and perseverance
Prayer fervency doesn’t come cheap
Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;
Start today by joining the morning schedule even if that’s the only thing you can do for now


The second aspect of your spiritual life you don’t want to joke with is THE WORD
The word is a lifetime treasure that we must keep looking into on a daily basis
To make a difference in the way you approach your Bible this year, I will give you three keys
You don’t have to be a pastor to take it seriously, you just have to love your life enough
Act 6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

+read all the time.

+Study with a guide

+Teach others

If you have a Bible app on your phone, raise your hand?
If you used to press phone in the toilet, raise your hand?
Why don’t you read the Bible on your phone instead of scrolling through Facebook in the toilet?
What’s your name pls?
A- Amos
D- Daniel
E- Ezra
T- Timothy
O- Obadiah
N- Nahum
A- Abraham

use your name to form books of the Bible
Then, I start with the book of Amos and read atleast one chapter a day from my phone or my hardcopy Bible
After getting through with Amos, I move to Daniel and then Ezra and so on
As I finish, I tick it
You’ll realize that Abraham is not a book of the Bible but the character is dominant in the Book of Genesis. That means I will read the book of Genesis

A- Amos āœ…
D- Daniel āœ…
E- Ezra āœ…
T- Timothy āœ…
O- Obadiah āœ…
N- Nahum āœ…
A- Abraham

When I say read your Bible.
You don’t have to study in this case
Get an understandable translation and not KJV for ease comprehension
Just read as if you’re reading a Novel. Do this for one month and your spiritual life won’t be the same
I said I will give you three šŸ”‘
You can read from your phone in the bank, toilet, lecture hall, or anywhere at any time.You can even use audio to read so as to cover more chapters.

The second way is to study with a GUIDE
It has a positive deposit in your spiritual life
It is shared on the group every day
The daily communion is a good guide!
But do you want to know the best way to be good at the word?
Is to be a TEACHER of the word!
The Bible stipulates that one of the qualities of a servant of God is BEING ABLE TO TEACH
Nothing makes you Responsible like a Responsibility
2Ti 2:24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient
The Bible also says teachers of the word should be accorded double honour

Research says you will only remember 20% of what you are taught but will remember 80% of what you teach to others.
1Ti 5:17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.
In fact, if I were to teach this again this time next year, there is a tendency that it won’t sound familiar to you

That means, just as you enjoy tonight study and you’re making plans to implement them, in a short period of time, you will forget 80% of it
So, the best way to remember and to spend time with the word is to be a teacher yourself
And that is what SADOZ is all about
For instance, if you join the leadership of SADOZ
You will be expected to review the Daily Communion before you teach it on the group on a daily basis
That way, you are exposed to the word TWICE
And then, you will teach it
and if you also go through the Bible Study before teaching it, you have a double advantage
That is because they will likely remember in the exam hall if they come across questions they treated at the tutorial
You will realize that those who take fellow students in tutorial classes on campus perform better than the rest.

Being a leader in this ministry gives you the opportunity to reach out to souls with ease. It avails you the opportunity to work for God, and you definitely reap from the blessings attached to it.šŸ„³šŸ„³
You’d be glad you did

Click the link below if you’re interested :

Meanwhile, those who heard it may not remember
It doesn’t take a lot of time to go through your DC before you sleep.
I want to enjoin Koinonia Leaders to handle the work differently this year for a maximum effect and result in their life.
If you are a new leader, it may take you up to 35 minutes but a leader who has been consistent for 4 weeks will have a good grasp within 15 minutes.

And don’t go to your group to slice the commentary into the group but engage the members in contributing and explaining to them.
If you can formulate your own STUDY GUIDE, it will be very easy for you!
Also, take time to go through the Bible Study before teaching it.
If you’re consistent, you will have a good personal study in under 30-minutes and give a spirit-filled teaching
Some of us here can agree with me

Let’s do it right and it will become easier as we go on
And you have more than 30-minutes to spare all through the day. Just twice a week.
It is more tedious to do copy n paste while trying to avoid some words compared to the you prepare yourself

Let’s PRAY
If you’re very busy at work or school, divide the time.
We receive grace to put all to use in Jesus Name


  1. Wow an insightful and encouraging teaching. Iā€™m so really blessed by it to set my spiritual goals as I begin the year.
    The Lord has really favored me, for me to jump into this teaching, it is really his ordering indeed. He directed me here.

    May God bless and increase you Pastor Ife.šŸ™


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