So, one of my daughters has been complaining about sleeplessness. I told her what to do but she wouldn’t do it.

She was in my house and I told her that if she want to sleep, she should read her Bible. I assured her that she won’t have read two chapters before she would sleep off. I humorously added that the devil that doesn’t want her to sleep would leave and Satan may even send the one that would make her sleep.

The following day, I asked her: “how was your night?” She didn’t want to tell me what happened. Maybe she was feeling carnal. At last, she burst into laughter and said she had not read one chapter before she slept off.

Maybe that sounds unspiritual to you as well. Do me a favour, forget about the fact that I asked her to read the Bible. Let’s say I asked her to read just a random book- did you think she would still have slept? Did you say- Yes? What if it’s a chemistry textbook or further maths? Okay, assume I told her to play a message and listen to it, do you feel she would have slept off as well?

I presume that your answer to all is YES.

None of those materials is a sleeping pill neither is the Bible. When we are sleepless, we are restless, many things run through our mind but when we focus our mind on one thing, our mind goes to rest and sleep sets in like magic.

And it won’t be bad if the Bible is the last thing you read before going to bed, is it? Besides, the Bible says- “He gives sleep to His beloved”- Psalms 127:2

Did you find it hard to sleep after getting to bed? Do this and thank me later.

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