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Have you come across any Bible passage where believers were told to pray for God to save the lost? You won’t ever find such in the whole Scripture. God has saved all sinners even those yet to be born. All that is left is for sinners to accept salvation.

Jesus’ death was God’s plan for all sinners to be saved (John 3:16). We are the ones left to do our own part by preaching the Gospel; for faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Jesus only told us to pray for labourers to be sent to lost souls. God knows the best person that can win over a particular sinner or nation. I remember praying in the spirit at a time then I had a vision where I found myself in a town. I was speaking their language and I could decode the meaning. I was moving around, preaching the gospel in their language with a bell in my hand. What that meant was that my prayer at that time was for labourers to be sent to that particular land and at the same time, I was breaking all spiritual resistance to the gospel.

Many of us have unsaved (or black sheep) family members, relatives and neighbours. You don’t pray that God should save them but you first, command every satanic veil on them to be removed because the Bible talks about the spirit of disobedience that has blindfolded people. You pray to God the Father to send labourers to harvest them. You can even be the one God would send in some cases.

It would be glorious if we make it a daily habit to put a particular person, family or nation in our prayers for God to send labourers to them. After you pray, believe it is answered and you will have the result.

Prayer demonstration: O Lord, I thank you for saving James Clowen that very moment you died on the cross over 2,000 years ago. I come against evil spirit s blindfolding him from accepting the gospel in Jesus Name. I request that his heart be made ready for repentance. I pray that you send a labourer to harvest his soul in Jesus Name. Thank you, Lord, James is saved. Amen

Note: Praying for the unsaved requires persistent declarations because they have the tendency of turning away your prayers as unbelievers because the devil has an influence over their souls but persistent declarations afterwards will surely get the job done. In my own case, I prefer to keep repeating: James Clowen is saved in Jesus name (for example).


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