A very good daughter of mine came with a question. A brother just delivered unto her, a parcel of “rhema” but she was confused. She didn’t know the right answer but she knew what the brother was saying is not correct. The brother said and I quote:

“Holy Spirit isn’t Holy Ghost: what’s the Spirit? What’s the Ghost? Holy Spirit is automatic when you give your life to Christ and it becomes ghost when it manifests as tongues.”

This fine brother thought he had just gotten a revelation or probably he also heard it from someone but it’s all WRONG.

Remember that the Bible wasn’t originally written in English! When the Bible was translated to English, Holy Ghost was used in KJV but scholars felt the word “Holy Ghost” in English was not good enough so, other versions used “Holy Spirit”. You can check your versions.

I was at a programme many years ago. A fine brother was dishing out the word and breaking rhema. Though, he had a good idea but he got the scriptures he was referencing all twisted. He was using that Scriptures to mean what it doesn’t mean. He was doing what I called “reading into the scriptures” that is, he was adding his own. When the anchor of the programme who was our discipler took the microphone, he tried to correct those mistakes and I felt good about it even though many of those seated may not get it. You see, good intention is not enough.


There is no teacher of the word who would say he had never made some mistakes in the representation of the word. The only difference is that some people are not ready to learn. Their mouth is wide open but their ears are blocked. It’s one thing to be ignorant, it’s another thing to be proudly ignorant. Such people have committed damaging errors.

If you love to teach the word then more than anybody, you must attach yourself to a discipler or teacher. At the beginner stage, this is the person you show your revelations or derivatives to and would direct you before you go out there to publish it. Even at an advanced stage, Paul went to Peter & James to compare notes (Gal. 1:18-19). Another way to compare notes is by reading the books of your discipler or those who are known as renowned teachers of the word.

There are basic laws of “interpreting the scriptures”. If you go through the process of training and learning, you will be exposed to them and you won’t commit public blunders.

Another thing is to SUBJECT your revelation or derivatives to TIME. Derivatives simply means revelations which are not entirely new but has it’s root in an already found truths or revelation. There is actually nothing like a new revelation, they are all revivals or derivatives. “There is nothing new under the sun” Eccl. 1:9.

SUBJECT it to other scriptures. One law says: “explain a scripture in the light of other scriptures”. I do tell anyone who comes to me with a fresh revelation to back it up with other refrences.

SUBJECT it to the Spirit. Don’t be too exicted to listen to that gentle restraint of the Spirit that is telling you that your rhema is not yet perfected.

After all said and done, I believe in GROWTH and you cannot grow until you try things out by use & exercise (Hebrews 5:14). I mean, you have to publish your messages and assess yourself by the feedbacks. But do not demonstrate a critical spirit like the first example I gave. You shouldn’t go about knocking people down saying “yours is wrong”, “mine is right”.

As you grow through this process, your channel will be refined and clean knowledge would easily flow through it in JESUS NAME.



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