Sometimes ago, a test was conducted for managers.
While the less successful ones have a pattern of thinking.
They discovered that successful managers have a pattern of thinking
I have also seen this in many people
AMswill agree that there is a pattern in how leaders with high Anagkazo results think
And those with fewer result
Even School teachers will tell you this
What am I trying to say?
If you observe how successful people think and adapt their ways, you will end up successful
If you can change your thought pattern, your life will change
Pro 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:
So, tonight, let’s examine a pattern of thought of successful people across time, money, people and so on


1.Successful People think big and see themselves as employers of labour.

I’m not just talking about people with a lot of money but successful people with wealth and in God
You must have heard of thinking big
It is not a farce or fallacy, it is a reality
They see themselves as prosperous people even though their beginning may be small.
The success tendency of successful people is not contained in their affluence; it is contained in the influence of their minds.
Even when a person with the billionaire mindset is wearing a rag, he doesn’t behave like a slave but as successful.
It is not contained in their present riches but in their thought.
Everywhere Joseph went, he was always the head. He was the youngest (the 11th son), yet he had such a big dream that his father said to him: “are you in any way insinuating that you will be greater than your father, mother and all your siblings?”
He was a slave, yet he became the caretaker of Potiphar’s house and refused to succumb to the influence to sin from the master’s wife.
I believe he saw himself as higher than Potiphar let alone his wife.
He was in jail, yet he told the man heading to the palace to remember to mention his name when he got to the palace because he knew that he wasn’t going to die as a prisoner.
Joseph had a successful mindset and behaved accordingly.
The Bible confirms that Joseph was prosperous even when he had no clothes (Genesis 39:1-2).
Note the part – “behaved accordingly”
Even when he’s labouring day and night, he believes that he is going to make it in life.
When a successful person has no shoes and walks around bare-footed, he believes he is an employer of labour.

Genesis 39
1 And Joseph was brought down to Egypt; and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, an Egyptian, bought him of the hands of the Ishmeelites, which had brought him down thither.

2 And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man, and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian
The successful person thinks big; in whatever they do, they want to bring something big out of it.When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, his colleagues urged him to sell it to the billionaires bidding for it.
He insisted that he didn’t build the platform to sell.
As of last year, he was the eighth richest man in the world. The man that wanted to buy Facebook from him, Bill Gates is the fourth richest man.
It doesn’t matter if that leader is in 100 level or secondary school or a graduate or a lawyer…you are GREAT!
Every day, I greet SADOZ leaders by saying… GOOD EVENING GREAT LEADERS
I define creativity as the creation of new things from old things.
Successful people think creatively.
It is the act of turning ideas into reality.
They turn ideas into reality.
Do you see those who have 1,000,000 ideas but 0.1 reality?That’s not how successful people think

2.Successful People are innovative

They look for new ways to do things not minding how long a method has been in place.
They look for better ways to do the same thing they have been doing.
I tell many people that I counsel that if I start doing the kind of business they are doing, within days I will look for innovative ways to do the very thing they are doing and do it better than they are doing it.
They keep researching, studying, thinking and generating new concepts.
Once you have this mindset that I am talking about, wherever you are and in whatever you do, you get great results.
If I could proffer solutions when I am not directly into it, you can imagine what I would do if I were into it.
I have counselled many business people and proffered solutions to the challenges they have been facing for a long time in their businesses.
You can’t do a thing the same way and expect a different result
Innovation includes changing!
You can’t approach your anagkazo the same way and expect high attendance
You can’t run your study the same way all the time- copy n paste and expect to bless member raise leaders
Same goal
Same product
But your method must undergo changes
That’s why when some leaders go on break whether through a lost phone or something, by the time they return, they find changes…true or false?
They have to be refreshed to be updated
This is our 8th year.Check it, Central 2 was created on July 8th, 2014
Someone once told me that we are the only ministry that runs an online-like ministry using WhatsApp that remains functional for a long time.
Glory to Jesus
We remain because we are innovative!!!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t get results today, if you must keep getting results and stay on top of your career, you must be innovative.
To be innovative, there are certain QUESTIONS you are to ask yourself:1. how better can I get this done? 2. How faster can I get it done? 3. How can I achieve a better and bigger result? That is how successful people think.
Thank God for that mindset, Covid-19 would have wiped out half of the American and European population if scientists hadn’t found a faster way to invent vaccines.
It may cost them more money and time for study and research. It may cost trial and error but they are bent on finding a way.
A businessman that is not innovative would soon become outdated. Such would be run out of business sooner or later.
Same vein, a KL who is not innovative would be out of the SADOZ leadership sooner or later

3. Successful People are optimistic

They see a positive ending and that is why they can take calculative risks.
Successful people are highly hopeful.
Should I tell you something this night?
Whenever they fall, they rise again.
*Optimism is not a motivational speech but an inspirational reality.*
They didn’t develop all these attitudes after they became successful; it was those attitudes that made them successful in the first place.
It works for me, it works for our ministry. Even though we started in a room apartment, we talked big and we took bold steps!
*Successful people always see themselves as bigger than the problem.*
Successful people think as problem solvers and not as victims
They think problem-solving thoughts.
They don’t shy away from problems. To them, there is always a way out of any problem.

4.Successful people always take steps

Successful people are not thinkers and sleepers, they are thinkers and movers, as they think, they act.
They think as they move and move as they think.
If you think positively with the right mindset and not just wish, there is no way you will stay complacent.
You will always forge ahead and move ahead. Receive this very mindset in Jesus’ Name.


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