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⚠️ you may not like the language of this post, but if you don’t mind, let’s go.

First, I want you to know that the “prophet’s office” is a very large one. So big that every prophet is distinctive from the others. We can go further to categorize. Some see VISIONS and GIVE WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE & REVELATION as if they are drinking water. If you’re not close to them, you would think maybe they fasted or prayed to enter that realm but not so. It seems to them as natural as a talent just like calling someone gifted in songs. Even if they sleep all night while others keep vigil, when they wake, it is vision or word.

If five of us enter a room. Those with this ability have already seen ten things in 10 seconds. While you are still trying to scan, they have given words of knowledge and wisdom. Again, I tell you, they didn’t necessarily “train” to be there. A day convert appointed for this role would see more than a 10-year prayerful pastor who is not pre-ordained for this. It is pre-ordination. They only fast, pray, train and live a holy life to keep it fine-tuned. The gift itself came to them by predestination.

So, it is not all ministers that would be prophets and it is not all prophets that would be calling names and phone numbers. If you struggle to get visions and knowledge or it doesn’t flow naturally as you see in some people, do not force it. Do not blend your ministry or tilt it towards it. Do not think that because God said you’re a prophet, you must MAJOR in that dimension and do not feel inadequate if you are not.

Your audience is waiting. They were selected right from heaven even before your ministry started. Forget about who or what is in the vogue. God knows what your audience needs and it is not what you think they want (visions). Let those who like visions go for it. Some are meant for what you offer, they will come.

Look at great Ministers like Sam Adeyemi. Is his church scanty? Is he a prophet? How many times have you seen Pastor Kumuyi or Oyedepo call names or give words to specific people even when their congregation was few? How many words of wisdom/revelation does “prophet” Adeboye has in a 45-minute ministration? Are their ministries not blessed?

Thank God for prophets who major in seeing visions and calling out people, especially those doing it in the right way.

I have also not said God won’t use you in this dimension but if God does not ALWAYS or READILY use you in that dimension, don’t force it. Desire it, yes but don’t force it. A fish swims naturally in water even though it can still walk on land. Find your water and flow in it. Your faithfulness to your uniqueness will bring you closer to your desire than ambition.




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