Pastor’s_Diary: When to say GOD SAYS 3


PASTORS_DIARY When To Say God Says, Part III

At last, the third and likely the last of the series. In the first part, I listed “when not to say, God, says” and in the second, I listed “when to say, God, says”. Glory to God for the impact both editions had. I promised that in this third edition, we would examine “how to deliver prophetic messages”. This is a very slippery path where understanding is highly required.

  • Never Inject Fear-
    There was a day, one of our leaders sent a voice note to me. Someone had seen a vision about our ministry. He was crying and doing all sorts before he could deliver his message. I discarded the whole of it- both his tears and the fears he was trying to inject and none of what he said ever happened. Don’t get emotional with the message. Don’t threaten people. Don’t make them fearful. The Bible says when God speaks, He will speak peace (Ps85:8). Anything short of that is either an exaggeration or a lie.
  • Best to say what you saw in all simplicity.
    Has God shown you a vision? At times, all you are required to do is to tell the person what you have seen. It holds more meaning to them than it means to you. You must have heard Prophets said something like, “I saw doughnuts, what does it mean”. The prophet didn’t know what it meant but he knew what he saw and he only said that. The person may say, that’s what she sells or that she dreamt of being fed doughnuts in the dream. Where you are not given interpretation, just say what you saw and let them explain.
  • Best say it as you received it.
    You must have seen prophets ministering to someone and say, I hear “Lagos”. It is the person that will explain what the implication of Lagos is to them. If you don’t receive beyond the word, don’t dig, just simply tell them. At times, you may see and also receive a simple meaning (pointer). Don’t try to make it look complicated, just state the simple meaning.
  • Best Avoid “God says” when it’s just an impression:
    an impression is the lowest form of prophetic revelation yet very powerful but it could be wrong at least 2 out of 10 times. So, when you feel or something is impressed upon your heart or you perceived or sense. Simply tell the person: I feel, I perceive, it occurs to me that…..don’t go about saying God says
  • Best say “God Says”: you know the prophetic can be very dicey. At times what is required of you is to emphasize, “God says”. I have ministered before and told people, ” I can tell you this without saying, “God says” but God wants me to add it”.At this point, you may be wondering how to know which you are to say or do. You may think you could ask God or the Holy Spirit but that can make you further confused. We grow in this thing by knowledge and use. The Bible says mature men have trained their senses to discern. That is, you will just know what to do as soon as the prophetic lands. There’s a stage where God leads you and another stage where God sends you. That’s what I’m talking about. You just know what to do and when and how at this stage.
  • Best Pray or just give the message:
    you know at times, you don’t need to say you saw something or that you heard anything. You just said it in prayer or give the warning. This shows maturity. I do this for those who love revelations. Once I finish praying and they ask “what did you see?”, I tell them to pick it out from the prayers I just made. At times, I give the warning. And when they ask about what I saw or heard, I tell them to just take heed to the warnings or instruction.
  • Don’t interpret from your standpoint:
    There was a prophet who told the father of a young man not to bother to send his son to school because he was going to become a mechanic. The father sent his son to school anyway. It was when he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer that they realised the prophet saw well but interpreted wrongly. Many make mistakes at the point of deriving meanings. And that’s the essence of knowledge and experience.
  • If you refused to grow, you will be mixing up meanings and interpretation. Again growth comes from knowledge & use. We grow out of prophetic mistakes. All of us, at one point or the other, had missed it.

There are more things I wish to say which couldn’t be contained in this article and I wish to end this series. However, I have a BONUS for you. We have over 10 distinctive lectures in our School of the Prophetic. I will be releasing one of it which directly addressed how to get correct meanings, interpret and communicate them. Go to our Telegram channel via you will see “KBI-SOTP-RIM I” RIM means Revelation, Interpretation and Ministering. Please be informed that it will only be available for 2days: today, Sunday & Monday. We don’t usually do this but wanted you to have balanced knowledge. I hope you take advantage of it.

Heb 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.


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