I have always said this over and over. If you are a young man or lady who is fervent in the things of God but pay little or no attention to your career & academics, you will pay for it in a very hard way.

When the reality of life dawn on you. When you no longer get fed by your parents. When the cares of this world become evident, you may end up losing all your spiritual rigour and become lukewarm.

You must have seen some alumni, brothers & sisters of your school fellowships and churches who tell you stories of when they used to burn, go to village outreaches, raise the dead and all who are now retired as Sunday School teachers and elders or youths coordinators in the Church. Those are even fair. Some are now only Sunday to Sunday believers. Where is the fire? Where is the zeal? Where is “give me the land” prayers? Children must eat and pay school fees!

That’s why our ministry is intentionally wired to ensure spiritual and career balancing. I have seen young men who jumped in and out of our ministry because according to them, we teach success, prosperity and marital instead of fire, mysteries and so on. If they took their time, they could have seen those things too but they wanted just one thing- fireeeeeee.

If you take your spiritual and career together in this early stage of your youth, when you grow older, you will burn as much as you want and glow in life at the same time.

Lam 3:27 It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.

Ife Adetona
©JULY 2021


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