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We are beginning a voyage starting from this week and it’s going to be a very unique and interesting one. The name may sound ambiguous,😀 but don’t worry it’s simple and easy to understand.

Christocentric means Christ Centered. It’s my pleasure to let everyone understand the fact that the Bible is centred on Jesus. Jesus is the theme and the main man of the Bible. Every page of the Bible is pointing at one man called Jesus. Every where you’re reading in the Bible is a direct link to the person and personality of Jesus.

Anticipate 💓

The old testament is the Shadow of Jesus while the new testament is the real substance of Jesus. In old testament, Jesus was masked and was unmasked in the new testament. There are many analogies and typologies used in the Old testament that were revealed in the New Testament.

In the Christocentric series, we’ll be picking a shadow in the old testament and be revealing the real substance in the new Testament.

Are you ready for this journey? I’m very sure this series will be very helpful to your growth and you’ll find it interesting.

Check the Question for the week downward.

Question of the week:

Where was the first blood shed in the Old Testament and what was its significance in the New Testament?

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