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Pastor Ife at 11 years in ministry

Pastor Ife  at 11 years in ministry

Celebrating 7 Years in Full-Time ministry plus 4 years in the ministry I served full-time, making 11 years.

You all know that I am a staunch advocate for full-time ministry. Probably, another side of me you don’t know is that I have discouraged a good number of people who came to me for counsel concerning going full-time. That’s usually due to timing and the fact that some didn’t have something to build full-time ministry upon. I have also refrained from advising some people because they didn’t let me talk. They come with the attitude of: “GOD SAYS and there is nothing you can say to me.”

Another thing you should know about me is that I strongly believe in the office of the part-time ministry. The church is designed to have much more volunteers than full-time staff. Part-time ministers are elevated church workers or ordained workers just like the 7 deacons selected in the book of Acts. It only becomes funny when part-time ministers push an agenda that there is no point in full-time. Many of them know only little about full-time ministry and it shows in the way they talk and act when the issue of full-time ministers is raised. That’s a discussion for another day.

Above all is my forward passion for FULL-TIME MINISTERS most especially in the area of finances because that is the area people mock the most. Finance is also the reason many people meant for full-time has settled for part-time.

In lieu of this, I want to do a series titled “WHY FULL-TIME MINISTERS ARE POOR“. It will be short daily nuggets. I hope to cover as many reasons as possible because there are a lot of factors that can contribute towards it.

I hope to also link it together so much that you can see all the previous series.

Take this walk with me and do well to share and tag those you believe needs to see it either as full-time ministers or aspiring full-time minister.



  1. Congratulations to you sir
    More grace to function in Jesus Name
    And I pray you that,you always remain relevant in the presence of God amen 🙏

  2. 💗Congratulations to you dad
    🗣Continue to flourish in God’s vineyard sir
    🗣You shall surely finish well sir
    In Jesus name

  3. More Grace Daddy
    The Lord continue to keep you.

    Thanks for all your teachings

    Your fire is understandable


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