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I once saw an animal documentary of a cheetan which has refused to leave my mind.

A cheetan as we know is the fastest mammal on earth. It can outrun anything with four or two legs.

This cheetan went out hunting one day. With great reliance on his speed. He spotted his prey afar off and gave a hot chase. He ran so hard but lost his prey. He was left breathing heavily and hungry. The next time he was out to pick on another animal when he saw the tiger, 🐅 a master hunter lurking around to hunt as well. He quickly hide so that there won’t be a clash.

As he hide, he had his eyes set on the tiger. He saw that the tiger had identified a small group of an animal passing by that he wanted to pick just one prey from. But the tiger did not give a chase. It only laid quietly in wait for the animals to take that path. As soon they arrived, he leaped on one and that was it. Soft job! Psumptious meal!

The cheetan picked his lesson. He left the place for another hunting ground. This time, he didn’t chase but waited patiently. But he missed it in one area. The animals spotted him and fled. The problem was that, he didn’t know that he must lie behind a tall grass and not just anywhere. Well, he missed a meal but another lesson was learnt. Soonest, he became a master in the act! No more empty chases.

Another time, he was faced with a herd of goat. They were on the move and they were in their hundreds. There was no tall grases to hid and so the cheetan went by his old method- “hot chase”. Out of the over 100 prey before him, he couldn’t even hunt any. As it was chasing one from behind, it would mingle and it would loose their sight. It will pick on another one and lose that again.

But one day, he saw a hyena attempting to hunt an herd as well. The hyena is one slow animal but a master hunter. The only I have seen that took on fight with lions. They can even attack, kill and eat a lion cub.

Ironically, the hyena didn’t chase from behind. He faced the herd from the direction they were running to. Locked it’s eyes on its victim and started running towards it. You know when such happens, the animal in question has to keep running. If it runs to the front, it would be eaten and it can’t go backwards. It was left with one choice: to run sideways. That way, the hyena isolated and hunted it.

Guess what? The cheetan did the same and it was a far easier job.

What Moral did you learn from the story?

I go first: STRATEGY better than ENERGY


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