I am not on Twitter because of CT- Christian Twitter. I am there for political and socio-economic discourse- all of which I just read and pass quietly. But as it goes, my posts on Facebook find their way there.

Most arguments and errors in Christendom are LANGUAGE BASED. Some err because of language. And some misconceived what others say because of language. A student of language will easily spot this.

A believer sang a song “Daddy wey dey pamper”.
Someone criticized that statement saying God doesn’t pamper. People came out at him. They said he criticized the singer. He said, he has never listened to that song let alone target the singer but the phrase was what he felt should be corrected.

This matter never reach to poke each others’ eye. The same me that says my daddy spoilt me as I reflect and isolate his caring side, can come again and say my father is a colonel while I zoom out his disciplinary side. A wife can talk about her caring husband so much that you would be like: ” is your husband a fool”. Wait for the day she would talk about how her husband dealt decisively with an issue and you would almost fear for her.

You can argue that God is not a staunch disciplinarian and be right. You can also argue that He doesn’t over care and be right as well. But LANGUAGE permits me to go that length of emphasizing an aspect of Him to drive out a point per time.

A man of God preached a message titled: “SINNERS IN THE HAND OF AN ANGRY GOD”. That message is ranked one of the greatest messages ever preached. But I can never preach a message with that title. I would rather preach: ” SINNERS IN THE HAND OF A LOVING GOD”. People listened to that man’s message and wept for days and committed their hearts to God. If you listen to mine, you will laugh, smile, rejoice and commit your heart to God as well.

You can argue from now till tomorrow, none of us is wrong with our title. It’s just a side of God that we have zoomed out to show to sinners with the end result of bringing them to the THRONE.



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