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Welcome to #HealingNexus
If I have some instructions I want to give to those that are with the conviction that God is using SICKNESS to teach them a lesson, they are:

  1. When next you’re sick, don’t go to hospital or take drugs because it will shorten your semester of ‘learning’.

2.The money you ought to take to the hospital in order to buy drugs, use the money to buy a big notebook so that you can take notes as God is ‘teaching’ you lessons on your sickbed.

  1. Jot those Rhema you ‘learnt’ and then come teach me afterwards.
  2. Go back after the ‘teaching’ and say, “LORD, thank you for the lessons I learned during asthma session, can I get Typhoid? Because I want to know you more!”

My Dear, If I cannot afflict someone that offends me with sickness, God can’t also because I’m not nicer than God!
If you read this, type “Every sickness is from the devil”.

INVITATION: Are you sick or do you have any sick one close to you? Kindly chat me up, I can heal the SICK!!!