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1. He was never a G.O of a denomination but served under the Assemblies of God Church

2. He pastored the world largest church in South Korea of over 830,000 members as of 2007.

3. He preached his sermon with utmost simplicity than I have ever seen in anyone.

4. He introduced “cell system” as a strategy of church growth to the body of Christ.

5. He had an health issue which he developed as a young pastor because he wasn’t resting or delegating his works.

6. The illness caused him to faint severally. He almost fainted on his wedding day.

7. The illness and attempt to sack him by the Church council led him to the discovery of the cell system to achieve his dream church growth.

8. He grew from poverty to prosperity. He once faithed for a bicycle and office table.

9. He also taught prayer & relationship as a tool for church growth.

10. He taught himself English through the help of American soldiers and later learnt Japanese so that he can reach a larger audience.

11. He retired at the age of 72 in year 2008 and died at the age of 85.

12. He was an Apostle of Church Growth. Every person with large churches across the world today are his students.

Compiled by,
Ife Adetona,
SADOZ President WorldWide.

Post NYSC Phobia 3

Corper Weeeeeee😀

Welcome to the concluding part of this series. I talked about service as a means of creating the needed job in the previous session. If you missed the first 2 sessions, you can have them back via these links:

Part 1:https://healingnexusblog.com/post-nysc-phobia-part-1/

Part2: https://healingnexusblog.com/post-nysc-phobia-part-2/

In the previous session, I promised to teach on how to create the work we need through the instrumentality of Faith.


Let me start by explaining to us that Faith is an action word(verb), not a noun. There are different kinds of Faith;

👉Saving faith Ephesians 2:8
👉Gift of Faith 1Corinthians 12:9
👉Fruit of Faith Galatians 5:22
👉Living Faith Romans1:17
👉 God kind of Faith Mark 11:22.


Out of the kinds of Faith that we have, we shall be considering living faith and the God’s kind of Faith, because we live, and have our being, through the Living Faith

*Romans 1:17*
_”For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the Just shall live by faith.”_

This Good News tells us how God makes us right in his sight. This has been accomplished right from the beginning to the end, by faith. As the Scriptures say, “Romans 1:
[17]For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Mark 11:22
“Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God.”

The book of Romans tells us that we live by Faith, and the book of also Mark tells us that we should have God kind of Faith. Then we should ask ourselves what kind of Faith is God’s kind of Faith?
👉 It’s a SPEAKING Faith

Hebrews 11:3
“Through faith we understand that the words were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

We can deduce from here, that the whole universe was created by God through the words He said. As He’s saying it, they were coming to manifestation. So therefore, to use faith to create the needed Job after your service too, you need to be ‘SPEAKING FORTH’ whatever you want to see in Faith. How then do we achieve this?:

1. You keep declaring thus: ‘It’s not possible for me to be jobless after my service year because I am a servant of God even while serving.

2. When you’re about to pass out of your service, you act in faith by applying for job opportunities online and you keep confessing, declaring and annoucing that you’ve been employed, because the word of God says you shall spend your days in Prosperity (Job 36:11).

3. Acting in faith still means that you acquire a skill and start a business of your own,trust me, you’ll enjoy God’s blessings in it. And you can be as rich as you desire/imagine, If you meet up with the first point I mentioned in session 2, and you are diligent, hardworking and a thinker in whatever you do.

4. Acting in faith is still withdrawing from applying for job whenever God says so. Let me share my experience with you here.

I shared in the previous session of how I got an appointment immediately after my service year. But it’ll interest you to know that I spent only 3 months at the work place because I resigned.
God says so.
He said I should resign into ministry. Peradventure you are reading this, and God is calling you into ministry as well, please do not be afraid. Do not bother about where your food will come from. In fact, rejoice that you have been (also) employed into the company of God, and the wealth of every worker is always measured by the track record the owner had made over time. If you are working in Chevron, you automatically know that you’ll be paid in :6 digits’ because of how wealthy the owners of the company are. So, do not compare yourself with the wealth of God being the CEO of the company you’re working in. Then you’d realize that God is having a much better offer for you. You don’t need worry about the expected way, what He promised you is the expected end, and friend, may I tell you this for free?

After subscribing to what God says, the blessings that came to me just within 2 months of my resignation from the company I was working with, was 4 folds of what I was earning in the company as well.
So.. Trust God to take care of you if He’s giving you the appointment to work with Him in ministry.

The next Series on this blog with me is on ‘Angels‘ .

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Post NYSC Phobia (Part 2)

Fear is belittling the ability and capability of God. Anything that is fearful is not of faith, and anything that is not of faith is a sin. Fear is Spiritual, so we must deal with it Spiritually.

What am I to do to overcome the fear of joblessness after my service year?

Fear is belittling the ability and capability of God


If you are a believer, you must let this settle in you that you’re saved and sanctified so as to serve in God’s vineyard. But there are some believers who are saved , sanctified and are satisfied. Those that fall into this second category, are the believers that are ignorant. You must let this settle down in you that to receive anything from God, you must be a servant. Of course, we are serving God primarily because we love Him. But much more, the other reason serve as an added advantage to our service to God which is, He attends to every of our needs. So, you can’t be in service in God’s vineyard, and not be serviced.
Every church do have an entry door and an exit door. Likewise, every input device must always give out information as a result, so is every believer that God is daily loading with benefits for us. So, the returns we are to give to him, is to serve Him.

JOB 36:11 vs MATTHEW 6:33

Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you .

Job 36:11
If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.

Matthew 6:33 can be read CONTEXTUALLY and CONCEPTUALLY. To treat this verse of the Bible Contextually, we are going to read it from verse 30 to 33 and we would see that the verse is saying is ‘ALL THESE‘ not ‘ALL OTHER THINGS’ shall be added to you. So, what are ‘these things’ that the verse is addressing? The basic needs of life; Food, clothing and shelter.

But addressing that verse of the Bible CONCEPTUALLY can be addressed by saying ‘ALL OTHER THINGS’ and while doing that, we will address it from the standpoint of Job 36:11 which is paraphrased as ” If they obey the call to salvation and afterward serve me, they shall spend their days after NYSC corps in prosperity because I’m going to secure a work for them and their years in pleasure, because the work will be paying them alot and be bringing food to their table”… Isn’t that awesome???


Back to Matthew 6:33, The first thing that should be done is to advance the kingdom through your service. During your service year, you have to seek His kingdom first. Many people love to plan on how to have a good savings to sustain themselves after service but failed to plan on how to serve God, how to spread the gospel in the territory they were sent to, and that’s why God also didn’t get them serviced then after service.

The first thing which you must do as an intending Corp member is to be thinking of where to serve. In fact, to you, NYSC should not be ‘National Youth Service Corps’ but ‘National Youth Serving Christ’. There are various platforms where you can serve during NYSC and these Include: Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship, Deeper life Corpers Fellowship, Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship and many other religious bodies. The most important thing is that you must think of how to spread the gospel through a religious body during your service year.

You have to serve God first. Elijah told the woman, give me everything you have FIRST, and after doing that, testimonies follow suite. NYSC is a wisdom of God in gaining territories and you must follow God’s plan for your life. The fact that you are alive and enlisted to be part of those that will be mobilized for Service, is an attestation that you are enlisted to be part of the end-time army of God that will cause revival to happen at every territory God is interested at.

Let me conclude by saying that it is normal and expected to have a feeling of fear while trying to pack out of NYSC assignment, but what I did during my own time will encourage you:

What I did

I served as the Evangelism Coordinator (Rugged) of the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), Imo state chapter, central phase 2020/2021. So, when we were about to finish and I began to think about the status of joblessness in the country, what I did was to start praising God for He’s able to do exceedingly, and abundantly ABOVE whatever I can ASK….
I would confess that I will not wait before I get a Job. After various confessions, I would back it up with the fact that I am a servant…. So, the fear will leave me.

And by the special Grace of God, I stepped into the land (Imo state) on 10th March ,2020 and I resumed work on 10th March, 2021 (immediately after my service year).
Because I didn’t belittle the ability and capacity of God to get me work.

In the next part of this Series, I shall be teaching us how we can use Faith to create the work of our choice.

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Let’s talk aboutCRYPTOCURRENCY Part 2

In part one, I explained how crypto works. I talked about why it may go up and why it may come down as it is currently. I explained that if it will blossom, there are three ways to do it. The first is Government Policy. I explained that if countries approve it as a legal tender, it will become gold for the holders. But so far, more countries are banning it, some zoned it under some financial regulations but none have adopted it fully except for El-Salvador. In the first part, I also mentioned the reason why governments are reluctant to adopt it and the unlikely prospect. You can read it up here-

In this second part, let’s talk about how big-wig private investors can influence the status of crypto which is the second option crypto has to survive and be sustained according to my analysis.

Early this year, crypto was on the rise, why? Elon Musk, the 2nd richest man in the world and CEO of Tesla company said his company would accept crypto for the purchase of electric cars. That news alone gave crypto a boost. Other smaller companies, as expected, started investing in it. A few months later, Elon said they would no longer accept crypto and those who have used it to book for electric cars will have their order cancelled. With that news, crypto fell and it’s yet to be back on its feet.

The value of any currency is in its purchasing power. If crypto can be used to buy things in the mainstream market, its value would be on the rise and it is only private companies owners that can drive this since governments are not adopting it for use.

But why are investors reluctant about it? I believe a part of them is concerned about governments but Elon Musk said it was because of the power consumption involved in mining crypto and the e-waste it generates. As an environmentalist who wants to reverse climate change, he felt he has a moral obligation to back out from the promotion of crypto. That leads us to the question, what does the mining of crypto mean?

Mining as we know is the process of extracting natural resources such as gold, coal and the rest from the earth. In the case of crypto, miners are those who process the buying and selling- transaction of crypto through complex computations. They are spread all across the nations of the earth and they are paid in crypto. But how does mining consume power? How does it affect the climate?

Investopedia reported that bitcoin alone uses 121-Terrawatt hours of electricity in a year more than what Argentina as a whole uses in a year. Digiconomist also said that Ethereum consumes as much power as used by the whole nation of Qatar in a year. The power they consume is not the problem but the source. Researchers at the University of Cambridge reported that 65% of miners are based in China, a country that generates most of its power through the burning of coal and fossil fuels. This, of course, has a serious implication on the climate. Bitcoin alone generates 35.95 million tons of carbon dioxide (fumes) in a year, the same as what the whole of New Zealand generates in a year.

Secondly, the special device they use alongside the computers cannot be reused and they soon become obsolete. This amounts to the generation of electronic wastes which are harmful to the environment. According to Digiconomist, bitcoin alone generates 8-12 thousand tons of e-waste in a year. The complicated aspect is that the higher the price, the higher the consumption of power and generation of wastes.

The world is currently working on an extreme reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide as well as the generation of wastes that cause climate change and are harmful to the environment. Elon Musk believes he has an obligation to sustain this because he’s into battery making and electric cars which helps to produce a healthy environment.

While I assume that, the reasons Elon cited were mere excuses, crypto networks have also claimed that most miners are not using unrenewable energy sources but renewables such as hydroelectricity and solar. Some crypto are also working towards the total elimination of mining. If that is widely adopted and effective, maybe it could boost the confidence of private company owners especially the big boys.

Talking about the big boys, recently, crypto stopped dropping- do you know why? Two major things: Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and lover of crypto held a discussion with Elon Musk. In the debate or discussion, Elon mentioned that his company still has an investment in crypto worth millions of dollars and that they may soon resume accepting crypto for their products. The second factor is the rumour that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world is contemplating accepting crypto.

Those two events boost public confidence in crypto even though I am of the opinion that the rumour is actually false. But let’s assume it’s true for a second.

Amazon is the biggest e-market in the world. It runs just like Jumia or let me say, Jumia runs just like it. If it accepts crypto, that will increase the purchasing power of crypto. More investors will follow suit and that will mean wealth for crypto owners. I really wish this would happen and nothing is impossible but bear in mind that private investors are in any business to make themselves richer and not to make you richer. If the odds favour them perfectly, they will do it.

The third force that could make crypto increase in value is public acceptance. Allow me to explain how this works in the third article. I may also explain the introduction of new cryptocurrencies owned by countries and investors which are meant to compete with the existing ones.

Information and statistics quoted are based on what obtains at the moment of writing the article.

Ife Adetona
©August 2021

Post NYSC Phobia (Part 1)

For the Non-Nigerian that may be graced to be reading this article, The word NYSC means National Youth Service Corps. It is a scheme by the Nigerian Government to ensure that all Nigerian Students that graduated from the Higher institutions of learning, serve their fatherland.

NYSC is the bridge between Nigerian Youths and their career(s), because after NYSC, 80% of the Nigerian students face (their) careers squarely. Alhough, there are some that still go further in their educational pursuits, but the percentage is usually low, compared to the number of those who stop or face (their) career squarely.


NYSC is an experience that all higher institution students don’t want to miss. All of them want to appear in White fowl dress. The 7/7 kit is a big dream that so many youths have always dreamt of. In fact, it’s the propeller for some people to go further in their studies.

The last day of examination on campus is always tagged ‘SIGN OUT’ day with so many inscriptions on the clothes of the (graduating) Students. But the commonest is “Clarion call” “NYSC calling” etc.

However, Why this is so important in the hearts of all Students is that they will be paid a monthly allowance which is equivalent to the minimum wages in the Nigerian payment scheme, and they will be paid directly by the federal government herself.


So many people are always so engrossed with the joy, but the reality of service dawn on them about three months to their Passing out Parade.

I once saw a video clip where the sister was crying on her passing out Parade day because theref would be no hope of monthly allowance any longer. When I was in service as well, it dawned on me that I would be passing out in the next 2 months and I started thinking on life after service. And then, I started doing some head calculations because of the fear of what to do next.

I was having conversation with some friends of mine as well, and I sensed that the Phobia of what to do after NYSC had been engrossing them as well. Therefore, I made this decision to put a counsel to some of my friends ahead, so as to bless many that are coming behind.

Are you a serving NYSC member?
Are you a prospective Corp member?
Then this article will bless you tremendously.
In the next segment, I shall start by exposing us to how we can deal with post-NYSC fear.

Are you a serving Corp member? Type the name of your State of service at the comment box.

Are you an intending Corp member?
Type ‘I’m a prospective Corp member’

You don’t fall in any of the categories mentioned earlier?
Type ‘GLORY’


DIDASKO” is a Greek word which means “to teach”. The commanded mission (Commission) that Jesus gave to His disciples is in two (2) phases; To I’m preach and to Teach. It is the preaching that brings people to the fold while the teaching maintains and keeps them.
The reason why we have so many half-baked Christians today, is because they were only exposed to the preaching ministry and couldn’t wait to be taught.

Jesus Christ being our Lord and saviour, understood this Principle. He formed the habit of staying under the teachings of the religious teacher(s) in the temple and grew in knowledge for years.

Luke 2:46

And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.

When Jesus started His ministry, you will realize Him emphasizing the scripture and His prophecy written in the old testament. This is an indicator that He gave Himself to study for about 30 years before starting His Ministry.

When Jesus was to select His Apostles, He called them first, to be with Him before sending them out. They are to be with Him so that He can ‘TEACH’ them.

Mark 3:13-14

And he goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto him whom he would: and they came unto him.
And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach,

Before Paul started his ministry, he was firstly sent to Arabia to be taught. And when he started his ministry fully, he was firstly an Apostle. He preached with Barnabas at Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra and Derbe. But as time went on, he became a teacher while he embarked on his second missionary journey. It was there that he met his dear son, Timothy. And that is why He emphasized the need to be studious and to be a reader. He also told him to continue to be a teacher of the word of God because that’s the only thing that can sustain every born again believer to be a disciple and to grow in God.

2 Timothy 2:2

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

Titus also attested to the need of a teacher that after you have accepted the light of the gospel through the preaching of Grace, it is the same grace that keeps you growing, through Teaching.

Titus 2:11-12

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

The consequence of neglecting the teaching Ministry is that such an individual will be in captivity. They will be destroyed by many whips of the enemy and will not grow as expected.

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Isaiah 5:13

Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst..

It is through the ministry of a teacher that you can grow in God and become like Him.

2 Peter 1:3

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:



This generation is asking too many questions and either we like it or not, we can no longer tell them to shut up. If we refused to answer them, false shepherds are everywhere, ready to answer.

One of their questions is “where’s is my tithe going to?” Who is spending it?

According to the Levitical Priesthood, all tithes go to the welfare of the family of the Levites. Levite is one of the 12 tribes of Israel chosen as ministers. None in their clan is permitted to work or own private business and so, the tithe is majorly meant for their welfare.

But we are no more in the Levitical order of Priesthood. We belong to the Davidic Priesthood. David was the first man to act as a priest without belonging to the family of Levi. Jesus came from that root. He made everyone priests and ministers but also created certain offices to minister to the body of Christ. We call it the five-fold offices.

How does that relate to tithes?
The Levites were allowed to have the tithes because no one in their family was working. The father, the mother, the sister, the uncle and so on were not working. But in this dispensation, it is only the minister that doesn’t do secular work. At most, the minister and his wife and so, I don’t see why the tithes paid directly into the ministry purse should go to the G.O or whoever heads the ministry.

The truth is, this is not new. And I break everything down in our School of Ministry. That churches and ministries are not telling us about it doesn’t mean they are not doing it. In most places, the pastor doesn’t spend or eat the tithe you give. There may be a few places where they do eat tithes and even offering without accounting for it but I can tell you with my whole chest that most ministries around the world don’t eat members’ tithes. Tithes are well recorded and accounted for in most places. Even as a guest minister on a Sunday in some churches, you would be asked to sign on it.

What is my tithe used for?
The items David collected were all used for the building of the temple. David even emptied his personal account for the same purpose. And that is what happens today. Your tithes go into the development of the house of God. Note: this doesn’t include the ones you are led to personally pay to a man of God. The ones paid into the ministry account or tithe box are used to finance projects. Pastors also pay their tithe and seed for the same purpose just like David.

What will pastors eat?
The employer of pastors which is God feeds them. Meanwhile, we advise pastors to place themselves on salary and that’s for those who aren’t on secular jobs. Many ministries do this. Even G.O and Presidents are placed on Salary. Billy Graham was on salary. Bishop Oyedepo was on salary. This salary is always small compared to secular jobs and many give it up after some time. Some never take it at all. The salary should be known to some members of the exco and it can be drawn from anywhere including from the tithes but not all of it.

What about the needee?
First thing, the needee are not entitled to tithes.
Judas was quick to condemn Jesus that He was spending the money that was supposed to go to the needee but Jesus corrected that impression. He said that we can never fully meet the needs of the needees on earth.

However, Jesus, while He was on earth had a package for the needee. He had a system and % for them and Judas, the treasurer was in charge. So, ministries are encouraged to devise their own system and package for the poor and those in need. And let me tell you this categorically: there’s no ministry that doesn’t meet needs on a regular basis. It may be structured or unstructured but they do it almost daily or weekly. Only that many don’t announce it with cameras and social media.

My first-year school fees in NCE for instance was paid by the Student Mission Division of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. I got a loan from the Scripture Union for my first University fee. There are many on Winners Scholarship. RCCG built ICU in hospitals. I know a church here in Ibadan with around 300 members who fed the poor with one million Naira during the lockdown of last year. No news, no blog, no social media. CAC have run free/cheap maternity since 1930. Many of those running their mouths today were given birth to there.

I hope this answered your question of where your tithes go to?


We are back to the Christocentric series.🤩🤩
Don’t forget the attributes we’ve examined about the Israelites overtime


They preferred good, rather than better and preferred better than best. They always wished to go back to their slavery experience rather than to pass through the wilderness experience.


The best way to command result at the point of need is to raise an incense of Thanksgiving but reverse was the case, in the life of the Israelites. They would rather forget everything the Lord had done for them and start complaining. At Marah, they forgot the red Sea experience. At the Sin desert, they forgot Marah experience and at Rephidim, they forgot the Sin desert Experience.

Anytime they were in need of any material thing and could not get it on time, what they do is to speak against Moses their leader and God Himself. They had no respect for the ruling authority.

Romans 13:1
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Also, don’t forget that God had always been merciful to them by making provisions for every of their needs. But this time around, God changed it for them by sending fiery snakes to bite them, and many of them died and got injured.

Numbers 21:4-6

And they journeyed from mount Hor by the way of the Red sea, to compass the land of Edom: and the soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way.
And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread.
And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

Dear Reader, are you a complainer like the Israelites?
Hope you haven’t forgotten what He had done for you before now? The Psalmist knew that instead of complaining, he needs to be giving thanks and he said that everything within him should give thanks to the Lord.

However, the Isralites recognized that they had sinned against God, and they went back to Moses to plead with God on their behalf, and of course, God still made provision for them.

Numbers 21:7-9

Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against the LORD, and against thee; pray unto the LORD, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people.
And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.
And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

The lesson here:

Have you ever gone against God’s standard by sinning?
Firstly acknowledge your error and don’t allow the devil to deny you of your right in God. The devil will want to pin you down with guilt, condemnation and worry, but God is still very much interested in you. So, all you need to do is to go back to Him and seek His forgiveness. Your sin is not thicker than the blood of Jesus.


Hebrews 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

1500 years ago, we see Jesus referring us to this same account

John 3:14-15
And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Just as the bronze serpent was lifted on a pole, Jesus was also lifted up on a cross

Just as the bronze serpent represented the curse, Jesus also became the curse.

Galatians 3:13

Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

Just as those who would look upon the serpent shall live, those who will look and Believe in Jesus shall live as well.

Are you blessed?

Send your appraisal in the comment box



Ebenezer, oh Ebenezer!
You’re more than a nomenclature named
You’re beyond a stone of demarcation
You’re greater than a barricade between Mizpah and Shen.

You’re a dimension unlock from revelation
You’re a mystery birthed from an encounter
You’re an experience in a lifetime
You’re more than what people think you’re.

You’re an Helper that helps the helpless
You’re the Father to the Fatherless
You’re the one that’s behind every greatness
You’re the one that specializes in changing man’s story in a second

You’re the one that makes nobody be somebody
You turn the man of nobody to be a man of everybody
The great Helper is Your name.

You are the only solid foundation one can stand.
You are a pillar that makes somebody stand firm always.

I’ve heard about You
I’ve looked upon You
I’ve taught about You
I’ve handled and experienced You
And I’ll still teach about You



Colossians 2:9
[9]For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

There are so many dimensions in God;
To Abraham, He is Elshadai
To Moses, He is Elohim
To Samuel, He is Ebenezer
To the Israelite, He is Rapha
among others.

All these dimensions we’re sum up in a man called Jesus, it’s in Him the FULLNESS of God dwells that’s why we pray IN THE NAME OF JESUS not For Jesus Sake.

The greatest name in a class is the name of the class monitor
The greatest name in a school is the name of the Proprietor
The greatest name in the university is the name of the vice Chancellor
The greatest name in a country is the name of the President
The greatest name on heaven and earth is JESUS.

SHOUT dimensions