CAT ON MY WALL – Pst. Ife Adetona


My wife and I were relaxing in the visitors’ room one certain evening when we saw a cat walking majestically on the fence. My wife was the first to see it. I looked up and smiled. I said in my heart- “what a cute animal”. We looked away from it and continued with our gist.

Night after night, we hear the sounds of the cat fighting some animals behind our window. On a certain night, my wife said she was sure that the cat was fighting with a shrew (eku asin). A shrew is a rat-like animal with a long mouth and poisonous bite. Oh, God! How I hate that thing. I have seen it a couple of times walked in and out of our house through the kitchen door. I wanted to kill it already. Alas! God sent the cat to kill the mice because after that bout we didn’t see it again.

Thank God I didn’t cast and bind the angelic cat.

Yes, witches can possess cats as well as some other animals. But we have exaggerated it in Africa. In 99.9% of cases, witches don’t turn into cats, they can only transproject (I’m not sure if that is the right word) through it. That is, they may be in their room but see everything you are doing through the eyes of the cat. If you look at the cat eyeball to eyeball, especially if it is your own, you can cast out the demon making the connection. You also seal your house or yourself from being spied upon with the blood of Jesus if you suspect such activity around you.

It is not only through animals that witchcraft can spy on you. They can do it through writings on the walls too. I was in the room of one of my sons. Guess what I saw on the wall- an occultic graffiti. I don’t know who lived in that room before or why but there was an occultic eye in the room. Innocent boy, he moved into the room without repainting or closing the eyes. I asked him if he knew its meaning, and he said no. I smiled and told him to enjoy his sleep. Though ignorant, I knew they can’t hurt him. He is covered.

What’s my point?

Here, in Africa, we deal with witchcraft from the place of ignorance instead of understanding. We end up as victims of our fears and they succeed in oppressing us at the same time.



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