By Ife Adetona.

When people complained to me that they find it difficult to memorize scriptures I used to tell them that “ko necessary”. It is not necessary. Read, study, understand, meditate and be able to paraphrased the scripture is what is most important.

I can tell you very clearly that if you quote a paraphrased scripture to demons, they will flee. I am telling you from experience. During the temptation, Jesus didn’t quote verbatim to Satan, He paraphrased with revelation. What about those demons that came to attack you in the dream? Did you quote verbatim plus book, chapter and verse before they fled?

Anyone who have casted out demons before can attest to this. And if anyone says its not true then I will ask if he actually quoted the chapter and verse and then told the demons the version he quoted from either it is KJV or NLT or NIV. And whether it was verse 2a or 2b and if he also included the punctuation or pronounced the English correctly.

Thank God for movies, where someone is given a script to cram ahead but it’s not the same in real life. Maybe I should tell you that when the Bible was originally written, it has no chapter or verse, it was the scholars that added it for the sake of ease. That’s why you didn’t see Jesus and the Apostles ever quote chapter and verse.

Some people are very good at memorizing the Scriptures. It is a very beautiful thing and emulatable discipline but if you don’t have that, use what you have.

What you need is to be able to locate those Scriptures you know and need easily in the Bible. And with many Bible apps today, you just need to search using a keyword or use Google like, type: “where did Jesus fed four thousand in the Bible”. Or use your Bible app to search for “four thousand”.

And if you wish to memorize a thing, anything, this is what you can do. Record it on your phone and play it back to yourself over and over repeating after the voice.

Don’t forget to Download Greek & Hebrew Tutorial on In that teaching, I revealed how to know and reference Hebrew & Greek rendition of the Scripture.

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