Healing Nexus



Ebenezer, oh Ebenezer!
You’re more than a nomenclature named
You’re beyond a stone of demarcation
You’re greater than a barricade between Mizpah and Shen.

You’re a dimension unlock from revelation
You’re a mystery birthed from an encounter
You’re an experience in a lifetime
You’re more than what people think you’re.

You’re an Helper that helps the helpless
You’re the Father to the Fatherless
You’re the one that’s behind every greatness
You’re the one that specializes in changing man’s story in a second

You’re the one that makes nobody be somebody
You turn the man of nobody to be a man of everybody
The great Helper is Your name.

You are the only solid foundation one can stand.
You are a pillar that makes somebody stand firm always.

I’ve heard about You
I’ve looked upon You
I’ve taught about You
I’ve handled and experienced You
And I’ll still teach about You



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