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Download Utterance Gifts by Ife Adetona

Download Utterance Gifts by Ife Adetona
Utterance Gifts by Ife Adetona

Of the three utterance gifts, diverse kinds of tongues is more well known. Even unbelievers know what tongues is. As well-known as diverse kinds of tongues is, there is a lack of adequate knowledge about that particular gift talk more of other utterance gifts. Some believers don’t understand what interpretation of tongues is and some don’t know how prophecy operates. This has given rise to a lot of false teachings and misuse of these gifts in the body of Christ.

The author in this book breaks down and explains in simple language the three utterance gifts; Diverse kinds of tongues, Interpretation of tongues and Prophecy. He cited scriptural examples to explain how each gift operates.

A new convert will find this book educating and a mature believer will find it useful as well.

Get set for impartation as you go through the pages of this book.


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