If a political prophecy (foretelling) fails, it is usually a 99.99% human error.
Human error doesn’t make a man of God fake though it renders his prophecy fake.
Some are deliberately fake.
Some are misunderstanding.
Some read their own meaning into what they heard.
Some just removed a word and derailed everything.

I will enlarge a bit on the second to the last and the last point.

I once saw a vision of a lady. She was into a friend immorally.
I said to myself, that must be her fiance.
It was a long time since we talked and we were not that close.
I chatted with her on Facebook.
When I told her, she said- is the male you saw like a fiance to me?
See trap.
I said yes: and she said, “well, I am not engaged”.
That day, I learnt a serious lesson.
I can bet that she did what I saw but she ended up shaming me.
She knew that I was right.
I have learnt and moved on.

Another example.

I saw this lady wearing a ring on her middle finger
Visions always come with what I call “a voice manual”.
I knew immediately from the voice that it was not an engagement ring
But my mind was playing on me.
Well, I have learnt from experience.
It was a long I saw this girl, so I called her.

I said: I saw a ring on your middle finger.
She said: ” is there anything wrong with being engaged?”
See another trap.
I told her: “I didn’t say engagement ring. I said I saw a ring on your middle finger besides, the feeling I got doesn’t look like being engaged.
She said: ” well, I am not engaged but I have been wearing this ring for a while so that people would stop disturbing me.

Should I give you more examples?

On the last point- “changing a word or phrase”.
An example:
I wrote on my timeline that: “I had lost hope this morning but the Lord said they won’t be declared so soon.”
If you follow my writings on the build-up. of the election,
I tried to avoid saying what the Lord spoke to me
But that day, He told me to put that out.
Even me, I misunderstood that word because of what I wished should happen
But I ensured that I maintained every word I heard in my spirit while typing and I didn’t bother explain to anyone.
Someone said that I should explain what I wrote.
I said, “time is the best explainer”
That day, no one was declared until the following day.
If I omitted just the word “so”. It could derail the whole thing.

I think another error is people who heard the word reading their own meaning into prophecy.
So, when it doesn’t follow their thoughts, they say it is fake.
That was what Pastor Paul Adefarasin was trying to clarify about “Saul and Samuel” analogy.


1. At times, Say just what you see, don’t explain
2. At times, Say just what you hear, don’t explain.
It is not every time that you need to explain what you see or hear.
That is if you must say it at all.


Human error doesn’t make a man of God fake though it renders that particular prophecy fake.
If you have committed a human error, pick your lessons, and sit down to understand against another time.
Don’t join the bad wagon in tearing men of God apart over one failed foretelling
It doesn’t mean that every other thing he says is wrong.

If you are a prophet and you never got it wrong, you have never prophesied.


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