When the little sheep was lost
The shepherd went all out in search
When the son left home
The father waited for him to return

The sheep was lost but the son left
The shepherd searched but the father waited
The father nurses his wound day n night
Until the son returns

It’s no small pain in a father’s heart
That a son or daughter nursed to maturity neglected him
The father prays:
wherever you go whatever you do
Remain a believer
And quickly come to your senses.

The father would come for me he said
But no one rescues an unbroken fish
The prodigal son soon exhausted all revelations
He used up all rhema received in training
His gifts became dull and has no one to bless but pigs

He was thirsty but given mud
He was hungry but fed with poison
Who else has the word of life but father.
Who else cares truly like father
Where else is home like ZION
He made an haste, returned to his senses and returned home.

Not too old to be a slave he said
Not too old to start all over he said
Not too offensive to be forgiven
But what love and joy awaits his homecoming.

Ife Adetona


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