Damsam's Poem



I heard His voice
Roaring like a lion
Shouting in agony
Gentle and still
Helpless and dauntless

I died for her she cried
I left my Glory to her sake
I put on the form of a bondservant because of her
I became a sheep to be slaughter because of her
I choose to be naked because of her.

But she’s a deadly sinner, they said
Why are you so mindful of her
She wore nothing but a tattered cloth all the days of her life
A bloody and habitual sinner
Full of the deed of our masters.

He shouted again,
I want her! Yes, I’ve chosen her!
I was battered, scattered,slaughtered, and butchered because of her
I only want her and her alone

The pure garment on me is for her
The stripes on me are for her sicknesses
I was grieved so that she can have Peace
Bruised for her iniquities
Smitten, stricken, and afflicted to have her
Wounded for her transgressions
All this for my AYANFE

Thank you JESUS­čą░

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