Dear Owerri


Dear Owerri

©June 2021

Owerri, why are you weary?
Why Is Wethral roundabout withered?
Why Is Douglas market in Danger?
Why is the Control junction not in control?
Why is Orji in horror?

Where are the unknown gunmen?
Where the prisoners In the prison that break?
Where are those that set the government house on fire?

Your peace has been pieces
Your hope is now confused
Your gate is now full of terror

Yet, there is hope in you
Your youths are on fire
Your adults are on the altar
Burning incense to Abba

They hearken to the call of the master
They choose to be a gap filler
They choose not to seize their breaths
Until you are Restored to your default state.

Arise o Prayers
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Pray for the Peace of Nigeria
Pray for the Peace of Imo state
Pray for the Peace of Owerri


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