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What books do I read is the next question of a man who has made up his mind to build the book culture? I will be talking about spiritual books today. As a growing Christian of this age, permit me to say you need spiritual books as much as you need your Bible. The reason is simple. I read a book of a man of God. He said it took him over 50years in ministry to learn what he wrote. That means when you read such books you are fifty years older in knowledge than your age. That book is one of my greatest resources in Ministry.

Another reason you must read spiritual books is; there is what we call areas of calling in ministry. Some ministers are known to preach Grace, Faith, Prosperity, Holy Spirit and so on. For example, I preach the whole Bible but I am specially anointed to preach about the Holy Spirit and have been doing that for years now. There are so many insight and experiences I have gained in that area that so many persons didn’t have.. Reading any of my books gives you a wholesome light in that area.

We read spiritual books to get imparted by the power of God at work in the author’s life. I was reading a book on wisdom when I suddenly felt a tug in my heart and the Holy Spirit told me: you have been imparted with wisdom. I was also reading a book on faith and had the same experience. I remember reading a book on the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The author described so many manifestations of the anointing in His ministry. I was fired up in my spirit. I had a ministration same day, my faith leaned on God to do the same through me. That was the genesis of spectacular manifestation in my ministry to the glory of God.

Healings and deliverance also come through books. Many people have got their deliverance and healings through spiritual books that address specific areas of their needs. I prayed to God at a time to be used in the ministry of healing. God told me to go read a book on Healing first. That was the first time I read Kenneth Hagins book: The Healing Anointing. I was disappointed because he was speaking about faith and what I wanted is something on the anointing but to the glory of God, that formed my journey to living healthy and being used in that field as well.

I can’t exhaust the purpose of spiritual books, it is enormous. A minister as well as a Christian needs to study books on some Biblical concepts before they speak about it themselves in that way you avoid misinterpretation of the scriptures

May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.



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