Why did God’s Generals die the way they died – Pst. Ife ADETONA


“Do you know that great characters in the book: “God’s General” whom God used to perform several miracles died of the same diseases God used them to cure?”

I am sure you have heard this said in different quarters BUT have you asked: “why did they die that way?”

Kenneth Hagin gave a robust answer. I am sure that you’re not ready for the details. Let me try to brief it:

1. Healing Anointing is meant for the people and not for the minister. Today, there are not many healing ministers who are not on medication themselves. Why? A minister needs KNOWLEDGE OF FAITH to get healing to his body and for his own health.

2. They REFUSED to judge themselves in terms of their DIET. That was what Kenneth Hagin said. Her even said that one of them used to eat like a cow. He said he didn’t mean to insult anyone but that was he true. That man of God would labour all day forgetting to eat then, in the midnight, He would eat a big fat meal.

3. They REFUSED to judge themselves in terms of LOVE towards other believers. May the Lord teach our heart to walk in love.

There could many others like sin and health management.

If you understand these things as a minister of God, you won’t see arrows but self discipline



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