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I’m sure you tried out the style I taught last week. If you have not read the article, please scroll down and read it. I’ll start this part but still share with you my experience along the line.it

After I drafted the DAMSAM reading schedule, I was told by the Holy Spirit that I should not be rigid with the plan and that there are some times He would need to interrupt my plan so as to communicate some mysteries to me and it was so in line.

He also suggested that I pick the early hour of the day for my study and communion because there won’t be distraction by that time and my mind will be receptive to receive from the Lord. But the challenge here is how will I be waking up early in the morning? I so much love the Holy Spirit, He also gave me a way out, and here it is:

1. He said I should pick a time and I picked 4am.

2. He told me to set my alarm for that time and set it to repeat everyday.

3. I was asked to pick a song that is of high volume and I selected an mp3 of Dr. Paul Eneche’s praying tongues. (This alarm can almost wake the dead😂).

4. He said when I wake up, the first thing I should do is to walk out of my bed and if I’m reluctant of doing that, I should firstly pick up my phone and log in to any social media and just flip through. (We’ve been taught by so many people that pressing phone early in the morning like a sin but Holy Spirit taught me this😄). After 5 minutes of pressing phone, the sleep will run away and I’ll then start prayer, worship and the word.

This, I have been doing over a long period of time and now I even wake my alarm.

I hope you’re edified by this. Try it and let me hear from you, don’t hesitate to communicate your challenges to me too.



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