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I have met many people who seek for help because they do not always have the urge to read their Bible and when they even get moved to read, they do not always understand what they read. Are you also in this shoe? I’m happy to inform you that your help is here. After reading this article, you’ll be always be willing to read your Bible.

Let me start by telling you my story while growing up as a believer. Then, I was told that to grow as a believer, I must observe my Quiet time every morning. I took it up but my experience was not encouraging at all. Anytime I was awake, I’d sing, pray and speak to the Holy Spirit that He should come and speak to me as I open my Bible. I would read “…and Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob…” and in no time it would be boring to me, I’d have no choice than to close my Bible because I was already bored.

As I grew in Communion with the Holy Spirit, He Himself taught me how to make the Bible my best book ever. This fateful day, He said, “Damsam let Me teach you something. If you will enjoy your study life, you have to structure it.” He told me how God structured so many things in this world in which I may not be able to expound to you right now, He then gave me some instructions which I will analyze below:

Holy Spirit: Hello Damsam
Me: Yes sir

Holy Spirit: Can you remind me of your pet name?
Me: Damsam

Holy Spirit: Turn it to an Acronym

Holy Spirit: Name each letter of the acronym after a book or a character in the Bible.

D- Daniel
A- Acts
M- Mathew
S- Samson
A- Azariah
M- Mark

Holy Spirit: I authored the Bible. If I want to speak to you, I know how to speak what you need to you per time from each letter of the book you’re reading, they are new every morning.

Me: Waoooooo😨

Holy Spirit: After you exhaust DAMSAM pick any name randomly and turn it to Acronyms too.

So…this is the catalyst for my Quiet time, personal Bible study etc. I write to testify to you that there are so many life transforming messages and inspiring articles the Lord has given me through this instruction.

Are you bored of reading the Bible?
Are you always losing interest in studying it?

Then use these principle and see how thirsty you will be for the word of God.

Also,these principles are tips of the iceberg caved out of my book titled “MY BIBLE,MY FRIEND” the book goes for #500 only,click on to get your copy.

Read what others are saying about the book


re you going to apply it? Promise me in the comments section. I expect your feedback.

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