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I was driving towards Ojoo on Friday at about 7:30 pm when I saw this light-skinned young man, stark naked appeared in front of my vehicle!

“Is this a fresh mad person?” That was the first thought that flashed through my mind.

At the same time, I was hearing voices behind me- “o se ise ni”. That is, “he’s doing a wealth ritual”.

“I said it, this boy is not mad. He’s only forming madness with whatever he was chewing in his mouth.”

Abi, this is one of the Yahoo boys that do all sorts of nonsense as instructed by their Nollywood Babalawo? I have seen some bathing by a river in broad daylight on the roadside not too far from Agodi Gardens. Some time ago, some guys were videoed eating their poo. The video was posted on social media.

At first, I wanted to do just one thing, scare him out of the road. I moved the vehicle closer. He stood still- “like common on, hit me”. Ha! What is this? I decided to move away from him towards the left- he followed!

Those speaking behind me threw something at him. It sounds like sand and stone because it hit the side of the vehicle.

“Abi this guys want to snatch the car ni”. “Is it some kind of collaboration?”

That part of the road is a bend, just when you are about to reach Ojoo. It is usually dark and lonely with trailers parked on the right side of the road.

They rushed into the road to chase him off. He turned his back and took off. I moved the car forward. Before I could say jack. Those guys have left the road in fear of being knocked down and this boy was back facing my car.

A minute just before I got there, I was just thanking God for helping me drive through the massive potholes of Iwo Road- Ojoo express successfully. A voice had told me that my thanksgiving was too early and that I should wait till I reach Ojoo first. I replied that as far as I am concerned, I had already arrived safely. People were waiting for me at Ojoo. The plan was to drive the members of the SADOZ MASS Choir to the Great Zion City in Ijaiye for their rehearsals in preparation for the Leaders’ Fire Conference.

With this naked guy facing me the second time, the Holy Spirit said to me: dribble him. Jay-Jay Okocha’s leg over quickly came to mind. Little football is still in the blood. For God knows why “no car approached around all through that time”.

Okay, let’s do this. I swerved LEFT as if I was driving that way, he followed and then, I cut RIGHT and zoomed off. “OLUWASEUN, MO BO- Thank God, I AM FREE.

I can’t explain how I was calm all through the period. It must have been God. I wasn’t jittery or shaky. Though, it still look like a movie in my eye.

I think the various law enforcement agencies need to do better in their way of handling the so called young ritualists paraded as “yahoo boys”. Police and EFCC should stop treating them like their Maga. The other time policemen nabbed two supposed yahoo boys in a commercial bus I was in Iseyin, they were smiling all over and blushing as if they just hit a jackpot. They should stop extorting money from them and stop encouraging them by sending them back to the society to make more money. Rather, they should be properly prosecuted in the law court and send to the prison when found guilty.

These boys have also being reported of been into ritual killings and dumping ladies by the roadside after taking away their senses. These things will be on the rise as their number grows. It has to be stopped.


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