In periods like this, what we usually consider is GOAL SETTING for the New Year
Our topic for TONIGHT is-

Even though many of us feel bad as a result, but am sure many of us are already giving up on goal setting because the ones we set in the previous years didn’t materialize and we didn’t follow through. Many have decided not to set goals again or to just set hopeless ones
But tonight, I am going to show you a better way to achieve great goals whether you set one or not.

Honestly, goal setting is not the problem but our approach to meeting those goals is.
And in actual sense, if we work on our approach, we may not need to set any goal. Imagine an Athlete who didn’t plan to come first in the race but decided to make certain changes to his habits and routines. He wakes at 5 am every day to work out and exercise till 8 am
If he continues like that without breaking for a whole year, by the time competition comes, do you think he’s going to come last
In eating healthily and keeps himself in a good mental condition
A student who goes to class.
Study well.
And revise rightly is not going to fail.That is if he doesn’t come first.
Not at all
They are beautiful goal
What am I saying, I don’t know the goals you have set for the years either in your work life or family or otherwise.
Do not throw them away
But I need you to take another sheet and look into YOUR HABITS.

Habits are the tiny dots and routines that we do almost automatically
You may not like routines are the bedrock of habits but are a product of your habit either good or bad.
So, FORMING POSITIVE HABITS will culminate sooner or later in achieving great goals!
From the time you wake from bed to the hours you spend aimlessly on the phone to what you eat and the movies you watch, they are all HABITS that you live on daily a basis
If I do not set a goal to have As in all my courses but I do what successful people do daily then, my DISTINCTION is sure

KILLING BAD HABITS that you have also taken on over time will also culminate into making you a more fulfilling person
And if I set goals for As and I do what is right, I will also have the right result


1. Respect 1% Changes and celebrate your 1% Result

So, let’s focus on the process.
I know many of us to wish to make a big change all at once.
You want to lose 20kg!
But you can make a big difference by adjusting your habits just by 1%
You want your C-looking results to become A-parallel
If you would just improve your prayer life by 1% DAILY, your prayer life would have improved by 37% before the year ends
It is said that if you adjust by 1% daily, you would have a 37% change by the time the year ends
So, it’s good to look forlfor for ffor adjusters you can make here and there
In Japan manufacturing companies at the time, made just a little change
They cleared out every junk and dirt so much that workers don’t have to look for their tools and nothing else but their tools would be in the room. Every other unnecessary thing would be out
As the result, they delivered a better design.
Little adjustments like making your bed before you leave the room
Placing dirt in a waste bin
Those little things can make you AN OVERALL ORGANIZED PERSON which had being your long-term pursuit
Returning your shoes, pen, and all to where you picked them from
Saving 100 a day won’t be a big deal.

But that’s 700 a week
Even if it is one of them that you do daily, it will have a culminated effect.
Like, instead of taking a bike, you woke early and took a cab and then save the money
Instead of buying two types of meat, you bought one and saved the money for one
Instead of drinking coke, you drank water
In all, you saved up 100/per day
Then, in a year, 36,000
In a month, what will it be? 3000
That’s still it much right?
This is 2023, if you started doing that in the year 2020, you will have how much today?
Imagine you have a 36k somewhere right now that you don’t need?🙅🏽‍♂️
You can decide to save up that way or begin to rationalize the example I give but that’s not where I am going
What I am showing you is How Powerful 1% changes here and there can do for you
If you adjust in every area of your life just by 1%, and you do it daily. You will become a different person
In neatness, 1%
Social interaction, 1%
Savings, 1%
Prayer life, 1%
Chat up 1 member daily….and so on.
Imagine what you would become before the year ends!
Now, let’s flip that rule to another side…
I just explained using it to form a new habit

What about killing a bad habit

Many people would tell you big things they want to stop a bad habit but they find it difficult to do.
Meanwhile, making little adjustments can form a big change in the overall
Somebody who gets angry on impulse could say- “I WILL SWALLOW MY SALIVA BEFORE I TALK”
If she does that every time and every day before uttering a word, before the year ends, anger would have subsided big time.
Imagine someone who says, I have a bad reading habit but I will read a page of a book each day.
As little as putting your DRESS, SHOES, WATCH, etc by your bed before you sleep every night can help you get to work early every day!
Do you know how I formed the habit of bathing every night before I sleep?
I used to have a lot of bumps on my face. My wife told me to watch my face with soap every night.
To do that, I have to get to the bathroom.
After some weeks of putting water on my face. I Kuku ma bathe the whole body
If your kitchen is always untidy and you don’t like it.

You can start by washing one plate before you go to sleep
Today, my body calls for it on its own no matter how cold
Do that every day and tell me what happens after some weeks or months
Or washing just one plate before you rush out
Look for tiny things to change or adjust and you will see the bad habit erode away
Because we don’t see success at all or big success we soon give up
It means if you putin thee some effort every week, you can always have 4+1
In 52 weeks, that’s 4+52
You chat up 70 members this week but only 4 shows up. Celebrate it!
By the time you got to have 59 members, many things would have worked for you that it will be easy for you to get 95 Members
Let me tell you some of those things
If you do it constantly for 10 weeks.

You would have learned how to convince members FASTER
And so in
You would have identified the type you should spend a lot of time with and the ones you should not bother about
I talked about celebrating your little wins
You may not have gotten there but Celebrate the fact that you are doing what YOU WISH TO DO. You are in charge!
Celebrate that you could wash a plate out of the whole stake. Your kitchen is still messy but yeah, you have done something about it however little.
But if you was a plate every night before you sleep, soonest, you will find a way to clear them all out as a habit!
Don’t wait for an hour you will wash all at once and your kitchen would be sparkling.

Only for it to go messy for another week


Seems we will only have two or three laws today.
I know many of us to find it hard to bathe at night before we sleep.
But just imagine if bathing at night could add to your beauty by 37%
I know you would do it
A man had a bad habit to use his teeth to cut his nails.

Many won’t accept that it’s a bad habit 🫣
He is a grown successful man but still does that all the time
So, in a way to stop the habit
He asked that a pedicure come to work on his nail.
He got a pedicure and he saw how beautiful his fingers were through the treatment
That added to his self-esteem
And so, he wants to look that way all the time.
I mean a manicure*
He started paying attention to not ruining his nails
Now…if you’re trying to form a new habit, ask yourself, WHO ARE THOSE WITH THIS HABIT?
And begin to see yourself as one
DISCIPLINED PEOPLE don’t sleep for 12 hours….you know you have a bad sleeping habit but from today, WHO ARE YOU?
Organized people always have their space tidied up…begin to see yourself as organized and stopped calling yourself clumsy
Successful people wash their teeth, at least twice a day, WHO ARE YOU?.
Stop saying, I AM VERY BAD AT REMEMBERING THINGS OR NAMES. Smart people are not forgetful.

The new habit you target to form, PUT THE IDENTITY ON.

The bad habit you are quitting, stop identifying with it
The Bible talks about a rich young man
He said he has kept all the commandants since he was young.
Mathew 19:20 The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up:
That’s a habit.

And that habit pays off in a few years.

He became a very rich man!
I thank the Lord for the way this teaching went tonight.

This is my first time teaching along this line.

Don’t miss the second part of this teaching, there lies your deliverance, it link is here

I want to believe that you found it impactful
FATHER, we thank you for your word and enables tonight.

We receive the grace to apply it to our own lives. And rightly teach it tomorrow for maximum impact in the life of everyone in Jesus’ Name


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