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Many think their anger is a result of a demonic influence. Let me agree with you for a moment that you have the spirit of anger in you. Imagine this scenario: you are driving on a highway and someone bashes you from behind. This activated the spirit of anger in you and you jumped down with the intent of giving the erring driver a piece of your mind and possibly fists too. To your amazement, you meet a soldier in the car. Would you still go ahead with your anger spirit? In the typical Nigerian or African scenario, you would rather apologize to the army officer and say to him: “I am sorry for hitting your car” You would even promise to repair it.

Take a look at the mad man of Gadarenes who was very violent and couldn’t be tamed or held with iron fetters. That was a man with a certified and verified spirit of anger. If a spirit of anger is controlling you indeed then you shouldn’t bow when you see a soldier or a higher threat, but if you could bow to the army officer, that means you are the one controlling the spirit and not the other way round. If you can put your anger into check in that situation, that means you have been lying to us that it was some power influencing you.

In case you feel you need prayer over some spirit of anger, then I can help you with this prayer.

“In the name of Jesus, if I refuse to put my anger to check, may that anger bring me before a man that will give me a sound beating that I will never forget in my life in Jesus Name. May that beating encounter leave me a changed person for life!”

Did I just hear you say, Amen? Then, say it louder.

In reality, I do believe there’s an evil spirit of anger, but remove the excuse of “I have spirit of anger” and the spirit will have nothing to attach itself to.


  1. It’s a great eye opener. I naturally get angry when provoked. May God help me.
    Am told I inherited it from my dad


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