Prayer ENERGIA is now AVAILABLE!!!

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I am happy to announce to you that the book we’ve been waiting for will be released today.

What’s the book all about?

The book Prayer Energia is a great revival tool in the body of Christ, the book as it title connotes is all about prayer; it encompasses all that you need to know about prayer and it’s divided into 3 part

Part A: Exposes us to the concept of Prayer, it gives us a new and broader perspective Into the concept of prayer

Part B : This part gives us the Principles to follows if you really want to have an effective prayer life,. These Principles have been proven to be true, it have been tested and it also birthed prayer hi.

Part C: This part exposes to us the WHY of prayer, the reasons why every believers must pray and why Prayer must be our lifestyle.

What inspired me to write the book?

The Holy Spirit is the inspiration behind the book, when I released the twinned of this book titled “MY BIBLE MY FRIEND” He asked me that will I just teach people on how to read Bible and don’t expose them to the way to pray? I said No, that’s why He started disctating the chapters to me and to the glory of God, the result amazed me too.

Why do you need the book?

You need the book because every body needs growth, I tell you all the principles in the book are what myself also need to be applying every day of my life.

The book will teach you
1. How to overcome sleeping while praying
2. How you can pray long hour
3. The timing of Prayer
4. How to have an effective prayer walk etc.

You really need to read this book.

How much is the book?

The book will be sold at #500/$2 each and note that it’s a soft copy book.

Click on the below link for your order



Abegunde Damola Samson

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