Download Getting All Your Prayers Answered by Ife Adetona

Getting All Your Prayers Answered by Ife Adetona

Christians everywhere pray were told to pray at all times. It is one of the basic principles of our faith. We are taught to pray when it is convenient and when it is inconvenient. We pray in season and out of season. A question on the mind of most people is why is it that most Christians don’t get answers to their prayers?

This book answers that question. It teaches concepts such as how to pray to get results, what to do before and after praying, the concept of faith, concept of praise, concept of fasting and many others. This book takes a believer from the state of piles of unanswered prayers and walks him through the step by step process of getting answers to all your prayers.

This book is a great resource to believers everywhere who believe that God still answers prayers. It will not only help you pray better; it will also help you pray effectively and get results


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