Pastor’s Diary


Sandalili Sandalili Sandalili Sandalili
I’m a lawyer in my country…
That’s all I wanted to be
My childhood dream

Career is all I intended to pursue
And to finance the kingdom from my income
Not to “live” on people’s tithe, offerings or gifts.
But suddenly, my heart rang

He called
With much persuasion
I obeyed,
Here I am, slained on His altar

In my hopeless state, I’m tasked to give hopes
In my poverty, I’m called to make others rich
In my sickness, I’m asked to heal
In my mourning, I’m demanded to give comfort
And in all, I’m not permitted to show my inner pains

I had my will, I had my passion
I had my skills, I had my plans
Tarshish I wanted, Nineveh I am
Lecturing I loved but here preaching
Lab coat I desired but here in cassock
Seed, I wanted to give but here, raising one.

Don’t give me pity but empathy
I’m not a beggar
Don’t give me sympathy but understanding
I’m not complaining
Don’t toss crumbs to me from your tables
I am not the poor Lazarus
Don’t troll me for my Abrahamic blessings,
I’m not a politician you elected

I’m here only to help you
I die daily saving you
Poured out as a drink offering
Fufiling all in the volume of the book written of me.

Digest my doctrines,
Grow in understanding
Live holy and make it to heaven
That my joy may be full.

Ife Adetona



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