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Pre Adamic world 3

Pre Adamic world 3

Pre-Adamic World III
By; Ife Adetona ©SADOZ 11/02/21

There is something about deep mysteries of the Scriptures, it is very slippery. It looks like a conspiracy theory. In a conspiracy theory, you may think that you have fixed the puzzles and have gotten all things right without knowing that you have missed it and deviated in many parts.

So far, in series I & II, we have been able, by His Grace to clarify the meanings of some Scriptures used by “Pre-Adamic advocates”. And in this edition, I will talk about Ezekiel 28:13a

“You were in Eden, the garden of God”.

With that passage, they have said Lucifer was the first resident of Eden. But this can’t be true except they are saying that there were two Edens- one before Adam and another after Adam. See the Scriptures: Gen. 2:8

Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there he placed the man he had made.

With all indications, this doesn’t looks like what God was doing for the second time. It was the first time. The Bible says…and there he placed man-Adam. Read verse 9 of that passage to see how God planted and set the trees in His garden.

So, referring to “Lucifer” as an occupant of Eden in Ezekiel is only a poetic term. It was only used figuratively to give a close picture of what happened. It is like telling you that “the fellowship of yesterday was haven” or, “there home is Eden”. There are other places in the Bible where Eden was used figuratively. In the same Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 31:8, the nation of Assyria was referred to as a tree in Eden.

Meanwhile, the passage we are discussing was not only referring to Lucifer. Infact, contextually, it has nothing to do with Lucifer but by understanding, we know it also addresses him.

Now, let me teach you something. Poetic and Prophetic books of the Bible like Ezekiel are the most dicey to interpret but if you know the key, it will be easy. The first key is that, they talk in tenses. They can talk about the present, past or future tense within a single verse or chapter. The second key is that “they usually have two to three referents- that is, whom they are referring to”. So, before you interpret any line, ask yourself: “to whom was this said”, it could be one or two or even three. The writer could be referring to himself, or an immediate character or a distant character. That is why, when you read Psalms, a verse may be referring to David and then the next line within the same verse, is prophetically referring to Jesus Christ. At some other times, the same verse could address both David and Jesus Christ.

Let’s go back to the book of Ezekiel. That verse was essentially referring to both “the King of Tyre” and “Lucifer”, comparing them to “Adam” who was sent away from Eden after he sinned. The King of Tyre sinned, and God also sent him away from His glory. Lucifer also sinned and was sent away.

If there are Scriptures that truly proves that there was a Pre-Adamite world, I will believe it but the ones I have seen and read so far, I am sorry, to say, they were coined to back a pre-conceived theory.

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