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Getting help for your wife starts with you. It is really not about money but your mindset. You, the husband, is your wife’s first help. My permanent chore in the house is plate washing. So, if anyone comes around and washes the plate, the person helps me.

Her second help is technology. You should be deliberate in buying tools & machines that relieve kitchen stress. After our wedding, the first thing we bought was a blender, followed by a fridge. That was before we got a TV or settee.

The third help is guests, friends & relatives that come around for visits and to spend some days. If they sleep over and eat food then, they should help one way or the other even if they are the husband’s siblings.

Then you talk about CONTRACT or PART-TIME DOMESTIC WORKERS (as your finances increases). My wife had never needed to wash heaps of clothes since our marriage. We always sort it in different ways. These days, we sort it by inviting someone to wash and get paid. I iron my wife’s clothes.

Then, we talk about LIVE-IN people be it family members, domestic staff or whatever. They are in to help as well. “Husband’s family members living in (more often than none) are more of an additional burden than a help to the wife”. You may want to read that twice.

Talking about meals. In our early days in marriage, I used to feel no one should cook for me other than my wife but because I am not wicked, that changed. If you have good electricity, bulk cooking with a helping hand is a big relief. You can portion it into the freezer. Another option is her making the soup & stew while you or someone else make the meal. She can cook sometimes and other people (live-in or staff) cook most times. Bulk buying of foodstuff is also a massive relief. If you can afford someone going to the market on your behalf, do it. And again, it’s not all about money but mindset. The last time my wife went to the market to buy foodstuff was a long time ago.

When you have a baby, you need help as much as you are capable of getting. I don’t think it can be too much at this point. Again, the most important place to start is the mindset either you earn low or high.

Personally, I hate house chores. I am a “purpose” person. I want my wife to fulfil her purpose and pursue her dreams. House chores are a big obstacle to this if it’s not taken off the road as much as possible. A number of times, I do tasks in the house even when there are people around to help. Nobody should live for chores.

Always remember that the Proverbs31 woman (virtuous woman) is a Proverbs31 woman because she has a lot of live-in domestic staff.


#3 You use your money for what you shouldn’t use your money for and you use God’s money for what you should not use it for.

There are things you can do to a business start-up that will bring you a loss. If you do the same things in the ministry, it will not only bring you a loss but a curse.

You want to buy fuel in the ministry, you dip your hands into your pocket and buy. Then, you wanted to buy a Coke to drink, you dip your hands into God’s money and buy. That’s a malady.

That’s why I talk about imprest. Even if you buy fuel with your money, get a refund and then buy your coke with your money. If you go for an official (ministry-related) assignment, you are not buoyant but hungry, buy a Coke, account for it and let the ministry pay for it. If you need recharge cards for official work and you can’t bear it from your personal purse, let the ministry pay for it but ACCOUNT FOR IT.

As simple as these things are, they are things that put pressure on full-time ministers. If you sort it out accordingly, you will be less burdened. Meanwhile, I don’t expect you to abuse this. If you drain the ministry all because you want to drink a crate of coke, you’re on your own. In our early days in the ministry, I waited to subscribe at night for 25 naira so I can upload KBI lectures. I am talking of KBI, our business arm. It was meant to make money for the ministry but it was a start-up then and wasn’t making much yet. I used to cramp the lectures together and upload them at once in the middle of the night. It is the day I planned to upload that I will start feeling sleepy but I will still ensure I keep the vigil. Today, I don’t care what the MB is. I don’t even check, I just upload any time of the day.

There are 3 phases to this:

Entry phase– at this phase, you allow the ministry to bear some minor things that are not burdensome on it. Ministry can bear official call cards, transportation fares and so on. You also have to endure at this phase. Where the ministry can’t bear all the transportation costs, you may have to trek some distance. Those days, (even now), I was very reluctant to charter a bike or tricycle or cab. Not that the ministry can’t bear it but the cost would be burdensome.

Second Phase: Ministry can now bear some higher responsibilities. Like house rents and the like. If you do things right, your personal finances should be improving at this point too. So, you can bear some things while the ministry bears other things. At this point, Bishop Oyedepo said he paid for his personal flight tickets instead of the ministry bearing them.

The third Phase– is a more stable phase for you and the ministry. You can take up more expenses. At this stage, you have also fully separated ministry expenses from you. For instance, you don’t concern yourself with how the Church generator is fueled. The ministry can buy and maintain an official car(s) or aircraft(s).

Note: these phases are interwoven and overplay. It doesn’t mean you clearly come out of one before another. it flows together.

The point is that let the ministry bear things it can bear and be very frugal while doing that else, you will kill the ministry. Today, I still manage here and there to save costs. That is inspite of how God is blessing us.

And importantly, if you have something to give, give it to the ministry, don’t use it to sort things out. Like, instead of bringing money from your pocket to buy fuel, pay that money into the ministry purse and let the ministry buy the fuel. That is the seed that attracts blessings. Not the one you spend without a record. Don’t say I used my seed to pay for the ministry NEPA bill.

Full-time ministers who work with a ministry should ordinarily meet a system that settles these things. The level of sacrifice you will make is determined by what phase the ministry you serve with is. If you have a unique situation that is not covered in this write-up, state it so I can give input.

Comment in the section for the link to Part 1-2.


There are two cheat codes for deliverance.

Engage the demon to tell you it’s legal stand.

Don’t get too deep conversing with demon else, you’ll be charged with a crime called “consulting a medium”. But from experience, you can’t cast some demons out until they reveal or you know their legal stand. I have seen cases where until we loosed the attachments on the lady’s head, the demons didn’t leave. Not that attachments are demonic, e get why e be like that, if you want to learn, ask ni, don’t argue.

Another case, she was coming to my house. She quickly wiped her eye brown (hope I get it).

She met us praying. She fell and started manifesting. Demon told us she used a friend eye paint. We didn’t seen any on her but we cleaned the eye with water. We cast, demon left. When she woke, I asked her. She said ” BUT I CLEANED IT BEFORE GETTING HERE. That’s one of the reasons our apostolic fathers banned all these things. Again, eye paints are not demonic- e get as e follow.

Second cheat code –

After all effort and tarry. Get the person to talk if they know of any legal standing for the demons. Anything at all. THEN, LET HIM DELIVER HIMSELF. This is a case of the door being locked from inside, you can’t open it from outside. He should open from inside with a simple CONFESSION. Then pray for him. FAITH & SHALOM.


I made a post on the easy way to handle deliverance where I stated my experience in some deliverance sessions. I mentioned cases demons refused to leave their hosts until we had loosed the attachment on the person’s head and a case we had to clean the eyes’ paints. Deliverance ministers will tell you that they experienced a lot of cases like this. And this is one of the reasons the apostolic fathers of faith totally condemned the use of those items.

However, I added in the post that those items are not demonic but there’s a reason demons may demand cleaning them or losing them before they could depart their host. I will explain this by citing Rebecca Brown MD. Rebecca Brown is a topmost deliverance minister that resides in the USA. She doesn’t deal with witches, wizards and possessed people, she deals with SATANISTS. I mean real Satanists and not the ceremonial ones. Those that hold meetings with Satan and demons. They have covenanted with him. She has delivered some top-ranking Satanists. She said Lucifer once appeared to her threatening her PHYSICALLY (not a vision). She was attacked by a werewolf. She said a male friend of hers who I believe is her husband was attacked by a vampire. Not in the dreams but PHYSICALLY. I tell you this so you know she’s an authority in the field of deliverance. I learnt many things about deliverance from her.

Talking about attachments, paints and so on, she explained that those items are used when Satanists hold their meetings with Lucifer. Ex-Satanists confirmed this to her. Because of that, demons could easily attach themselves to those items. Other factors could aid this to happen anyway. Most especially the person’s spiritual life just like the lady I prayed with. She was low spiritually. She borrowed eye paints from a friend in a tutorial class. That way, a demon was passed unto her.

To be on the safe side, if you must use these items, PRAY OVER THEM, CAST OUR DEVILS AND ANOINT THEM. I usually anoint any new thing we bring or buy into the house especially the ones we have to use or wear.

As I flashed back on those days when I was neck deep into deliverance, casting and binding, I was asking myself, if I am in a deliverance session today and the demons asked me to lose the hair of a lady before they can leave, will I obliged? I guess, I won’t. I will lay my hands on the hair and break their grip over it. If she bought the hair, she owned it and the devil cannot lay claim to it. I haven’t put this into practice anyway because I haven’t been much involved in “casting out” in a while. The few I get involved with didn’t take me through this route. I will be on the lookout to put this into use. If have any experience in this line, do share.

Should I tell you that it is not all demons in deliverance sessions that SPEAK AUDIBLY? Some don’t speak at all and some talk in the spirit. You need to hear them spiritually before knowing what to do. This happened in Jesus’ ministry. It is a post for another day. If you demand it, I will write on it.


Still in the mood of anniversary, Every SADOZite are to share their SADOZ encounter story, Use this format that will be posted shortly to write the story in the comment box, it will reach the president and be published for all to see


2. Who introduced you to SADOZ/How did you get to SADOZ?:

3. Who is your best leader in SADOZ/the person that planted you in SADOZ?:

4. Tell us how SADOZ has been a blessing to you:

5: Which study or SFA topic has been a great blessing to you?:

6. What is that thing you love most about SADOZ?

7. Have been in any KBI course before? Share with us your experience:

8. Have you been to retreat, MAS or LFR before, share with us your best moment:

9. Where do you see this ministry and yourself in the next 5 years?:

10. Do you have any recommendation to the house? Please go ahead

11. Pray for SADOZ



Sons And Daughters Of Zion [SADOZ] Global Harvest Ministry is 9 years old today May 1st, 2023.

You are having 3 things to do today:

1. Drop the story of who added you to SADOZ or how you heard about SADOZ in the comment box.

2. Tell us how SADOZ has affected your lives as well and the aspect of SADOZ you loves lot.

3. Text or call the person that added you or planted you into the ministry to say THANK YOU.

N:B- You can drop any suggestion you have as well for the ministry


#2 You mix God’s money with your money.

Many GOs, founders and presidents of ministries dabble into God’s offering committing the sin of Hophni and Phinehas. They say to themselves: “God’s money is my money and my money is God’s money”. That’s sacrilege.

Bishop David Oyedepo told us a story of a man of God he went to preach for. After the service, the man dived to where they were counting the offering and dipped his hands into the box. He took some cash and drove off. While on their way, he stopped the car, got down and came back with sardines, bread and orisirisi in his hands. Bishop exclaimed: “is it the money you took from the offering box that you used to buy all these things?” He said: “Yes, we are going to take care of the man of God, isn’t it?” Bishop said- “God forbid I eat from that money”.

Nobody counted the money.
Nobody recorded it
And he is not going to report how it was spent to anyone.

We can’t even begin to mention the consequences this act is costing you and the ministry.

First, to take unaccounted money leaves others with the power to do the same when you turn your back.

You are building trust issues around yourself.

You are not preparing for a great ministry. You can do that because you are small and you will remain small.

Above all, you are heaping the curses of Hophni and Phinehas upon yourself and your generation.

In our ministry, if my family has any kobo to give to the ministry, we send it to the ministry’s account and it is recorded as a seed.

There is something called impress. If I need to make any purchase on behalf of the ministry, the money is released and I return with a breakdown to the last dime. The treasurer will put all in her records. It is the same with whoever is taking any money out to get a thing done on behalf of the ministry. That is how we run the ministry from 2014 till date. It is all recorded in a hardcover.

Taking and spending unaccounted money for whatever reason is STEALING. It doesn’t matter if you spend it on the ministry or even added your money to it. You are still a THIEF. Please, REPENT and put things in order.


Lookout for part 3.

Link to part 1 https://healingnexusblog.com/reason-youre-poor-as-a-full-time-minister-pst-ife-adetona/


#1 Wrong expectations.

When I decided I was going to go full time, I started asking God some questions like: where am I going to live because I was staying in an official lodge? I also asked God: “WHO IS GOING TO PAY MY SALARY?”, ” Where will my money come from?” Do those statements sound familiar? I first heard it from Bishop Oyedepo as some of the questions he asked God and so I decided to do the same.

God asked me, “Who pays a Teller that works in a bank? The bank or the customers? I said: the bank.

Then, He said: customers bring money to the bank in other to save it. The Teller must not look at the customer or the money in expectation to be paid from it. I said YES.

He went on: but the Teller must attend to the customer well even though she’s not expecting to be paid by the customers or from the money that was brought by them. “YES SIR”.

Also, He said: the Teller’s salary and promotion are based on how well she attends to the customers. Again, I said YES.

Then, He explained the meaning of the illustration: I am your Employer, I am the one to pay you and not the people or your members you minister to. They will have testimonies just like customers bringing money to the bank but they are not to pay you. You must also attend to them well because that determines if you will be paid or not.


He replied: look up to God that will use men and not the men that God would use.

It is painful that pastors would labour on someone, they will have testimonies but not remember their pastors. But it is very wrong for any pastor to feel OFFENDED BY THIS. It’s like a teacher getting offended that his students didn’t pay him or bankers getting offended that customers who came to deposit a huge sum of money didn’t pay them.

It is this wrong expectation that leads to OFFENCE, BITTERNESS, CUSSING, and ANGER towards yourself and those you are ministering to.

If you feel bad, take it to God. If you’re angry, take it to God. If you feel cheated or neglected, take it to God. It is God that employed you and not those people. If you try to look up to them, the biggest they can give you is what they call ” tipping”. And if your Employer catches you asking for tips, you can be fired! Many are pastors whom God has left to enjoy the “tipping” while their salaries are withheld. Stop cheating yourself. Satan is not the one that kept you poor. Get over the wrong expectation.

Pastor Ife at 11 years in ministry

Celebrating 7 Years in Full-Time ministry plus 4 years in the ministry I served full-time, making 11 years.

You all know that I am a staunch advocate for full-time ministry. Probably, another side of me you don’t know is that I have discouraged a good number of people who came to me for counsel concerning going full-time. That’s usually due to timing and the fact that some didn’t have something to build full-time ministry upon. I have also refrained from advising some people because they didn’t let me talk. They come with the attitude of: “GOD SAYS and there is nothing you can say to me.”

Another thing you should know about me is that I strongly believe in the office of the part-time ministry. The church is designed to have much more volunteers than full-time staff. Part-time ministers are elevated church workers or ordained workers just like the 7 deacons selected in the book of Acts. It only becomes funny when part-time ministers push an agenda that there is no point in full-time. Many of them know only little about full-time ministry and it shows in the way they talk and act when the issue of full-time ministers is raised. That’s a discussion for another day.

Above all is my forward passion for FULL-TIME MINISTERS most especially in the area of finances because that is the area people mock the most. Finance is also the reason many people meant for full-time has settled for part-time.

In lieu of this, I want to do a series titled “WHY FULL-TIME MINISTERS ARE POOR“. It will be short daily nuggets. I hope to cover as many reasons as possible because there are a lot of factors that can contribute towards it.

I hope to also link it together so much that you can see all the previous series.

Take this walk with me and do well to share and tag those you believe needs to see it either as full-time ministers or aspiring full-time minister.


TEBAH: The mystery of the Ark


Welcome back to the Christocentric Series❗ Don’t forget that we are comparing Jesus in Shadow and Jesus in pictures☄️.
Oh Yes❗❗
He’s the central theme of the Bible.

In the last series, we looked at the SCARLET THREAD and saw the significance of the blood of Jesus. Today we shall be looking at Jesus as the TEBAH. Tebah is a Greek word meaning THE ARK.

After sin crept into the world, the earth started to become more corrupt. And what God was seeing wasn’t His initial intention of creating the world. Sin thus, began to be the order of the day, and wickedness became the attitude of people on the earth and the wrath of God started to be growing on humanity and this made God sorry for making men.😟😟

Genesis 6:5-6

“And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually .
And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.”

Of course, God is Righteous and what made God Righteous is that He won’t, and can’t condone what is wrong (sin). God hates sin because Righteousness is His nature and this made God search the whole earth to see if any man can withstand His Righteous Nature. And Alas!!! Noah and His family were found.

Genesis 7:1

And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.

Noah was a preacher of Righteousness and through Him, God wants to express the twin nature of the RIGHTEOUS NATURE which is the LOVE NATURE and the intercept is called the ARK .

He used 120 years to preach but the result was Zero(0) convert, no one responded to his preaching. Himself and His family (alone) entered the Ark which was built by him, following God’s instructions. And God released the fountain of the deep to rain on the earth.

Genesis 7:15-16
And they went in unto Noah into the ark, two and two of all flesh, wherein is the breath of life.
And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in.


  1. God has judged the world in Righteousness and Showered His Mercy at the same time through Jesus Christ.
    He gave Jesus to show and fulfill the requirement of our sin(Righteousness) and also to rescue us(Mercy/Love). John 3:16
  2. The water was God’s instrument of Judgement (Anger) while the Ark (love/Mercy) was God’s means of rescue
  3. The Ark saved People from God’s judgment (the flood)
    Jesus saves people from God’s Just(Eternal Damnation)
  4. Those in the ark were spared from death.
    Those in Jesus are spared from Eternal destruction (Hell fire)
  5. God’s wrath and love are most vividly on display on the cross and also in the Ark. Are you enlightened?
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