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I believe we are already setting out goals for the year
And it should be
And one important of these goals is surely about our SPIRITUAL LIFE
The SPIRITUAL LIFE of a man is the most important area of His life
It comes first
Because, the spiritual controls the natural
But if you’re strong spiritually, you’re also strong in other areas of your life
If you’re weak spiritually, you’re surely weak in other areas
Let’s start like this-Specific Spiritual Areas

Many have been experiencing rising and falling. But tonight I am going to show you how to be spiritually healthy all through the year and beyond
I won’t be teaching you theory tonight but how to practically achieve it


+Study of the word

+Soul Winning/Discipleship


Luke 18
1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that *men ought always to pray, and not to faint;*

How can you achieve a burning prayer life?
You will realize that when you were on campus, your prayer life and overall spiritual life was in a good shape
But the moment you stepped out, it was tilting
But immediately you leave that circle and stay alone, it comes crashing
When you pray in groups or being challenged by friends and colleagues, it makes as difference
Or even when you’re in school
The question is now, HOW CAN I REIGNITE my prayer altar despite not being in school

Daily 1 hour prayer

SADOZ ministry has a long list of prayer system. You can choose to be part of some or all
All you have to do is to join the Telegram channel t.me/sadozite then, begin to pray in tongues as you hear others pray.
Everyday, we pray in group in the Holy Ghost between the hour of 6am to 7am. We call it TRAVAILING.
If you can’t pray in tongues, chat this number now. Just tell her+ “I want to pray in tongues”- wa.me/2348165574738
You can even be preparing for work and put it on!
What some of us do is to join everyday but we participate in the prayer for a number of days.
But on weekends, I will not just put my phone on but actively participate
Like…if I am always preparing for work, I can join and put my phone on πŸ”Š speaker.
Someone like me do 7days except in few times when I couldn’t join fully
Some pray for 3days or more or less
If you have not being part, join today
Tell me, you can’t have that going on everyday of the week and be dull in your prayer life

We also have the Monday Vigil where you pray for atleast one hour between the hour of 10pm and 3am.
You pray with the prayer manual SADOZ IS OURS
You need this kind of schedule to keep your prayer life up and going!
We have other channels- which are the Wednesday Fasting & Prayer with the Prayer Manual.

And Friday fasting and prayer and we pray individually by praying in the Holy Ghost
You build it on disicpline and perseverance
Prayer fervency doesn’t come cheap
Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;
Start today by joining the morning schedule even if that’s the only thing you can do for now


The second aspect of your spiritual life you don’t want to joke with is THE WORD
The word is a lifetime treasure that we must keep looking into on a daily basis
To make a difference in the way you approach your Bible this year, I will give you three keys
You don’t have to be a pastor to take it seriously, you just have to love your life enough
Act 6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

+read all the time.

+Study with a guide

+Teach others

If you have a Bible app on your phone, raise your hand?
If you used to press phone in the toilet, raise your hand?
Why don’t you read the Bible on your phone instead of scrolling through Facebook in the toilet?
What’s your name pls?
A- Amos
D- Daniel
E- Ezra
T- Timothy
O- Obadiah
N- Nahum
A- Abraham

use your name to form books of the Bible
Then, I start with the book of Amos and read atleast one chapter a day from my phone or my hardcopy Bible
After getting through with Amos, I move to Daniel and then Ezra and so on
As I finish, I tick it
You’ll realize that Abraham is not a book of the Bible but the character is dominant in the Book of Genesis. That means I will read the book of Genesis

A- Amos βœ…
D- Daniel βœ…
E- Ezra βœ…
T- Timothy βœ…
O- Obadiah βœ…
N- Nahum βœ…
A- Abraham

When I say read your Bible.
You don’t have to study in this case
Get an understandable translation and not KJV for ease comprehension
Just read as if you’re reading a Novel. Do this for one month and your spiritual life won’t be the same
I said I will give you three πŸ”‘
You can read from your phone in the bank, toilet, lecture hall, or anywhere at any time.You can even use audio to read so as to cover more chapters.

The second way is to study with a GUIDE
It has a positive deposit in your spiritual life
It is shared on the group every day
The daily communion is a good guide!
But do you want to know the best way to be good at the word?
Is to be a TEACHER of the word!
The Bible stipulates that one of the qualities of a servant of God is BEING ABLE TO TEACH
Nothing makes you Responsible like a Responsibility
2Ti 2:24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient
The Bible also says teachers of the word should be accorded double honour

Research says you will only remember 20% of what you are taught but will remember 80% of what you teach to others.
1Ti 5:17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.
In fact, if I were to teach this again this time next year, there is a tendency that it won’t sound familiar to you

That means, just as you enjoy tonight study and you’re making plans to implement them, in a short period of time, you will forget 80% of it
So, the best way to remember and to spend time with the word is to be a teacher yourself
And that is what SADOZ is all about
For instance, if you join the leadership of SADOZ
You will be expected to review the Daily Communion before you teach it on the group on a daily basis
That way, you are exposed to the word TWICE
And then, you will teach it
and if you also go through the Bible Study before teaching it, you have a double advantage
That is because they will likely remember in the exam hall if they come across questions they treated at the tutorial
You will realize that those who take fellow students in tutorial classes on campus perform better than the rest.

Being a leader in this ministry gives you the opportunity to reach out to souls with ease. It avails you the opportunity to work for God, and you definitely reap from the blessings attached to it.πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
You’d be glad you did

Click the link below if you’re interested :

Meanwhile, those who heard it may not remember
It doesn’t take a lot of time to go through your DC before you sleep.
I want to enjoin Koinonia Leaders to handle the work differently this year for a maximum effect and result in their life.
If you are a new leader, it may take you up to 35 minutes but a leader who has been consistent for 4 weeks will have a good grasp within 15 minutes.

And don’t go to your group to slice the commentary into the group but engage the members in contributing and explaining to them.
If you can formulate your own STUDY GUIDE, it will be very easy for you!
Also, take time to go through the Bible Study before teaching it.
If you’re consistent, you will have a good personal study in under 30-minutes and give a spirit-filled teaching
Some of us here can agree with me

Let’s do it right and it will become easier as we go on
And you have more than 30-minutes to spare all through the day. Just twice a week.
It is more tedious to do copy n paste while trying to avoid some words compared to the you prepare yourself

Let’s PRAY
If you’re very busy at work or school, divide the time.
We receive grace to put all to use in Jesus Name

How to gain Happiness in Relationship/Marriage – Pst.Ife ADETONA

Husband, (no matter what or her shortcoming) love your wife sacrificially as Christ loves the Church to the point that He died for her.

Wife, Respect your husband, irrespective of whatever, even if you pay the bills. Call him Lord, deliberately use “αΊΈ” for him at times. Emulate Sarah, your mother who callled her husband “my Lord”.

Side note- this is for you, if you are a child of God and you marry a child of God.

New Year Message by Pastor Ife

Ezekiel 21:271 will overturn, overturn, it and it shall be no morew, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Happy New Year to you. Glory to the Almighty God for ushering us into the New Year. The year 2023 is a highly prophetic year for the SADOZ family. It is the 9th Year of the Sons and Daughters of Zion Ministry. Figure 9 is three in three places. That means, the year 2023 shall be unto us restoration upon restoration, recovery upon recovery, possessions upon possessions.

Number 9 symbolizes divine completeness and finality. Christ died at hour nine of the day to make way of salvation open to everyone. Every good word of God spoken concerning your life in which process has long started shall be finalized this year. You will experience a total victory. You will have a total recovery. You will be settled all round. The Lord shall overturn, overturn, overturn and overturn until what is yours fully come to you. And you will not loose anything or anybody.

It is the womb year. In this 9th year, wombs shall be opened. There shall also be delivery of children, fruits, projects and dreams. I see career and academic connections. I see movement into overseas. I see people settling in their promise land. There is a greater wave of marital settlement for all.

Number 9 is the number of the Holy Spirit. It is the number of spiritual dimensions. There are nine fruit of the Spirit and there are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. To us, God has said that it is our year of SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS. It is a year where we shall move by the wind of Spirit. Sadozites would be unfathomable. We shall enjoy divine favour all round. We shall leap forward supernaturally.

Cornelius had the revelation to invite Apostle Paul in the ninth hour. There shall be mysterious supernatural encounters, visions and revival among Sadozites at our meetings both online and physically. That supernatural encounter of Cornelius led the Gentiles to the light of the gospel and a massive manifestation of the Spirit. In this year, SADOZ will attract multitudes by the manifestation of the Spirit. Her people shall come from the North, South, East and West and they shall gather on the mount of the Lord at the Great Zion City and across our meeting points both online and onground. There shall be a massive expansion for individuals, families, businesses and the SADOZ Family. It shall be a year of great impact, wisdom, stability and multitudes.

Year 2023 Slogan

Caller: Year 2023

Answer: Our Year of Supernatural Encounters

Caller: Year 2023

Answer: My Year of Supernatural Encounters

Caller: Year 2023

Answer: Your Year of Supernatural Encounters

Name the Year in one statement. For instance: my year of expansion in the comment box


Thank You EBM for the outing.
It was an EBM thing but…I requested for additional faces as much their budget could satiate.

Some run physical errands year round across places- Zion City, printing press, banks etc. I asked that they should be invited.
I requested we should have one or two Anagkazo heroes especially those with near distance.

In all…I fear that my joy won’t be full if I don’t see all my children around me.

But we had a choice: do nothing or do something.

I feel your presence and your love and you are- everyone, so dear to my heart.

We have done it before and we can do it again, where we shall have all or most in a lunch, dinner or hangout.

Everyone that visited me in the house,
Thank you.
Your fragrance cheers me on.

South-East/South South Brethren,
Thanks for the honour and the gift -that was massive.

I have received so many personal gifts…
Much more than any period ever.
I am full!

I am committed to read all texts, messages, chats, posts, photos, videos….

You have honoured me, your mere servant, THE LORD, MY GOD shall honour you.

Before my next birthday, you shall be celebrated.

PLS, listen to this morning PS, I have a special prayer for you there.


Thank You Sadozites
Thank You Friends
Thank You Daddies & Mummy.
Thank You Family.


Pastor Ife’s birthday speech

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

I give praise to God for another cycle of life. This period is a milestone in my life, family and ministry. GOD picked me from the miry clay and made a meaning out of my life.

I grew up as a child hearing that it is impossible for a child of nobody to become somebody without the help of anybody. With a deep conflict and belief within me that I am not an accident to this world, I looked into the sky with all sincerity and spoke to God. I said: Lord, I heard that it is impossible for the son of nobody to become somebody without the help of anybody. I know nobody and my parents are also nobodies but I believe that if I know you, I have known everybody, Lord, can I know you? I heard His voice from within that said: yes, you can know me. Then I vowed that whatever it takes to know Him, I will do it. If there is any ladder to climb, I will climb it.

From that day, at the age of 13, I have become an addicted and unrepentant God-chaser till date. I have never looked back or reconsider for once in spite of the ups and downs along my way. I have lived my life for one thing; to serve His purpose whether as a slave in Potiphars house or as a king in the palace. He has in return, made a meaning out of this cheap life of mine. Whether He has turned me into somebody today or not, you can answer that.

I call on you today, to live your life for Him. God doesn’t use men, He builds men. God is not just concerned about you not going to hell or serving Him, He is majorly concerned about you as His son or daughter. You are not just one person among billions of other people on earth; you are actually one in billions, a special person at that. He knows your name and calls you by name. He wants you to have a meaningful life for that alone is what brings glory to His name.

May the Communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.

Drop your birthday wishes at the comment box


I have heard a lot of rumors that some books are demonic and the likes. I always imagine something from my childhood. I haven’t been a victim of demonic books and heretic messages. I believe it is grace and at same time I don’t approach life with “fear and cautions”. I mean I am not “demon preconscious”. I have read famous and beloved authors that I notice mistakes in their teachings. That doesn’t make them heretic but they just made some mistakes and there are some I can’t even read their books because they are much off the road than on the road. So, I admit there are wrong books. But there are wrong readers too. Some persons will always see heresy in everything they read even when they read the Bible. Such have heretic spirit in them and need help.

To stay on the road, check the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. Jesus says He will lead us into all truths. I have been in a situation where I simply disagree with some concepts from my heart. I may not know the right concepts but I simply know that particular concept is wrong. With time, I grow to understand the correct concept and know where the author has missed it. To get the Holy Spirit active in you pick a copy of our book today: “The Communion of the Holy Spirit”.

Biographies and auto-biographies are mostly safe books to read. SADOZites are readers. We dedicate a week of our online Bible study on the whatsaap platform to studying about dead Christian heroes and inventors. You can also be part of it. You can read up biographies and autobiographies on Google or purchase the popular book: God’s Generals.
At first, I have very few authors but as I read their books I see them refer to other persons and that made me believe that those ones referred to must be reliable. Another means I select my author is to look into some subjects or Biblical concepts then go check what the leading voices in that field have to say. You can also rely on your Spiritual discipler or mentor to guide you.

My best book is “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn and my best author is Kenneth E. Hagin. My favorite African authors are David Oyedepo and Dag Hedward-Mills. I don’t approach any book with “final say” and I don’t trust anyone to the level of digesting all they say absolutely. I agree with so many of what my trusted authors have to say on the spot, I had to make personal findings before I accept some and have discarded very few things they teach which doesn’t go down well in my spirit. But on the overall, those authors have made an indelible impact in my life and ministry.

May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.


What books do I read is the next question of a man who has made up his mind to build the book culture? I will be talking about spiritual books today. As a growing Christian of this age, permit me to say you need spiritual books as much as you need your Bible. The reason is simple. I read a book of a man of God. He said it took him over 50years in ministry to learn what he wrote. That means when you read such books you are fifty years older in knowledge than your age. That book is one of my greatest resources in Ministry.

Another reason you must read spiritual books is; there is what we call areas of calling in ministry. Some ministers are known to preach Grace, Faith, Prosperity, Holy Spirit and so on. For example, I preach the whole Bible but I am specially anointed to preach about the Holy Spirit and have been doing that for years now. There are so many insight and experiences I have gained in that area that so many persons didn’t have.. Reading any of my books gives you a wholesome light in that area.

We read spiritual books to get imparted by the power of God at work in the author’s life. I was reading a book on wisdom when I suddenly felt a tug in my heart and the Holy Spirit told me: you have been imparted with wisdom. I was also reading a book on faith and had the same experience. I remember reading a book on the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The author described so many manifestations of the anointing in His ministry. I was fired up in my spirit. I had a ministration same day, my faith leaned on God to do the same through me. That was the genesis of spectacular manifestation in my ministry to the glory of God.

Healings and deliverance also come through books. Many people have got their deliverance and healings through spiritual books that address specific areas of their needs. I prayed to God at a time to be used in the ministry of healing. God told me to go read a book on Healing first. That was the first time I read Kenneth Hagins book: The Healing Anointing. I was disappointed because he was speaking about faith and what I wanted is something on the anointing but to the glory of God, that formed my journey to living healthy and being used in that field as well.

I can’t exhaust the purpose of spiritual books, it is enormous. A minister as well as a Christian needs to study books on some Biblical concepts before they speak about it themselves in that way you avoid misinterpretation of the scriptures

May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.


“No one is born a reader; it is an act of discipline”. What affected the reading culture of many of us is our background. I attended a Nursery and Primary School (though I finished from a public primary school) where we were taught to read everything we see: sign boards, papers, labels etc. I was always in the first three positions, with that I was always awarded with a prize on the prize giving day which is usually a story book. When I finished reading the stories in the books, I wanted to read another one and that would drive me to go buy more. That means I have to save my transport fare and lunch money to buy story books. That was how I developed the reading culture.

Many of us especially Africans didn’t grow in a book friendly environment but it is not too late to develop the book culture today. I have heard many Christians say: they don’t believe in books. It is more shocking to hear Ministers say the same thing. We are not talking about your school books in this context but general books that can add value to you.

Bishop Oyedepo says he is not ashamed to say he is a product of books. Books are glucose I must tell you, it produces instant energy. You don’t need to grind glucose with your teeth and your body need not undergo a prolonged digestion, just lick and be strong! There is no singular invention that started with a person and ended with the same person. Every inventor goes to understudy what some persons have done in the time past. The Wright Brothers were not the only ones in the race of making it possible to fly on air but they succeeded because they applied the “rules of the bicycle”. While other researchers were looking for strong engine to make an object fly on air they looked into “the method” that made the frail bicycles carry men without falling and achieving balancing at the same time. They went further to read the writings of a man who attempted the same thing.

Books are priceless and the time given to it are never wasted. It is good you while away the time as some say, but please not excessively with videos and entertainments (those things are not entirely bad) but invest your time in reading. Buy books and use your time to read them. There are people who have libraries of books which they never read. Apostle Paul is a reader as well as our Lord Jesus Christ, emulate them.

May the Communion of Holy Spirit be with you

Psalms And Water thing – Pst.Ife ADETONA

I have not seen any record- document or orature that says Ayodele Babalola regularly read certain Psalms in water or ask people to read some Psalms, a number of times in water to pray or drink.

I spend a good period researching the ministry of Babalola. One of the most reliable documents about his life and ministry is covered in Dr Olukoya’s autobiography of Ayodele Babalola because the content is as told by eyewitnesses and acquaintances of the late 1930 Apostle. I didn’t see anywhere it was said or written that he was dictating Psalms to be read into water. Looking at the usage of water by DK Olukoya may prove or disprove this because that is a man who model the most operation of his ministry after the great Apostle.

In all my years in the CAC where we take waters to Church, Psalms have never been dictated to us to read into water. The Pastor would just pray over it. If this is done in any quarters of the Christ Apostolic Church then, it is alien.

If you have any document or account (story) that says otherwise, I do love to hear it. We all know where reading Psalms 70 times for 7 days into the water to bathe and drink come from no matter how much we try to pretend as if we don’t know but certainly is not an Ayodele Babalola thing.

To set record straight- Apostle Ayodele Babalola prayed on water.
I am not against praying on water. I pray on water too. I pray on anointing oil, I pray on mantle. There’s a pool at the Great Zion City (our campground) called the wonder pool. For the umpteenth time, I am not against praying on water. It is Biblical. Jesus could just open the eyes of that blind man but He sent him to a pool.

There’s no great tool of God that can’t be misused. It is those rough edges that we should smoothen for more profitable good work. And if you find yourself at a slippery edge, learn and have a change of mind.

“Our Fathers Prayed on this mountain”. Jesus replied: those that worship God must worship in the Spirit and truth. We are the generation of the knowledge of God that covers the earth as waters cover the sea. We will get a better result if we do certain things better than our fathers (if at all they did it).

Like I said earlier, it is safe to pray in water to drink, bathe, sprinkle and so on. It is safe to quote the word of God while doing so. And it is not bad to read certain scriptures. The purpose of reading those scriptures is to stir faith in the WORD (JESUS).

I grew up reading Psalms in water myself. I started getting confused at some point when I see that the content of some Psalms are out of line with the purpose of prayer at that point in time. Some Psalms are totally not in sync with my prayer at that point in time while some changes subject at different verses. If the Psalm doesn’t generate faith, there is no power in it but mere ritual because whatever is not of faith is a sin.

Those that practice this Psalms thing regularly don’t care about the content of the Psalm (true or false?). For instance, they ask you to read the Psalm of your age. That is, if you are 21 years old, they’ll tell you to tread Psalms 21 for 21 times.

Have the prophet checked if the Psalm of my age addresses my present challenge?

If you will read Psalms into water or any scriptures at all. It must be in sync and be able to stir up faith. For the just shall live by faith. It shouldn’t be a blind reading. And even when it is in sync, reading it several times (70 times) at a stretch is likely to make you read more absent mindedly. This is what happened to me. Philip asked: ” “understandeth thou what thou readeth?”

Some would say- “we read Psalms blindly, and it worked”. It may work sometimes because of His Name’s sake, but it won’t always work. In fact, it would work for babes or at first attempt only.

If you are a Prophet or Pastor and you pray into water for people using Psalms. Try to pray without “PSALMS” but faith-based and relevant scriptures (maybe just one or two even), you will be shocked at the wonders that will follow. The reason is, God gave you the mystery of water and the reason it is working is not that you read Psalms blindly into it.

Summarily– Psalms are not wrong. Praying into Water is not wrong.
What is wrong is: some pastors ask miracle-seeking believers to read some Psalms a number of times into dew water or whatever water just to keep them busy as against generating faith in them. And whatever is not of faith is a sin.

Ife Adetona


Nigeria has the raw material known as crude oil in abundance. It is from it that you extract diesel, petrol, engine oil, cooking gas and so on. Since Nigeria has no functioning refinery where the oil could be turned into usable products, it has to be shipped raw abroad to countries that require it. The implication of that is, if Nigeria needs refined products, it has to buy from abroad and ship them back as well. Normally, that would make it a bit expensive compared to if it is processed here in Nigeria. So, to encourage independent marketers to ship refined products, the Nigerian Government subsidizes its cost. For instance, if it would take 400/litre to bring it in, Nigeria Government pays 200.

You may want to ask: where is Nigeria getting the money to pay? The simple answer is: from the sales they make with the raw products they shipped abroad.

There are many obvious problems associated with that system. First, a lot of crude oil gets shipped abroad without any accountability to the Nigeria Government.

Second, it has been alleged that some approved marketers claim to have ship-in a quantity of refined oil and claim subsidy money for it whereas, they only shipped a lesser amount or even nothing.

Another problem is that, the subsidized oil is supposed to be sold in Nigeria and to Nigerians but some transport them to other countries that share borders with Nigeria. That is why you find so many filling stations in border towns like Saki. Saki people would say: “there are more petrol stations than houses in Saki”. Servicing border towns is a suitable guise to take the fuel outside the country.

This level of stealing and fraud is not the type an ordinary or even a single powerful individual could pull. It is a big web of from crime gangster among the powerful if not the most powerful.

The government has several options to deal with the situation: to chase after these thieves, to make refineries work in Nigeria or to stop the subsidy. I guess they prefer the most convenient.

Over time, the government focuses more on stopping or limiting the subsidy. I remember reading in the paper over 10 years ago how Obasanjo gave licenses to not less than 7 companies to construct private refineries. Whatever happened to that project?

Do you remember the general strike of January 2014 under Goodluck Jonathan? It was because he reduced the subsidy cost. That action was later renegotiated and reversed. The people of Oyo State will remember “Ajumose Bus”. The plan was that, if the government removed or lowered subsidy, they would use the money instead to develop the states by sharing it among governors. And one of the pieces of advice was to use the money to buy buses to aid mass transit.

Recently, you will realize that the price of cooking gas suddenly went up after a brief scarcity. It was because the subsidy on cooking gas was removed quietly. The same was for diesel and that was a contributing factor to the hike in prices of goods. Many companies use diesel. The same goes for Kerosene.

Today, petrol is becoming scarce and expensive. The likely factor is that the Nigerian government has vowed to remove subsidy totally by 2023. When such an announcement is made, what is likely to happen is that, some accredited marketers that are entitled to subsidy will hoard the products they imported on subsidy so that they can sell at a higher cost when the subsidy is finally removed. Another thing is, smaller petrol companies will beg them to sell to them at a higher price thus, they will sell back to the people at a much higher price. Filling stations like (and only) BOVAS decided to sell what they buy to the people without hoarding thus the reason you could get from them at the initial cost. Meanwhile, some other marketers would claim that they are not importing because the government was owing them subsidy costs.

NNPC filling stations were built because of a day like this. So that they can sell at a lower cost come what may. But you know what is going on in those filling stations. I pass through three (including NIPCO) everyday. They have almost turned one to car dealer shop. For whatever reason, they rarely have fuel to sell. And when they do, it is for a short period of time.

Many people are divided on whether subsidy should be totally removed or remain. Those that support its removal claim the money ends up in the pocket of thieves. The question is- when it is removed, where will the same money end up? Government says they cannot continue to afford the cost. National Labour Congress (NLC) says government plan to remove subsidy is an attempt to shift his responsibility of failure to make refinery work on the people. Al-Jazeera says Nigeria is the only OPEC member (oil-producing country) that doesn’t have a running refinery.

The reality remains that when the subsidy is paid, the man with a bad road and incessant electricity with low income at least feels the positive impact of that subsidy on fuel. But what happens to such a man when the subsidy is removed? HIGH COST OF LIVING.

Nigeria government need no advice. They know what is A responsible leader knows what to do and would do it.

In the middle of all this, I see Aliko Dangote and all his shareholders smiling to the bank as soon as his refinery get working from next year.